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  Para. 6

  form the basis of

  monthly review

  review [countable] a report on a series of events or a period of time, that mentions the most important parts 回顾报告

  review of

  a review of the year

  measure somebody/something against somebody/something phrasal verb

  to judge someone or something by comparing them with another person or thing 通过对比评价某人/某物

  Measured against our budget last year, $2.7 million seems small. 与我们去年的预算相比,今年270万美元的预算就显得数额太少了。

  target n.目标 (同义词:objective, goal和aim)

  *set the target 制定目标

  ③Using the information in the article, complete sentences.

  1. D

  2. C

  3. B

  4. F

  enthusiastic adjective

  feeling or showing a lot of interest and excitement about something热心的;热情洋溢的

  enthusiastic about (doing) something

  All the staff are enthusiastic about the project.

  (enthusiasm n. 热心,热爱)

  *set up training courses

  contribute verb

  1 [intransitive and transitive] to give money, help, ideas etc to something that a lot of other people are also involved in 捐助,捐献

  contribute to/towards

  contribute something to/towards something

  The volunteers contribute their own time to the project. 志愿人员奉献自己的时间致力于这项工作。

  2 [intransitive]to help to make something happen 导致

  Stress is a contributing factor in many illnesses. 压力是许多疾病致病因素。

  contribute to

  Alcohol contributes to 100,000 deaths a year in the US. 酒精饮品每年在美国会导致10万人死亡。

  contribute substantially/significantly/greatly etc to something

  3 [intransitive and transitive] to write articles, stories, poems etc for a newspaper or magazine 撰写

  *employ = bring in

  ④ Matching.

  wait for decisions

  take on responsibility

  bring in a consultant

  work on managerial skills

  come up with ideas

  put on discos

  II. Arranging a course

  ①Reading a fax.

  cosmetics n.化妆品 [plural]

  creams, powders etc that you use on your face and body in order to look more attractive

  cosmetic adjective

  1 dealing with the outside appearance rather than the important part of something

  We're making a few cosmetic changes to the house before we sell it.

  2 intended to make your hair, skin, body etc look more attractive 美容的

  the cosmetic industry 美容行业

  cosmetic products 美容产品

  Inc. 股份有限公司 (Incorporated)

  *Co. = company

  *Ltd. = limited

  *Corp. = corporation n. 公司, 企业, <美>有限公司,

  *plc. = public limited company 上市公司

  product launch 产品投放市场

  profile noun [countable]


  a side view of someone's head 侧面像

  Dani has a lovely profile. 丹尼从侧面看真漂亮。


  a short description that gives important details about a person, a group of people, or a place简介;个性及生平的简要描述

  a job profile 工作简介

  3 high profile:something that is high profile is noticed by many people or gets a lot of attention 高知名度

  The star has a high profile in Britain. 这位明星在英国拥有很高的知名度。

  4 keep a low profile

  to behave quietly and avoid doing things that will make people notice you 保持低调

  5 raise somebody's profile 提升知名度

  if a person or an organization raises its profile, it gets more attention from the public

  an advertising campaign designed to raise the bank's profile 一个旨在提高银行知名度的广告

  commence verb [intransitive and transitive] formal

  to begin or to start something 开始,着手

  Work will commence on the new building immediately. 新楼的开工将马上进行。

  commence with

  The course commences with a one week introduction to Art Theory. 这门课一开始时会有为期一周的艺术理论入门课。

  commence doing something

  The planes commenced bombing at midnight. 飞机在子夜24点时开始攻击。

  a survival course拓展课程

  an assault course 体能训练课程

  assault course noun [countable] British English

  an area of land with special equipment to climb, jump over, run through etc that is used for developing physical strength, especially by soldiers


  seminar noun [countable] 研讨课

  1 a class at a university or college for a small group of students and a teacher to study or discuss a particular subject

  a Shakespeare seminar

  2 a class on a particular subject, usually given as a form of training

  Publishers and writers from 13 countries attended the seminar.

  workshop noun [countable]

  1 a room or building where tools and machines are used for making or repairing things 车间

  2 a meeting at which people try to improve their skills by discussing their experiences and doing practical exercises 研讨课

  writers'/drama/music etc workshop

  They held a number of workshops and seminars.

  be of use (be of great use, be of great significance, be of great importance)

  make better use of

  attach vt. (=enclose) [transitive] to connect a document or file to an email so that you can send them together 粘贴

  asap = as soon as possible

  ②Speaking------Making arrangements.

  ③Advertisement reading.

