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 Audio conference 电话会议

Attribute 品质, 特性
e.g. They have the appropriate attributes for effective team leadership. 他们具备有效领导团队的应有品质。
Audio typing 听录音打字
e.g. Because my boss is away from the office a lot he often dictates on to a cassette tape, so I have to learn audio typing. 因为我老板难得在办公室,常常把话留在口述记录机里,因此我得学会听录音打字。
Audit 审计
e.g. The audit is known, colloquially, as “checking the book.” 审计,就是人们平时口头上说的查帐。
Auditor 审计员,审计师,稽核员
e.g. The auditor is responsible for checking the reason for any changes in the accounts. 审计员负责核查账目中任何改动的原因。
Authorized dealer 特约经销商, 授权经销商
e.g. The applicant company is appointed by Ford Motor Company as an authorized dealer. 该申请公司被指定为福特汽车公司的特约经销商。
Authorized share capital 法定股本,也称作nominal capital
e.g. The company is allowed to issue a total amount of shares known as the authorized share capital or nominal capital. However, the issued capital may be less than that. 公司获准发行一定数目。
Auto hire company 汽车出租公司
Auto insurance 汽车保险
e.g. For auto insurance, this information includes complete driving history-accidents or tickets-the kind of car, and the purposes for which it is to be used. 办理汽车保险所需信息包括完整的驾车历史记录—事故或罚单记录—以及车的种类、用途等。
Automatic feed (复印机)自动进纸功能,自动送纸功能
e.g. there is an automatic feed. You can enlarge and you can do double-sided copying. 它有自动送纸功能,可以放大,也可以进行双面复印。
Automatic redialing (电话、传真号码)自动重拨
e.g. This is a model with automatic redialing. 这种型号的电话具有自动重拨功能。
Automatic right 理所应当享有的权利
e.g. Should we have a automatic right to smoke at work? 是否应该把在工作中吸烟归为理所当然应该享有的权利?

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