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  Nothing great was ever achieved with out enthusiasm. ——Ralph Waldo Emerson

  We've all had to work and do things that we did not especially enjoy. Usually, some chirpy1) person would tell us to be more enthusiastic2)。 “You'll have more fun, ”they would say. Well, they were partly right.

  Being enthusiastic about something means being ex-cited about a given project. Enthusiasm entails having a strong interest in the task at hand. If you decided to learn a new language, which is not easy by any account, you would have to dedicate3) yourself wholehearted to the cause. Anything less would result in failure.

  What is real enthusiasmˋ In your quest for success, enthusiasm means that you believe deeply in what the company is doing. You also believe that your job is important and contributes to the cause. It means that you're willing to work your butt off to achieve the company's goals.

  Real enthusiasm is when you leap out of bed in the morning and attack your day with gusto. You have zeal for the work you do and the people you work with. This pushes you to improve and become a better person.

  Enthusiasm means that you are stimulated by your work, and are able to find new challenges and keep growing professionally. Furthermore, most jobs have some elements that are less fun and more difficult to carry out. This is where passion4) really comes into play.

  When you love what you do, it isn't too difficult to get psyched5) up and get the job done. The hard part is performing equally well in those less interesting tasks.

  Passion helps you get ahead Enthusiasm about a job or project usually translates into positive energy. That is, if you are excited about a project, you will be anxious to get started and get results. The mere fact of looking forward to your work will help make you more productive and effective. You will plan more effectively and pay careful attention to detail. You will carry out your plan more carefully and aim for t he best results possible.

  Another important point is that passionate people are usually those that are thrust into positions of leadership. A leader must have zest if people are to follow him and achieve the corporate mission. A leader must inspire his troops. To inspire them, he needs to exude enthusiasm. In leaders, this translates into charisma6)。

  Being fervent about your work shows a willingness to do more and learn. This will definitely help you stand out from the crowd and get top management's attention.

  Increasing your enthusiasm Most men aren't born great——they become great. Similarly, not everyone is the enthusiastic type that falls in love with their work. However, do not despair, there are ways to become more passionate.

  One good way to boost your gusto is by reading about successful people, it will help you realize that you too can make it happen.

  Reading about real success stories often illustrates that people much like yourself have become business leaders. In most cases, they all share one trait7)ㄩenthusiasm.

  If you want to succeed, you should be excited about your work, your life and your co-workers.

  by Michael Bucci

  没有热情, 永远干不成大事。——拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生

  我们大家都得工作, 去做一些我们并不特别喜欢的事情。通常总有人会嘁嘁喳喳地告诉我们要热情些。他们会说, “你会得到更多乐趣的。”是的, 他们的话有一定道理。

  对某件事情充满热情, 意味着对某个既定项目感到兴奋。热情就是要对手头的工作产生强烈的兴趣。如果你决定学一门新的语言(无论如何这不是件容易的事情), 你必须全身心地投入。任何懈怠都会使你功亏一篑。

  什么是真正的热情?在你寻求成功的过程中, 热情意味着你要对公司所做的一切深信不疑。你还要相信, 你的工作是重要的, 而且是为公司的事业所做的一份贡献。这就意味着, 为了达到公司的目的, 你要自愿放弃自己的目标。

  真正的热情是, 早上起床后就要精力充沛地去开始一天的工作。你要满腔热情地去工作和对待同事。这会使你得到提高, 并成为更高层次的人。

  热情意味着, 你要从自己的工作中受到激励, 并能够发现新的挑战和保持专业的长进。此外, 多数工作都有一些不太有趣而又难于做好的因素。这些地方正需要热情来发挥作用。

  当你热爱你的工作时, 使自己兴奋起来然后完成工作并不是一件很难的事情。困难的是, 在那些缺乏兴趣的工作中你也要同样表现出色。

  热情使你领先 对一项工作或计划的热情通常会变成积极的力量。也就是说, 如果你对一项计划感到兴奋的话,你就会迫不及待地开始去做并得到结果。只要你对工作有所期盼, 就会使你更有成果, 更有效率。你将会更有效地制定计划,并对细节十分关注。你会很小心地执行计划, 力争取得最好的结果。

  另外重要的一点是, 那些被推上领导层的人通常是热情的人。如果人们要听从他的领导并实现共同目标的话, 领导人必须要有热情。领导人必须要鼓舞他的下属;要鼓舞人, 他就需要充分展示热情。在领导身上, 这种热情会转化成个人的领导魅力。

  对工作热情表明你愿意做更多的工作, 愿意学习。这肯定会使你脱颖而出, 并获得高层领导的注意。

  增强热情 大多数人并不是天生杰出的——他们是逐渐开始杰出起来的。同样, 也并不是每个人都属于那种热爱工作的热情型。但是, 不要绝望, 总会有方法让你变得满怀激情的。

  有种激发热情的好方法, 就是阅读有关成功者的书籍。这会使你认识到, 你也可以使自己获得成功。

  通过阅读真实的成功事例, 你会经常地了解到, 与你相差无几的很多人已经成为商界要人。在多数情况下, 他们有着共同的特点:热情。

  如果你想获得成功的话, 你应该对你的工作、生活和你的同事满怀热情。

  chirpy adj. 嚓嚓叫的

  enthusiastic adj. 热心的, 热情的

  dedicate vt. 致力于,投入

  passion n. 激情, 热情

  psych vt. 使……激动, 兴奋

  charisma n. 超凡魅力, 感召力

  trait n. 显著的特点, 特性

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