  1.Executive Adventures Ltd

  outdoor events

  increase(raise) awareness of

  complementary adjective互补的;互相补足的

  1 complementary things go well together, although they are usually different

  The computer and the human mind have different but complementary abilities.

  overcome storms and crises (sing. crisis)

  2.Team Management

  expert 专家

  expertise noun [uncountable] 专长

  special skills or knowledge in a particular subject, that you learn by experience or training

  technical/financial/medical etc expertise

  What he's bringing to the company is financial expertise. 他带给公司的是金融方面的专长。


  dynamic noun


  a) [plural] the way in which things or people behave, react, and affect each other影响力

  the dynamics of the family 家庭的影响力

  He did research on group dynamics and leadership styles. 他从事团队影响力以及领导风格的研究。

  b) [uncountable] the science relating to the movement of objects and the forces involved in movement 动力学

  specialize verb [intransitive] to limit all or most of your study, business etc to a particular subject or activity 专长于

  specialize in

  Simmons specialized in contract law. …擅长合同法。



  in-company seminars

  in-flight catering

  in-house training

  in-service training

  board game n. 用棋盘玩的游戏

  an indoor game played on a specially designed board made of thick card or wood (Chinese checkers中国跳棋)

  simulate verb [transitive] 伪装,假装;模仿,模拟 to make or produce something that is not real but has the appearance or feeling of being real

  a machine that simulates conditions in space 一台模仿太空条件的机器

  Interviews can be simulated in the classroom. 面试可以在教室中进行模拟训练。

  focus on

  mania noun [uncountable and countable]

  1 a strong desire for something or interest in something, especially one that affects a lot of people at the same time 强烈的愿望,狂热

  ᅳ同义词 craze

  mania for

  religious/football/disco etc mania

  Keep-fit mania has hit some of the girls in the office. 健身热潮已经席卷了办公室中很多女孩。

  2 medical a serious mental illness 狂躁症

  III. Vocabulary Consolidation on Unit 1a (page 163)

  IV. 便函写作






  1. 公司名称;

  2. 公司的电话号码或传真号码;

  3. 收函人姓名(和职位)To:

  4. 留言人姓名(和职位)From:

  5. 留言日期Date:

  6. 便函主题Subject(Re):

  7. 正文



  Ace Electronics

  Tel/Fax: 0525 228910


  To: M. Jones

  From: J. Banks

  I need to hire a car for the day to get me to the exhibition on 14th of next month. Can you book one? You can use my credit card. I don't think it matters what kind of car it is, but I don't want to pay more than $45.





  Re: Your enquiry of the 20th October

  … … … …

  II. 便函写作应试技巧









  You are Head of Research for an international car manufacturer. You have to make an urgent trip tomorrow to visit Pierre Blanco, a colleague who works for a subsidiary.

  Write a memo of 40-50 words to your secretary.

  telling her who you are going to see and when

  asking her to book flight tickets and accommodation

  telling her what work you would like her to do in your absence.


  Overall effect: The secretary would know where the Head of Research was going and when, and would understand she was required to book flights and accommodation, and what work she should do tomorrow.



  To: Alice Hu, Personal Secretary

  From: David Guan, Head of Research

  Date: 1 May 2001

  Subject*: Urgent trip to subsidiary company

  I have to make an urgent trip tomorrow, 2nd May 2001, to visit Pireer Blanco. Please book flight tickets and accommodation. In my absence, I would like you to handle all matters that do not need my personal decisions. Please inform all relevant colleagues.



  To: Alice Hu, Personal Secretary

  From: David Guan, Head of Research

  Date: 1 May 2001

  Subject: Urgent trip to French subsidiary

  I’ll visit Pierre Blanco in Paris on 2 May 2001 in the afternoon. Please book me return flight tickets and accommodation at Hilton Hotel for my three-day visit. In my absence, you should schedule and then fax me the arrangements for next week.

  V. Oral Practice

  Training Opportunities

  l How important is it to you to be offered opportunities for training in a job?


  It’s very important because ongoing training can guarantee that employees have necessary skills to meet the requirements of the job.

  l What do you think makes a training course effective?


  First, a qualified and experienced teacher can make the course effective. A further factor is to satisfy staff needs.

  (location, materials, audio-visual aids)

  l How do you think employees should be selected to attend training courses?


  All new staff should receive orientation programme to facilitate their job. For ongoing training, HR Department can carry out opinion surveys among staff to include as many staff as possible.

  l Do you think employees should contribute towards the cost of training?

  (Should employees pay some of the cost of their training?)


  I don’t believe so. Many big name companies now make full use of training as motivation. This will help retain staff and enhance staff loyalty to the company. So I reckon that companies not employees should contribute towards the cost.


  l Do you prefer working on your own or as a member of a team?


  I prefer to work in a team. Teamwork means that team members can swap ideas and offer help.

  l Which do you think are more effective, small teams or larger teams?


  I think small teams are very effective. Small teams can ensure better communication and fighting spirits.

  l Do you think teams always need to have a leader?


  Yes, I believe so. A team leader can allocate roles, chair regular meetings and set targets for the team.

  l Do you think it is important for a team to have regular meetings?


  Definitely. At regular meetings, team members can swap ideas and ensure the flow of information.


  1. Oral practice:

  Advantages and disadvantages of each form of communication

  (faxes, letters, e-mails, phone calls, memos, notes)

  2. Self-study exercise 1 on page 15. You can check your answers against the key at the back of the book.


  You are taking your annual holiday at the beginning of July and you will be out of the office for three weeks.

  Write a memo of 40 –50 words to your secretary, telling him/her:

  ·when you are going on holiday and for how long;

  ·what should happen to your mail;

  ·what he/she should do in case of an emergency.

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