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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 03





       "I have enclosed a list of gross factual misrepresentations in your article. 随函列上尊稿舛误之处
    P.S. 再启:
    There are fifteen." 共有十五处
    (Ike) Funny. I like her. 真有趣,我很喜欢她
    She’s got spunk. 她有种
    Ike, look. She sent us this list. 这就是舛误清算了
    Our lawyers say it’s actionable. 我们的律师说她可以采取行动
    I left you four messages. You don’t return my calls. 你没有回我的电话
    I never returned your calls. Even when we were married I didn’t-- 我们婚后我从不回你的电话
  -What’s Fisher doing here? 菲莎干嘛会在这里?
  -Ellie asked me to offer moral support. 雅莉叫我来,在精神上给予支持
  Since when does Ellie need moral support? 雅莉几时要靠精神上的支持啊?
  It’s for you, Ike. 是在精神上支持你呀!
  What? What? 你说什么?
  Journalism lesson number one: 新闻行业第一条守则
  If you fabricate your facts, you get fired. 凡捏造事件者必遭革职
  Lesson number two: 第二条守则
  Never work for your former spouse. 切勿为前度配偶工作
  You cooked this story up, and you know it! 你捏造这篇报导!
  That has nothing to do with it. 与那件事无关
  I did not cook anything up. I had a source. 我并非捏造的,资料是有来源的
  Someone reliable? Some boozehound in a bar? 来自酒吧的醉酒鬼吧?

  In vino veritas. 古语有云:酒后吐真言
  Hey, hey, hey. Don’t knock drunk guys in bars. It means they’re not driving. 别攻击酒吧里的醉汉了 至少他们不会醉酒驾驶
  lam a columnist. 我是个专栏作家
  Besides,  况且嘛…
  This is what columnists are supposed to do. 专栏作家是这样写稿的嘛
  We push, we stretch, 我们力求创新,突破常规
  It’s what you like. 你一向喜欢我这样写法
  we go out on a limb. 甘冒危险
  That’s what makes me good! 这种写作态度令我自得其乐
  No, that’s what makes you unemployed. 是会令你打烂饭碗!
  All right. Let’s consider that my wrist has been slapped. 让我受一下轻微的处罚吧
  There. Slap it. Go ahead, just-- 轻微地打我的手腕吧,来啊
  Slap my wrist. That’s done. 打我的手腕,功过相抵了
  Just give me a call when you feel  觉得我受够惩罚就打电话给我吧
  that I’ve served my time, and move on. 我们可以卷土重来
  This is permanent, Ike. 你这次是永不超生了,艾基!
  If you go quietly, I’ll get you severance pay. 如果你肯悄然引退 我还可以按年资给你遣散费
  (Secretary) I’m sorry, Ike. 我很抱歉
  In the kitchen! 我在厨房
  - (Maggie)Bob? Honey? - 亲爱的?
  Honey, she canned him! Honey? 她把他开除了
  Bob, she canned him! 她开除了他啦

  - Yea! What are you talking about?  你说什么啊?
  - Try this on first. - Okay. 先试一试
  - Listen, it’s in the paper. 听着
  I wanna read it to you, 我读给你听
  so come over this way. 你过来吧
  Ready? "Dear Maggie Carpenter: 准备听吧,“美姬女士雅鉴”
  I apologize to you for this unfortunate matter.’’ “这是次错误报导,谨致由衷歉意”
  Here it is. "Ike Graham’s column will no longer be appearing in this paper. “甘艾基之专栏将被本报删除”
  Best of luck in your upcoming marriage." “敬祝婚姻幸福无比”
  - You let me know if it’s too heavy. 如果觉得太重就告诉我
  - Okay. Whoa! 我可以调整一下
  A little... yeah. Yeah, a little heavy, baby. (Laughing) 是重了点
  Hi, it’s me. Leave a message after the beep. 请留下口讯
  If you want to leave a fax,  若想传真过来
  buy me a fax machine. 先买一具传真机给我吧
  (Beeps) Ike, Fisher. Get up. 艾基?我是菲莎啊
  I can turn this Runaway Bride story around. 我可把逃跑新娘的报导逆转乾坤
  I’m doing a photo spread for G.Q. today by the convey or belt. 我正在运用报馆的传递带印照片
  Meet me. I’ll save your tush. 我要挽救你的事业,请来见我
  And since I do freelance stuff for G.Q. now, I have an idea. 我帮绅士哥利打散工
  - What are you saying?  可以想出妙计扭转乾坤
  - Vindication. 证明你无辜
  How would you like some? 想吗?
  A chance to prove that although your story wasn’t entirely factual, 证明你的报导虽然并非全部属实
  your theory was correct. 但你的理论却是正确的
  - The real story on Miss Carpenter.  卡小姐的真人真事
  - All the gory details. 全部细节都是骇人听闻的
  And if she runs again,  她如果再逃跑的话
  you got a cover story. 你的报导就可以刊登在封面了!
  ∮ Oh, here she comes ∮
  ∮ Watch out, boy she’ll chew you up ∮
  ∮ Oh, here she comes ∮
  ∮ She’s a man-eater ∮
  ∮ Oh, here she comes ∮
  ∮ Watch out, boy she’ll chew you up ∮
  ∮ Oh, here she comes ∮
  ∮ She’s a man-eater ∮
  ∮ She’ll only come out at night ∮
  ∮ The lean and hungry type ∮ ∮ Nothing is new I’ve seen her here before ∮ “欢迎光临马里兰的小镇”
  ∮ Watching and waiting ∮ ∮ She’s seated with you but here yes are on the door ∮ “硬件店”
  ∮ I wouldn’t if I were you ∮
  ∮ I know what she can do ∮
  ∮She’s deadly, man She could really rip your world apart ∮
  ∮ Mind over matter ∮
  ∮ Oh, the beauty is there but a beast is in the heart ∮
  Here you go. Right upstairs to the left. 你的房间在楼上转左
  Thanks. How late’s the restaurant open? 餐厅几点钟打烊?
  - 8:30 every night. 每晚开到八点半

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