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二手婚纱买卖火热 千禧新娘不再保留婚纱





Buying a bridal gown can be a pretty hefty expense, but some brides eschewing tradition and selling their used wedding dresses online instead of storing them for the next generation.


Dalia Rhodes from Austin, Texas, has no regrets about sending her wedding dress down the aisle twice. After she wed in 2015, she sold her gown to a stranger online a year later.


'I just wanted someone else to enjoy a pretty dress,' said Dalia, who used the website Once Wed to sell it for $800, about half of what she originally paid.

达丽雅通过Once Wed(曾经结婚)网站以800美元(合5535元人民币)的价格卖掉了自己的婚纱,大约是她买入价格的一半。她说:“我只希望另一个人也能开心地穿上这条美丽的裙子。”

Instead of holding on to wedding dresses for decades, many new brides are willing to swap them online for cash. Several websites cater to them, including Still White and PreownedWeddingDresses.com.

现在许多新娘都愿意用穿过的婚纱在网上换取现金,而不是将婚纱保存几十年。迎合这一需求的网站包括Still White(依然洁白)和PreownedWeddingDresses(二手婚纱)。

And other online marketplaces, such as eBay, Tradesy and Letgo, are filled with thousands of wedding dresses looking for a new bride.


Just the idea of buying a used wedding dress was 'shocking and horrifying' before 2008, said Tracy DiNunzio, the founder and CEO of online clothing and accessories marketplace Tradesy.


She noted that began to change about a decade ago during the recession, when cash-strapped brides were looking for a deal, and now millennials, who seemingly are not as attached to material things as past generations, are putting up their dresses for sale.


'The money is worth more to them once the wedding is over than keeping a dress,' she explained.


But don't expect to make quick cash. Not everyone wants a used gown, so it can take weeks or months to find a buyer who also happens to love the style and can fit into the dress.


Well-known designer names, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, sell faster, and some brides list their dresses on multiple sites, hoping to reach as many brides-to-be as possible.


The sites typically let listings stay up for as long as needed, charging a one-time fee or taking a percentage when it is finally sold.


Dalia said it took about four months to sell her wedding gown on the Once Wed website. To make sure the dress didn't get damaged during shipping she said she wrapped the dress in 'like, probably, six pounds of bubble wrap.'

达丽雅说,在Once Wed网站上卖掉她的婚纱用了大约四个月的时间。为了确保婚纱在运输途中不被损坏,她把裙子“用6磅重的气泡膜包裹得严严实实”。

The buyer, Heidi Cundari of Thunder Bay, Canada, said she opted to purchase a used dress to keep her wedding costs down. She searched several pre-owned wedding dress websites before she fell for Dalia's tulle and organza gown.


'It seemed wasteful to spend thousands of dollars on a dress for one day,' she explained.


Dresses listed on Once Wed take about six months to sell and go for an average of about $1,600, said Once Wed founder Emily Newman. She noted that more and more women are listing their dress for sale before they even get married, so they can ship the dress out once the ceremony is over.

Once Wed网站的创始人艾米莉•纽曼说,挂在Once Wed网站上的婚纱被卖掉一般需要六个月的时间,价格平均为1600美元左右。她指出,越来越多的女性甚至在结婚前就将自己的婚纱上架,这样她们一举行完婚礼就可以把婚纱寄出。

Some sites have seen their popularity soar recently. Still White, for example, said sellers earned $500,000 through the site in the past month, up 50 percent from the same time last year.

某些婚纱交易网站的热度近来一直在飙升。Still White网站声称过去一个月卖家通过该网站挣了50万美元,比去年同期多挣了50%。

'Modern brides are less sentimental, more budget savvy, eco-friendly and are comfortable making large purchases online,' said Still White's co-founder and CEO Bruno Szajer.

Still White网站的联合创始人、首席执行官布鲁诺•萨杰尔说:“现代新娘没那么感性,更善于控制预算、更注重环保,也愿意在网上进行高额消费。”

However, Dahlia said she did hold on to two keepsakes: her veil and belt, which she said her future children are more likely to wear than her dress.


Heidi, meanwhile, said she plans to keep the dress and not try to sell it again. Last month she sent pictures of her wedding to Dalia, so she could see the dress in its second trip down the aisle.


'We kind of forged a long distance friendship,' Heidi said. 海蒂说:“我们之间有一种远距离友谊的意思。”

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