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  1. Speaking---forms of communication

  2. Reading --- Is your English too English

  3. Leaving voice mails and Taking messages

  4. Vocabulary consolidation

  5. Self-study exercises

  6. Memo writing

  7. Oral Practice

  8. Homework

  I. Speaking.

  Keeping in touch

  1. frequency n.频率

  2. formality n.正式程度


  l Which methods of communication do you like best? Letters, phone calls or e-mails?

  I like sending e-mails. They are quick, inexpensive, easy and efficient. Also, when I write my thoughts on the computer, I can edit and organize them to ensure that I am communicating clearly. However, sometimes it takes a long time to receive the reply, so I have to make a phone call.

  Points under consideration for their advantages and disadvantages

  l price

  l speed of communication

  l user-friendliness

  l Time-consuming

  II. Reading.

  Is Your English Too English?


  executive n.执行者, 经理主管人员

  corporate adj. 公司的

  dominance noun [uncountable]

  the fact of being more powerful, more important, or more noticeable than other people or things优势, 统治

  动词 dominate

  political/economic/cultural etc dominance 政治/经济/文化统治

  the economic and political dominance of Western countries 西方国家在经济和政治上的绝对优势

  television's dominance over other media 电视在媒体中的统治地位

  exceed verb [transitive] formal

  1 to be more than a particular number or amount超越, 胜过

  Working hours must not exceed 42 hours a week. 工作小时数不能超过42小时。

  His performance exceeded our expectations. 他的表现超过了我们对他的期待。

  2 to go beyond what rules or laws say you are allowed to do超过

  He was fined for exceeding the speed limit. 由于超速,他被罚款。

  Explanation: communicating internationally

  Para. 2

  bilingual adj.能说两种语言的

  consistent adjectiveᅳ反义词 inconsistent

  1 always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards etc - usually used to show approval 连续的, 持续的

  consistent in

  We need to be consistent in our approach.我们必须在方法上保持连贯。

  a consistent improvement in the country's economy 该国经济持续改善

  consistently adverb consistently high performance

  overestimate verb [transitive]

  1 to think something is better, more important etc than it really is过高评价

  反义词 underestimate

  He tends to overestimate his own abilities. 他总是想过高地评价自己的能力。

  2 to guess an amount or value that is too high 过高地估算

  Most patients overestimated how long they had had to wait to see a doctor. 许多病人都过高地估计了需要等待看医生看病的时间。

  estimate noun [countable]

  1 a calculation of the value, size, amount etc of something 计算

  a rough estimate (=not an exact calculation) of how much time we'll need 粗略的估算我们需要的时间

  The figure will only be about two million, less than half the original estimate. 这个数值只有2百万左右,比原先的计算少一半还要多。

  2 a statement of how much it will probably cost to build or repair something修理、建设估价表

  The garage said they'd send me an estimate for the work. 汽车修理行说他们会给我寄来一份修车估价表。

  assume verb [transitive]

  1 to think that something is true, although you do not have definite proof 估计

  I didn't see your car, so I assumed you'd gone out. 我没有看见你的车,所以我估计你已经走了。

  it is/seems reasonable to assume (that)

  I think we can safely assume (=it is almost certain) that interest rates will go up again soon. 我认为我们可以非常放心地预计利率会很快上调。

  2 assume control/responsibility etc 实施控制/承担责任

  formal to start to have control, responsibility etc or to start in a particular position or job

  Whoever they appoint will assume responsibility for all financial matters. 不管他们谁被任命,他们都会继续承担所有财政上的责任。

  Jim Paton will assume the role of managing director. …将会担任总经理一职。

  3 to be based on the idea that something else is correct 假设

  The theory assumes that both labour and capital are mobile. 这个理论假设劳动力和资金可以移动。

  Explanation:Assuming too much


  adapt verb

  1 [intransitive and transitive] to gradually change your behaviour and attitudes in order to be successful in a new situation使适应;使适合

  The children are finding it hard to adapt to the new school. 孩子们觉得适应新学校很困难。

  adapt yourself/itself etc (to something)

  How do these insects adapt themselves to new environments? 这些昆虫是怎样适应新环境的?

  2 [transitive] to change something to make it suitable for a different purpose 调整

  adapt something to do something

  The car has been adapted to take unleaded gas. 这辆车被改装成一辆可以加装无铅汽油的车辆。

  adapt something for somebody

  These teaching materials can be adapted for older children. 这些教学资料可以改编后让大一些的孩子们使用。

  3 [transitive usually passive] if a book or play is adapted for film, television etc, it is changed so that it can be made into a film, television programme etc改编

  be adapted for something

  Many children buy books after they have been adapted for television.这本书改编成电视剧之后有很多儿童纷纷购买此书。

  simplify verb [transitive]

  to make something easier or less complicated让….更简单

  an attempt to simplify the tax system 针对简化税收体系而做出的努力

  The law needs to be simplified. 法律应该更被简化。

  a simplified version of the game 一个简化版本的游戏



  complicate verb [transitive]

