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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 02





        Turns around, runs like hell. Bolts. Adios. 转身、跑掉,逃之夭夭
Plows down the aisle, 在教堂的通道拔足狂奔
knocking old ladies out of her way... 连老太婆也碰跌
Like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. 好像西班牙那些狂冲的牛一样
And guess what! She’s got the next victim all lined up. 但等着受害的男士还在排队等她
She’s turning another body on the spit. 然后她又逐个抛弃,故技重施
(Ike) Okay, Italics, here we go. 好啦,小猫儿,我开工了
(Ike’s Voice) Today is a day of profound introspection. 今天是自我反省的日子
I have been accused of using this column... 有人指控我利用这个专栏
to direct bitter diatribes at the opposite sex. 向异性直接作出猛烈的抨击
This uncomfortable accusation... 这种指责令我很不舒服
has plunged me into at least 15 minutes of serious reflection, 痛自反省了至少十五分钟
from which I have emerged... 结论是我承认
with the conclusion that, yes, I traffic in female stereotypes. 我一直都在利用女性
when every time I step out my front door, 每次我踏足户外时
"But how can one blame me 但怎可以怪责我呢
I meet fresh proof that the female archetypes are alive and well." 都会见到女士朝气勃勃神采飞扬
"The mother, the virgin, 母亲啦,处女啦
the whore, the crone." 青楼妓女啦,丑老太婆啦
"They’re elbowing you in the subway, stealing your cabs, 她们在地铁用手肘撞你

and overwhelming you with perfume in elevators." 她们在电梯用香水薰你
"But perhaps in fairness to the fairer sex, 公平点说,女性也有清丽温纯的
I do need to broaden my horizon and add some new goddesses to the pantheon." 我愿在圣殿上增添一些新女神
"I would like to nominate for deity the cheerleader, the coed... 我会增添一些啦啦队队员
and the man-eater, the last of which concerns me most today." 加上俏佳人,雌老虎
"In ancient Greece, this fearsome female was known as Erinys, 最后提到的悍妇正是今天要谈的 在古希腊 这位可怕的女性就是依理逆司
the devouring death goddess." 是三位复仇女神的总称
who likes to devour her boyfriend Shiva’s entrails..." 是印度教毁灭主神湿婆的女助手
"In India, she is Kali, 在印度,她名叫卡莉
"while her yoni devours 而女神能用阴道吞噬他那话儿
his dot, dot, dot... never mind." 这一点不提也罢了
"In Indonesia, the bloody-jawed man-eater is called Ragma." 在印尼,这种悍妇名叫灵马
   You notice these are all countries without cable. 这些国家都是没有有线电视的
    "And in Hale, Maryland, 在马里兰州
    she is known as Miss Maggie Carpenter, 她名叫卡美姬

     a.k.a. the Runaway Bride." 绰号是“逃跑新娘”
"What is unusual about Miss Carpenter... 这位卡小姐异乎常人之处就是…
is that she likes to dress her men up as grooms before she devours them." 先把她的男友装扮成新郎
One antique hot-water handle with the "hot" still on it. 才把他们吞掉 古董式水龙头刻上一个“热”字
Guaranteed to fit any American Standard cast-iron tub... 保证适合任何钢铁造的浴缸
with a four-inch center mount 长四寸
made between 1924 and 1938. 可嵌在二、三十年代制造的浴缸
In other words, Mr. Paxton, 柏士顿先生
I think you are out of the doghouse with Mrs. Paxton. 你不必再跟太太起争执了
Hallelujah! I’ll see you later. I’ll put it on your charge. 感谢天主,那太好了
There’s a possibility she hasn’t seen this yet. 我给你挂帐吧 美姬可能还未看到这个专栏
Maybe she just hasn’t picked up a paper. Know what I mean? 或许她连报纸也没时间看
- Or not. - (Man)Maggie? 不会吧
Earl, you don’t need an air-conditioner. You need an attic fan. 你用不着安装冷气机
There’s more in the back. Hey. 你用电风扇就行了
What? 怎么啦?
So, Mag, you’ve seen this, huh? 美姬,你看过这篇专栏了吗?
Yes, I’ve seen it. 我看过了
And it is the rudest, most offensive... 这篇是最粗鄙最狂妄的狗屁文章
joke anyone has ever played on me! 从未有人敢这样戏弄本姑娘的
You guys, 你们两个啊
You’re both creeps, 你们两个真是诡计多端
how long did this take you? Where did you get it done? 你们在哪里造一份假报纸作弄我
by the way. I should "disinvite" you. 我不该请你俩参加我的婚礼
Maggie, you told us no bachelorette jokes, so we didn’t-- 我们并非造一份假报纸开你玩笑
Holy moly. 老天
- She’s going. She’s gonna go! 她快要晕倒了
- Bag. Bag!  快拿袋来
Here’s the bag.  袋子在这儿
(Female Singer) ∮ Ready, ready, ready, ready ∮
Breathe! 呼吸吧
∮ All I’m ready to do is have some fun ∮
∮ Ready to run ∮
∮ What’s all this talk about love ∮
On the local front, our town of Hale, Maryland, is still buzzing about the less-than-flattering article... 马里兰州的人还在议论纷纷
about their native daughter, Maggie Carpenter. 谈论那篇描写卡美姬的专栏文章
Her bridal exploits were taken to task... 专栏名作家甘艾基
by New York columnist Ike Graham in USA Today. 勾勒出美姬做新娘时所做过的事
(Maggie’s Voice) Dear Editor: Greetings from the sticks. 编辑雅鉴: 乡村弱女有事讨教

  Perhaps you believe that a rural education is focused mainly... 台端谅必以为乡间教育
on hog calling and tractor maintenance 只会饲养猪只,修理破车
rather than reading. 断无知书识墨之人
Why else would you print a piece of fiction about me 否则何以对小女子造谣生非
and call it fact? 尚一口咬定千真万确?
I suppose Mr. Graham was too busy thinking up slanderous statements... 小妹揣测甘艾基先生千头万绪
about how I dump men for kicks... 捏造小妹以抛弃男人为乐事
to bother with something silly like accuracy in reporting. 而不肯多方求证方才下笔
Which is understandable, because with a man-eater like me on the loose, 既然悍妇在逃,谁愿多方求证
who has time to check facts? 此事亦可理解也!
- Hey, Frances, lunch today?  今天一起吃午餐好吗?
- No, I’m going to the bank 我要去银行
- Sorry, Ike. 艾基,对不起
.- Sure? 真的
Don’t mention my name. 不了,不要提起我的名字啊
I’m going to put in a good word for you. 我会替你美言几句
(Maggie’s Voice) That’s why I was surprised to find... Mr. Graham’s editor was a woman. 原来甘先生之编辑乃女士也
  Call me a sentimental fool, but I hoped we man-eaters could stick together. 吾辈悍妇亦应群策群力矣!
"Anyway, I’m just dropping you big-city folk this little note... 我想敬告大城市的居民
to say that I have thought of a ritual sacrifice..." "that would satisfy my current appetite: 我想到作出重大牺牲以尝宿愿
"Ike Graham’s column on a platter." 就是删除甘艾基所写的专栏
"Yours truly, Maggie Carpenter. 卡美姬敬上

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