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  1. We hope to receive your favour at an early date.

  2. We hope to be favoured with a reply with the least delay.

  3. We await a good news with patience.

  4. We hope to receive a favourable reply per return mail.

  5. We await the pleasure of receiving a favourable reply at an early date.

  6. We await the favour of your early (prompt) reply.

  7. A prompt reply would greatly oblige us.

  8. We trust you will favour us with an early (prompt) reply.

  9. We trust that you will reply us immediately.

  10. We should be obliged by your early (prompt) reply.

  11. Will your please reply without delay what your wishes are in this matter?

  12. Will you kindly inform us immediately what you wish us to do.

  13. We request you to inform us of your decision by return of post.

  14. We are awaiting (anxious to receive) your early reply.

  15. We thank you for the anticipated favour of your early reply.

  16. We should appreciate an early reply.

  17. We thank you in anticipation of your usual courteous prompt attention.

  18. We thank you now for the courtesy of your early attention.

  19. We hope to receive your reply with the least possible delay.

  20. Kindly reply at your earliest convenience.

  21. Please send your reply by the earliest delivery.

  22. Please send your reply by messenger.

  23. Please reply immediately.

  24. Please favour us with your reply as early as possible.

  25. Please write to us by tonight's mail, without fail.

  26. May we remind you that we are still awaiting your early reply.

  27. May we request the favour of your early reply?

  28. A prompt reply would help us greatly.

  29. A prompt reply will greatly oblige us.

  30. Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly esteemed.

  32. We look forward to receiving your early reply.

  33. We thank you now for this anticipated courtesy.

  34. As the matter is urgent, an early reply will oblige.

  35. We reply on receiving your reply by return of post.

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