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敢说名人演讲英语:在APEC CEO峰会开幕式上的致辞 钱其琛





Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this golden autumn season of October, the APEC CEO Summit 2001 solemnly opens in Shanghai today. On behalf of the Chinese Government, I wish to warmly welcome all of you to Shanghai, China and also to offer cordial congratulations on the opening of APEC CEO Summit 2001.

In every APEC CEO Summit, many business leaders across the Asia-Pacific would gather together to discuss the immediate economic issues facing the Asia-Pacific region and even the world, explore development strategies for enterprises, seek better mutual understanding and make joint efforts to build the framework of cooperation. The discussion at the CEO Summit gives expression to the rich experience, wisdom and creativity of its participants. They have become a treasure house of all entrepreneurs and caught the attention of senior leaders and governments of APEC economies.

As a result of their productive efforts, business leaders in the Asia-Pacific region have not only contributed significantly to the economic prosperity and people's well-being in this region but also become an important force pushing forward economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large. It is fair to say that the APEC CEO Summit has set up a platform for communication and cooperation, which gives expression to the long-held APEC spirit of equality and cooperation. Today, the elite of the Asia-Pacific business community meet once again in Shanghai to express their views and discuss major issues under the theme of "New Century, New Economy: Developing in Globalizing World". Chinese President Jiang Zemin and many leaders from other member economies will address the Summit. This will be an occasion under the new situation for important communication and exchanges between entrepreneurs as well as between entrepreneurs and governments. It will help increase cooperation between enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region as well as strengthen relations between the enterprises and governments.

In the new century, the trend towards economic globalization has grown stronger. The New Economy has developed at an extraordinary speed. The economic situation in the Asia-Pacific region has undergone many changes. We need to think about ways to cope with these new developments. There is no denying that economic globalization has triggered more fierce market competition worldwide. As major players in economic activities and technological innovation, enterprises are obviously under pressure from competition. However, a wider range of competition implies a wider range of cooperation at the same time. We stand for cooperation amidst competition, common development through cooperation and economic prosperity from common development, which will eventually lead to a better life for all people together.

For enterprises from different APEC economies, it is entirely possible for them to bring into play their respective comparative advantages, boost inter-regional economic and technological cooperation, optimize the allocation of resources in a wider scope and on a greater scale and achieve an all-win outcome while seeking to maximize their profits. I am confident that this Summit will help the entrepreneurs from APEC economies to unite as one, pool their wisdom and efforts, and together face the grim challenge posed by the visible slowdown of world economic growth as well as the impact on world and regional economies resulting from the 11 September terrorist attack. It will help them to explore modalities for the growth and development of enterprises in the new situation, look for ways to rejuvenate the Asia-Pacific economy and contribute their due share to stabilizing the economic situation in the Asia-Pacific and the world as a whole.

China values its friendly cooperation with other APEC economies. They are China's important partners in economic cooperation and trade. In 2000, the trade volume between China and other APEC economies reached over US$340 billion, and newly-approved introduction of foreign capital from them exceeded US$30 billion, both accounting for more than 70% of China's total foreign trade and absorbed foreign capital. China also encourages viable Chinese enterprises to invest and do business abroad and to take an active part in international competition and cooperation. Moreover, China's overseas investment has been concentrated mainly in APEC regions.

At present, China's accession to the WTO is imminent. The Chinese market and the world market will be more closely integrated. China's economic development will also depend more on its economic exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions in the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region. An open China cannot do without the world. After its entry into the WTO, China will honor its commitments and more vigorously advance its all-directional, multi-tiered and wide-ranging opening-up. China will further open up its domestic market, increase open areas and localities, take well-measured steps to open wider in such service sectors as finance, insurance, telecom, trade and tourism and actively explore new approaches and ways to utilize foreign capital. China which is at a new historic starting point faces unprecedented opportunities for trade and investment. Here, we sincerely welcome enterprises from various economies to China to grasp business opportunity and seek even greater progress.

In retrospect over the 20th century, the Asia-Pacific region achieved remarkable economic growth. Although the growth has slowed down due to difficulties in recent years, I am sure that in the 21st century, through persistent efforts of all APEC members, the economy of the Asia-Pacific region will regain its vitality and the life of people in the region further improved. The new century and new economy are bound to bring to people new hope.

I wish the APEC CEO Summit a complete success.

Thank you all.




值此金秋十月,2001年亚太经合组织工商领导人峰会今天在上海隆重开幕了。我谨代表中国政府,对各位莅临中国上海,表示热烈的欢迎;对2001APEC CEO 峰会的召开,表示热烈的祝贺!


历次的APEC CEO峰会,都汇聚了亚太地区众多工商领导人,共商亚太地区乃至世界经济面临的现实问题,探讨企业的发展策略,增进相互的理解,共同构建合作的框架。CEO峰会的讨论,凝聚着大家的经验、智慧和创造力,成为广大企业家们共享的财富,也受到APEC 各经济体高层领导人和政府的重视。


亚太地区工商领导人通过卓有成效的努力,不但对本地区的经济繁荣和人民富裕做出了重要贡献,同时也成为推动亚太地区乃至世界范围经济合作的重要力量。可以说,APEC CEO峰会建立起了一个沟通、合作的平台,体现了APEC 一贯倡导的平等、合作精神。今天,亚太地区工商界的精英们在上海再次会聚,围绕"新世纪,新经济:在全球化中发展"这一主题,各抒己见,共商大计。中国国家主席江泽民和许多位成员体的首脑都将在本次峰会发表演讲。这是新形势下企业家之间、企业家与政府之间的一次重要的沟通与交流,对加强亚太地区企业之间的合作、密切企业与政府之间的关系将起到良好的促进作用。




APEC不同经济体的企业完全可以发挥各自的比较优势,加强区域间的经济技术合作,进行更大范围、更大规模的资源优化配置,在追求企业利润最大化的过程中,达到共赢的结果。我相信,本次峰会的举行,将有助于APEC 各经济体的企业家团结一致,群策群力,共同面对世界经济增长明显趋缓所带来的严峻挑战和9.11恐怖主义袭击事件对世界和地区经济带来的冲击,探讨新形势下企业的成长与发展模式,寻求亚太经济的振兴之路,从而为稳定亚太地区乃至世界的经济形势做出应有的贡献。






回首20世纪,亚太地区的经济发展举世瞩目。虽然近几年来遇到困难,有所减缓,但我相信,进入21世纪,通过APEC 各成员体持续不断的努力,亚太地区的经济一定会仍然生机勃勃;亚太地区人民的生活一定会得到进一步改善。新的世纪,新的经济,一定会给人们带来新的希望。


我预祝本届APEC CEO峰会取得圆满成功!





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