  1 to make a problem or situation more difficult 让问题或情况更困难

  The situation is complicated by the fact that I've got to work late on Friday. 我周五必须要工作到很晚这一事实让情况更为复杂。

  chunk noun [countable]

  1 a large thick piece of something that does not have an even shape短而厚的一块(肉、木头等)

  ice chunks 冰块

  a chunk of bread 一块面包

  2 a large part or amount of something 一大部分

  The rent takes a large chunk out of my monthly salary. 租金花掉了我月薪中的绝大部分。

  A huge chunk of the audience got up and left before the end of the show. 绝大多数观众都在演出结束之前起身走了。

  Explanation:Keeping it simple

  Para. 4

  idiomatic adj.惯用的, 合乎语言习惯的

  get down to something phrasal verb

  to start doing something that is difficult or needs a lot of time or energy 精心做事

  It's time we got down to work. 该是我们工作的时间了。

  get down to doing something

  I always find it hard to get down to revising. 我总觉得修改起来很困难。

  understate verb [transitive]

  to describe something in a way that makes it seem less important or serious than it really is有意轻描淡写,保守地说,

  ᅳ反义词 overstate

  The press have tended to understate the extent of the problem. 平面媒体想轻描淡写地说明问题的波及面。

  insist on v.坚持, 坚决要求

  specific adjective

  1 [only before noun] a specific thing, person, or group is one particular thing, person, or group 某一具体的事情、人或团体

  games suitable for specific age-groups 专门适合某年龄组的游戏

  2 detailed and exact具体的

  Mr Howarth gave us very specific instructions. …给我们非常具体的指示。

  specific about

  Could you be more specific about what you're looking for? 你能把你正在找的东西说得更具体些吗?

  Explanation: Understanding cultural difference

  Para. 5

  majority n.多数, 大半ᅳ反义词 minority

  great/vast/overwhelming majority of something (=almost all of a group)

  be in the majority

  a majority of 500

  insensitive adjective 不敏感的,不注意的,

  insensitive to

  She's totally insensitive to Jack's feelings.她一定也不注意捷克的感觉。

  Companies that are insensitive to global changes will lose sales. 那些对国际变化不敏感的公司最终会丧失销售业绩。

  The service is insensitive to the needs of local people. 这项服务对当地人们的需求丝毫也不关注。

  insensitive to pain对疼痛不敏感

  rely verb

  rely on/upon somebody/something phrasal verb 依赖,依靠

  1 to trust or depend on someone or something to do what you need or expect them to do

  ᅳ reliable, reliance

  rely on somebody/something to do something

  Many working women rely on relatives to help take care of their children. 许多工作妇女依赖她们的亲戚帮助她们照看自己的小孩。

  rely on/upon somebody/something for

  Many people now rely on the Internet for news. 许多人现在借用英特网来浏览新闻。

  2 to depend on something in order to continue to live or exist 依赖借以生存

  For its income, the company relies heavily on only a few contracts. 这家公司的收入绝大程度上依赖仅有的几个合同。

  cross-cultural adjective [only before noun] belonging to or involving two or more different societies, countries, or cultures 跨文化的

  cross-cultural communication 跨文化交流

  evaluation noun [uncountable and countable]

  a judgment about how good, useful, or successful something is 评价,评估

  ᅳ同义词 assessment

  We need to carry out a proper evaluation of the new system. 我们需要对这套新体系做出一个正确的评价。

  They took some samples of products for evaluation. 他们取出一些产品的样本作评估。

  evaluate verb [transitive] to judge how good, useful, or successful something is

  ᅳ同义词 assess

  You should be able to evaluate your own work. 你应该能够评价自己的工作。

  Explanation: Raising awareness

  III. Leaving voice mails and Taking messages

  ① Listening.

  1. B

  send me a copy of your department’s figures

  copy noun

  1[countable] something that is made to be exactly like another thing 复印件

  She forwarded them a copy of her British passport. 她将自己的英国护照复印件交给了他们。

  2[countable] one of many books, magazines, records etc that are all exactly the same一份,一张,一本

  a copy of the local newspaper 一份当地报纸

  The hardback costs £16.99 a copy. 这本精装书一本16.99英镑。

  The record sold a million copies. 这盘磁带卖了1百万盘。

  Free copies are available on request. 如果要求就可以得到免费的资料。

  2. G

  trade fair noun [countable]

  a large event when several companies show their goods or services in one place, to try to sell them 博览会

  ᅳ同义词 trade show

  booth (telephone booth), stand

  complimentary adjective

  1 given free to people(免费)赠送的

  There was a complimentary bottle of champagne in the hotel room. 在饭店房间里有一瓶免费的香槟酒。

  I've got some complimentary tickets for the theatre tonight. 我得到了今晚剧院的免费票。

  2 saying that you admire someone or something 赞扬的,夸奖的

  complimentary remarks 奉承话

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