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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 04





       (Chuckles) That late, huh? 那么晚还开?
       (Maggie) Cindy, can you eighty-six Sprout? 仙迪,可以把狗儿赶走吗?
       He’s licking up all the petroleum distillates I’m trying to put in. 它在舔我放进去的滑液呢!
  She’s an obedience school dropout.  它上狗学院也被赶出校
  Oh, sorry.  对不起
  - Have a seat. 坐下
  Thank you.  谢谢各位
  We’ll see you, ladies and gentlemen, in the hotel on the weekend. 我们周末在酒店再见吧
  You’re a goddess. You’re a goddess! 你真棒,你真棒
  Shazam! I think I’m in Mayberry. 我这次有机会平反了
  (Maggie)I didn’t have to change a gasket, just put in new hydraulic fluid. 我只不过加一点溶液进去而已
  When you talk like that, it turns me on and frightens me. 你这种讲法会令我有性冲动的
  (Woman) Stop it!  住嘴
  - Oh, you turn a girl’s head. - (Laughing) Whoa! 别讨好我了
  Excuse me. Hello? 请问一下
  Excuse me. Could you help-- I’m looking for Maggie Carpenter. 嗨,我是来找卡美姬的
  There was a, uh, note on the door of the hardware store across the street. 硬件店门前有一张字条
  - Are you a reporter? 你是记者吗?
  - What? 什么?

  It’s just been our experience that... 根据我过往的经验
  anyone who comes in here with tassels on his loafers... 能穿这种平底船鞋来这里的
  is a big-city reporter wanting to do an interview with Maggie. 都是想访问美姬的大都市记者
  About her upcoming wedding and all. 关于…她未来婚礼的事
  Actually about her getting that asshole from New York fired. 知道她把那纽约专栏作家弄走吧
  I am just such a reporter. 我刚巧的确是个记者
  And who are you? 请问你是谁呢?
  - Peggy Flemming.  碧姬
  Not the ice skater.  但并非那个六十年代的溜冰冠军
  (Peggy) Come in, come in. 进来吧
  (Ike) Who are these lovely ladies? 这些漂亮的女士是什么人呢!
  Hi. I’m Cindy. Maggie’s unmarried cousin. 我叫仙迪,是美姬的未嫁表妹
  Mrs. Pressman. No relation. Oh, sorry. 我是毕太,和美姬没有亲戚关系
  (Peggy) And you are? 阁下呢?
  Looking... for Maggie. 我是来找美姬的
  Maggie, someone to see you. 美姬,有人找你
  I hope you’ve got a new angle because 我希望你会用一个新角度来写
  it’s all pretty much been covered. 因为其他的一切都报导过了
  Hold on. No one interviews Maggie in here without a haircut. 来访问美姬的都要先剪发
  Sorry, no. Just got one. 对不起,刚剪了
  (Mrs. Pressman) Excuse me, sir, I have a fact for you. 先生,对不起

  - This is an actual fact. 我有真的提供给你
  - Yes, Mrs. Pressman? 好哇,彭太
  This is actually her fourth wedding, not her seventh like they said. 这是她第四个婚礼,不是第七个
  (Ike) I know. Tell me something.  我知道
  Do you think she’s...gonna make it all the way this time? 你认为她这次真的结婚吗?
  - I don’t know. 我不清楚
  She swallowed her gum. She does that. 她不小心,把香口胶吞了
  Mr. Schulian, he runs the newsstand. He’s also our local bookie. 报纸摊那个史好赌先生是外围佬
  He’s given eight-to-one odds that she won’t. Okay. 他用一赔八的盘口赌她不会嫁
  Instead of a haircut, how ’bout a wash? 剪发之外,帮你洗头好吗?
  Get all that city grit out of your hair. 把你那些都市污垢也洗掉嘛
  You’ll answer my questions? Mm-hmm. 你肯回答我的问题吗?
  Fine! You wash, I’ll ask. 好吧 你洗头时我发问
  So, what do you want to know? 你想知道什么呢?
  When is the big day?  你几时行婚礼?
  - A week from Sunday.  下个星期日
  - Let’s put this here like this... 让我先铺好这块洗头布
  because this aroma therapy can get a little strong. 这种发剂的气味比较浓
  The lavender, we don’t want to put you to sleep. 因为我们怕你睡着
  (Ike) You nervous? 你紧张吗?
  I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. 不,我肯定可以顺利完成
  I’ve been having all kinds of weird dreams. 我最近发了一些怪梦
  Except 只不过…
  Mm-hmm. Would you like to tell me about ’em? 把那些怪梦告诉我吧
  Yeah, sure. 好哇
  - (Maggie) And another one. - Pete, I’ll be right with ya. 在另一个梦里… 彼得,我马上来帮你修发
  (Maggie) I go inside the church and everyone I know is there. 我进入教堂,所有人都到齐了
  The creepiest part is I look down at my dress, 我垂下头看看我的礼服
  and it’s red! 竟然是红色的
  I don’t know what that means. 我不知还意味着什么
  Red is not my color. 我根本不喜欢红色
  What do you think? 你觉得怎样?
  - I think you’d look good in red. - No, no. 我觉得你穿红色会很娇艳
  She means about your hair. 她是问你觉得你的头发怎样
  My jacket, please. 请把外衣拿给我吧
  Thank you. 谢谢
  Excuse me, sir. Do you know where I can get some shampoo? Strong shampoo? 还有什么地方可以洗头的 要洗得很用力那种
  Doc’s pharmacy. 去榆树街那间医生开的药房吧
  Third and Elm. Tell ’em Pete sent ya. 说是彼得介绍你去的就行了
  You want my hat? 你需要戴上我的帽子吗?
  No, no, I’m fine. 不必了

  You might need it. 你可能也要戴着帽子出去
  Mr. Graham, if you’re looking for Elm Street, it’s that way. 你想找的榆树街就在那边
  Thank you. 谢谢
  If you came down here in the pursuit of happiness, 你若是来揭我疮疤而想自得其乐
  because you can’t make me feel bad. 你不会使我感到难堪的
  you might as well go back... 那你回家去吧
  I’m not trying to make you feel bad. 我并不是想令你难堪
  I’m here for vindication. 我来这里是要证明我并非乱写
  In my heart, 在我的心底里
  I feel I’m right about you. 我觉得我这样写你是对的
  You got me fired, lady. 你害我被革职
  You destroyed my reputation,  破坏了我的声誉
  and you screwed up my hair. 还把我的头发弄到一团糟

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