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  1. Text: No longer poles apart

  2. Arranging a course

  3. Vocabulary consolidation

  4. Memo writing

  5. Oral Practice --- Training Opportunities

  6. Homework

  I. Reading.

  No longer Poles apart

  Polish adj. 波兰的;

  subsidiary n.子公司

  be poles apart = be widely separated相距甚远

  e.g. The employers and the trade union leaders are still poles apart.



  President(AmE)/ Chairman(BrE) 总裁,董事长

  Board of Directors

  CEO (Chief Executive Officer)/ MD (Managing Director) 总经理

  acquire v. 收购(n. acquisition)

  merge v. (merger n. ) with

  investment n.投资(v. invest)

  major /massive/sizeable investment

  take something ↔ over接受,接管to take control of something

  His only reason for investing in the company was to take it over.

  Ruth moved into our apartment and promptly took over.

  --- takeover n.

  Warsaw-based 总部位于华沙

  -based: 总部位于:headquarters, head office

  branch, office

  toiletries noun [plural] things such as soap and toothpaste that are used for cleaning yourself 日化用品

  turnover noun

  1 [singular, uncountable] British English the amount of business done during a particular period营业额

  2 [singular, uncountable] the rate at which people leave an organization and are replaced by others 员工流动的比率

  turnover of

  Low pay accounts for the high turnover.

  staff/labour turnover

  a high degree of labour turnover among women

  Wroclaw 弗罗茨瓦夫(波兰西南部城市)

  £11m:读做11 million pounds

  brand 牌子=make

  export v.& n. 出口

  Para. 2

  in spite of 不管

  approach verb


  [intransitive and transitive] to move towards or nearer to someone or something

  She heard footsteps approaching. 她听见脚步声越来越近。

  ▶ASK◀ 询问,接洽

  [transitive] to ask someone for something, or ask them to do something, especially when you are asking them for the first time or when you are not sure if they will do it

  approach somebody for something

  Students should be able to approach teachers for advice. 学生可以找到老师询问建议。

  approach somebody/something about (doing) something

  The charity approached several stores about giving food aid. 这家慈善机构与多家商店接洽,希望他们给与食物援助。

  I have already been approached by several other companies (=offered a job, work etc). 已经有几家公司与我接洽。


  [transitive] to begin to deal with a situation or problem in a particular way or with a particular attitude

  approach a problem/task/matter etc 解决,处理(问题)

  It might be possible to approach the problem in a different way. 处理相同问题可以采用不同的解决办法。

  approach noun


  [countable] a method of doing something or dealing with a problem 方法

  approach to

  a new approach to teaching languages 一种新的语言教学方法

  He decided to adopt a different approach and teach the Bible through story-telling. 他决定采用一种不同方法,即通过讲故事的方法来教授圣经。

  regulation and control 规范与控制

  take somebody/something ↔ on phrasal verb

  1 take somebody ↔ on

  to start to employ someone 招募,雇用

  We're taking on 50 new staff this year. 我们今年招募了50名新员工。

  2 take something ↔ on

  to agree to do some work or be responsible for something 承担工作或职责

  Don't take on too much work - the extra cash isn't worth it. 不要给自己太多的工作量了,多挣的那些钱一点也不值。

  3 take something ↔ on

  to begin to have a particular quality or appearance

  Her face took on a fierce expression. His life had taken on a new dimension.

  responsibility n. 责任 (adj. responsible 后跟介词for)

  accountable 对…负责的(后跟介词for)

  department, division, section

  Research and Development Department---Purchasing Department---Production Department (Manufacturing Department) (Maintenance Division)--- Warehousing---Distribution Department (Despatch Department) --Marketing Department---Advertising Department---Sales Department ----Customer Service Department

  Personnel Department

  Human Resources Department

  Finance Department

  Accounts Department

  Administration Department


  bring somebody/something ↔ in phrasal verb

  1 to introduce a new law 颁布一项新法律

  Harsh anti-Trade Union laws were brought in in the early 1980s. 严厉的反工会法于80年代早期颁布。

  2 to ask someone to become involved in a discussion or situation 聘请

  I'd like to bring in Doctor Hall here and ask him his views. 我想聘请…博士来这里并询问他的意见。

  The police were brought in to investigate the matter. 他们把警方请来,调查此事。

  3 to earn a particular amount or produce a particular amount of profit 产生收益

  The sale of the house only brought in about £45,000. 这栋房子只卖了4万5千英镑。

  4 to attract customers to a shop or business 吸引

  We've got to bring in more business if we want the restaurant to survive. 我们如果想要让这家饭馆继续生存下去,我们就必须吸引更多人。

  expatriate [countable] someone who lives in a foreign country

  ᅳexpatriate adjective [only before noun]移居国外的;

