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Officer: Wake up, Glimmer Twins. You've got a winner. This guy goes by the name of Victor. His real name is Theodore Allen. His prints were found at the scene by Homicide. He's got a long history of serious mental illness. His parents gave him a very strict Southern Baptist upbringing. But somewhere along the line they fell short. Victor dabbled in drugs, armed robbery and assault, spent some time in prison here a while back for the attempted rape of a minor. But his lawyer saw to it that didn't last long. His lawyer,by the way, is recently the deceased Eli Gould, the Greed murder victim.


Man: Yes sir.

Officer: We're finishing this thing up today ladies and gentlemen. Victor's been out of circulation for a while, but there's still a residence in his name.

Mills: You're not buying all this, are you?

Somerset: Doesn't seem like our guy, does it?

Mills: You tell me.

Somerset: Our killer seems to have more purpose.

Mills: You ever take a bullet?

Somerset: Never in my thirty-four years, knock wood. I've only taken my gun out three times with the intention of using it. Neverpulled the trigger. Not once. You?

Mills: Yeah, but. No, I never, never took, never took a bullet. but I pulled my gun once, shot it once.

Somerset: Really?

Mills: It was my first one of these. We were the Secondary unit. I was pretty shaky going in. I was a rookie then. Anyway we bust open the door looking for this junkie. And the fucker just opened fire on us. One cop got hit in the arm. Christ, what was his name? Spun him like a top. You know, I mean, more like slow motion. I remember riding in that ambulance. Well, he died right there. Right there. Christ, what was his fucking name?


1. Glimmer Twins

The Glimmer Twins is a nickname given to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. 这里是警官拿他们两个开玩笑。

2. fall short

这个片语的意思是“fail to satisfy, as of expectations, (通常指品质)低于预料、预期的,缺乏的”,例如:This month we may fall short of our goals. 这个月我们可能无法达到我们的目标。

3. out of circulation

这个短语在这里是指“不参加社交活动的,不参加应酬的”,例如:I've been out of circulation in order to prepare for the TOEFL. 为了准备托福考试,我已经不参加社交活动了。Grandpa has been out of circulation after the stroke. 中风之后,祖父已经不再去应酬了。


4. You're not buying all this


He is always telling people how brave he was during the war, but I don't buy his story. I know he never got overseas; he spent the whole wartime working in an army base in US.


5. pull the trigger

Pull the trigger 的意思是“扣扳机”, 但还可以做“按下快门”讲。例如:Set the timer first and you pull the trigger. 先设定定时功能, 再按下快门。

6. rookie


Yao Ming topped Forbes Magazine's list of Chinese celebrities again. The Houston Rockets' star signed a five-year, $75 million contract last week, and earned the ranking for the second straight year. Three-time NBA All-Star has one year left on his rookie contract, which will pay him more than $5.5 million next season.



Baptist Churches 浸信会\

浸信会(Baptist Churches,又称浸礼会),基督新教主要宗派之一。十七世纪上半叶产生于英国以及在荷兰的英国流亡者中。当时属清教徒中的独立派。反对给儿童行洗礼,主张教徒成年后方可受洗,且受洗者须全身浸入水中,称为“浸礼”,故名。并主张独立自主,反对英国国教和政府对地方教会的干涉。各地方的浸信会并不受一个中央的总会管理,而都是各自独立、自主和自治;浸信会传入美国后,自1836年起派传教士来中国。1845年,美国的浸信会分裂成美南浸信会和美北浸礼会。



Biblical authority 认识和肯定《圣经》的权威 浸信会以《圣经》作为信仰和实践的最高权威(若干宗派在《圣经》之上还加上教会或是信条)。一般说来浸信会中对于特定神学立场的执著是比较淡的。浸信会中可能有加尔文主义者(以司布真为例),也有亚米念主义者;可能有时代主义的支持者,也有恩约神学的拥护者。从历史的观点来看,浸会中的神学是丰富而多样的。

Autonomy of the local church 自主的地方教会 Priesthood of the believer 信徒皆祭司(信徒都是人人平等的)

Two ordinances - Believer's Baptism and Symbolic Communion 两种教会礼仪——信徒的浸礼与纪念性质的主餐

Individual soul liberty 人有上帝所赐的自由意志来选择他的信仰,但人也要对自己自由意志的行使负责任

Separation of Church and State 政教分离

Two offices of the church - Pastor and Deacon 牧师和执事作为教会仆人的职位


Beliver's baptism 信徒的浸礼

Autonomy of the local congregation within the associational framework 自治而互助的地方会众

Primacy of Scripture 《圣经》首要和卓越的地位

True belivers only in the church 真信徒组成的教会

Individual competency and the beliver's preisthood 在圣灵引导下人人都有能力认识上帝以及人人皆祭司

Seperation of Church and State 政教分离

Two ordinaces 两种教会礼仪-浸礼与纪念性质的主餐 (baike.baidu.com)

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