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Questions 13-20.

Read this letter alert explanation of business problems , and answer the questions that follow.

Williams and Co.

54 Jermyn Street

London SW 1Y 6LX

July, 1993

Manager of Export Sales

Hilton Motorcycles Ltd.

Fenley Works

Dear Sir or Madam :

We received your letter dated 2nd July, expressing your dissatisfaction with the present level of your sales in Nigeria. We shall try to explain as briefly as possible how it is that your competitors are doing so well so that you may see why it is that we are not. We shall also suggest ways of improving the present situation. Our difficulties may be summarized as follows :

1. Your competitors pay for extensive advertising in newspapers and magazines that reach every corner of Nigeria. We receive no financial help for advertising and do not receive sufficient commission to pay for it ourselves.

2. the company referred to in your letter sent a two-man team on a tour of six provinces in a specially equipped lorry containing the models they wished to publicize. Their agent had arranged displays in the towns they were due to visit and had announced them in the local press. With such backing from the manufacturer ,high sales are inevitable !

3. What sells well in Europe does not necessarily sell well elsewhere. Your competitors know this and plan accordingly. they give maximum publicity to three or four models that are sure to sell well here. We would suggest that you do the same and concentrate on the 98cc Speedy, the 250cc Hunter and the 350cc Hawk.

4. In spite of the excellent containership service between England and West Africa we are still having to wait for too long for orders to be shipped. Once they have placed an order, customers are impatient to receive it. Our present commission of 10/00 does not allow us to undertake sales tours in other regions. Nigeria covers an area of over 350 , 000 square miles and our present commission will not stand the expense of such trips.

If you are prepared to increase our commissions ,contribute to our travel expenses on the longer journeys and back us with advertising. We are convinced that we can do as well as your competitors. We look forward to your comments.

Yours faithfully ,

Williams and Co.

Questions 13-16

For questions 13 -16 ,choose the correct title for each paragraph from the box below.

For each paragraph (1-4) mark one letter (AG) on your Answer Sheet.

Do not mark any letter twice.

13. Paragraph 1...

14. Paragraph 2...

15. Paragraph 3...

16. Paragraph 4...

A Deliveries and commission

B A two-man team

C Proper models.

D More advertisements

E Your competitors' successful methods

F Expenses for trips

G Sales promotions

Questions 17-20

17. We are going to give a brief explanation...

18. Your competitors' advertisements often appear in popular publications

19. Hear is our suggestion that you follow their example and...

20. If you give us more financial assistance, we believe...

A. Why your competitors are doing better than us.

B. that they wished to publicize.

C. that we can catch up with your competitors.

D. that you concentrate on three models.

E. that are sure to sell well.

F. which they would certainly visit.

G. that reach every corner of Nigeria.



13. D 14. G 15. C 16. A

17. A 18. G 19. D 20. C

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