  expatriate workers

  British expatriates living in Spain

  sales staff 销售人员 (sales force)

  force noun


  air force空军

  armed forces 武装部队


  [uncountable] military action used as a way of achieving your aims 武力

  Peace cannot be imposed by force. 和平是不可能靠武力来强制实现的。


  [uncountable]the amount of physical power with which something moves or hits another thing 力量

  force of

  The force of the explosion blew out all the windows. 爆炸的力量将所有玻璃都冲击碎了。


  [uncountable and countable] a natural power or event

  the force of gravity 地心引力


  [countable usually singular] a group of people who have been trained and organized to do a particular job 一群人

  the company's sales force 公司的销售人员

  the quality of the teaching force 高水平的教师队伍

  task force


  [countable] something or someone who is powerful and has a lot of influence on the way things happen 强势人物或事情

  the driving force (behind something/somebody) (=the person or thing that makes something happen) 驱动力

  Betty Coward was the driving force behind the project. 贝迪是这个项目的发起人。

  a force for change/peace/democracy etc (=someone or something that makes change, peace etc more likely to happen) 主张改变/和平/民主的力量

  consultant [countable]咨询人员

  1 someone whose job is to give advice on a particular subject

  a management consultant

  consultancy noun

  plural consultancies

  1 [countable] a company that gives advice on a particular subject 咨询公司

  a management consultancy

  a consultancy firm

  2 [uncountable] advice that a company is paid to provide 咨询公司的建议

  consultancy fees

  work on somebody/something phrasal verb

  1 to spend time working in order to produce or repair something 做某事

  He has spent the last two years working on a book about childcare. 他用了两年的时间撰写了一本关于育儿的书籍。

  Every weekend you see him working on his car. 每个周末你可以看见他修理自己的汽车。

  2 to try very hard to improve or achieve something 努力改善或取得成绩

  A trainer has been brought in to work on her fitness. 她请来了一个培训师,帮她锻炼身体。

  work on doing something

  We need to work on ensuring that the children feel safe and confident. 我们需要不断努力确保孩子们感到安全和自信。

  Para. 4

  participant n. 参加者

  *participate in sth. 参加

  electric adjective惊人的;令人兴奋的

  making people feel very excited

  The atmosphere in the courtroom was electric. 法庭里的气氛令人振奋。

  come up with something phrasal verb

  1 to think of an idea, answer etc产生;发现(解决办法;答案)

  We've been asked to come up with some new ideas. 领导让我们想出新主意。

  2 informal to produce an amount of money 筹措钱

  We wanted to buy the house but we couldn't come up with the cash. 我们想要买这栋房子,但是我们已是筹措不到这笔钱。

  throw light on something

  to make something easier to understand by providing new information帮助说明某事物;供给新知识

  Recent investigations have thrown new light on how the two men died. 最近的调查给解释这两个人的死因带了新说法。

  *light n.见解

  profit noun

  [uncountable and countable]money that you gain by selling things or doing business, after your costs have been paid 利润

  ᅳopposite loss

  They sold their house at a healthy profit. 他们的房子卖了个高价钱。

  The property company made a huge profit on the deal. 这家房地产公司在这次交易中赚了一大笔钱。

  sell sth. at a profit (at a loss) 赚钱(赔本)出售某物

  put somebody/something on phrasal verb


  put something ↔ on 穿衣服

  to put a piece of clothing on your body

  ᅳopposite take off

  ▶ON SKIN◀ 化妆

  put something ↔ on

  to put make-up, cream etc on your skin

  I've got to put this cream on twice a day.


  put something ↔ on

  to put a record, tape, or CD into a machine and start playing it

  She put on some music while they ate.

  put on weight/12 lbs/4 kg etc

  to become fatter and heavier 增重

  ᅳsynonym gain

  Rosie's put on five kilos since she quit smoking.


  put something ↔ on

  to arrange for a concert, play etc to take place, or to perform in it 上演

  One summer the children put on a play.

  Para. 5

  workplace n. 工作场所[countable] the room, building etc where you work

  in the workplace

  a report into discrimination in the workplace 一份关于工作场所歧视问题的报告

  marketplace noun [countable]

  1 the marketplace

  the part of business activity that is concerned with buying and selling goods in competition with other companies 交流或竞争的场所

  Some retailers worry that new regulations will hurt their ability to compete in the marketplace. 一些零售商担忧新的法规颁布后会损害它们在市场上的竞争力。

  2 an open area in a town where a market is held 集市

  positive adj. 积极的;肯定的

  accommodation n.

  1 [uncountable] also accommodations American English a place for someone to stay, live, or work 住宿

  The price for the holiday includes flights and accommodation.这个度假的价格包括机票钱和住宿费。

  Universities have to provide student accommodation for first-year students.

  return n. 收益=pay-off

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