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Part 1

1.Talk something about your job or study and your future plan.

2.Talk something about your work or study place.

3.What brand name means to Chinese?

4.Do you think the working life has changed in China?

5.What do you like most about your major and what's your ideal employer?

6.what qualification do you think is the most important when work in China?




10.中国的tourist industry以后发展如何


1.The importance of having an internal magazine in the communication of different departments

2.Project management: factors involved in running a project effectively

3.The importance of having both permanent employees and temporary employees in a company

4.The factors involved in a training program

5.How to leave a good impression when interview?

6.How to ensure that a new product can meet the customers need?

7.How to make sure the potential customer is indentified accurately?

8.The importance to diversify strategies to manage staff.

9.How to make a sales campaign


1.Your company needs to send employees to a foreign country for negotiation. What information should be collected before you go for negotiation? What information you need to know about that country?

2. How to build a new sales team

(1) What support should you offer?

(2) How to measure the performance?

(3) Would you like to manage a sales team and why

(4) Do you think it is important to have a feedback system when managing a sales team

3. Your company which runs fast food restaurant has achieved record revenue and is considering to expand.

(1) In what way can it expand effectively?

(2) What benefit can the company get from outside expertise?

(3) What will happen if a company grows too fast?

(4) What should be considered when a company wants to expand in another country?

4. The supermarket chain you worked for plan to launch a training program to some of your employees. Your manager asks you to make some suggestions to this plan.

(1) How to select employee to attend the training program?

(2) What training program should be introduced?

5.公司new location,然后要讨论决定move to new location前要考虑什么因素,还有对员工有什么影响。老师问我的后续问题:对于员工来说,公司的building什么因素最重要。

6.staff 不是很motivated,原因和对公司的影响。一个问题是觉得什么因素最能激发motive,还有一个是如何平衡工作和生活。


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