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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 05





       You chew up men, spit ’em out and love it. 你喜欢把男人玩弄于股掌之上
  You’re gonna do the same thing to this poor schmuck number four... 你已经作弄了三个
  You’re gonna run again. 你会又再跑掉
  And I’m not leaving until you do. 你未跑掉前我是不会离开这里的
  I’d love to stay and chat, but I still have my job. 我也想聊天,但我有工作要做!
  Hey, kid, kid, kid, wait a minute. 小朋友,等一下
  - Give you ten bucks for the hat. - Sure! 我想用十块钱买你的帽子
  That’s right. 好极了
  Sheesh. 难以置信
  (Bob Chuckles) I’m telling you, that is a photo opportunity. 真是拍照的好机会
  When I only see one dog, I know I’ve had too much to drink. 我见到只有一只狗时就知道醉了
  Hey, you’ll never guess... 你们一定猜不到
  who came crawling into town with his tail between his legs. 今天哪只垂头搭尾的狗来了小镇
  (Walter) Who? 哪只?
  Hello, Maggie. 您好,美姬
  (Ike) I just came over to apologize to your family. 我是来向你的家人致歉的
  When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. 我犯了错就一定会负荆请罪
  I pushed a story.  我捏造了一个故事
  I made a mistake. 我犯下了大错
  In other words, he’s only human. 那就证明他是一个人啦
  And he brought us a bottle of wine. 他还带了美酒来嘛

  -Made me put my hat back on. -Yeah. It scared the hell outta Skipper. (Barks) 你的家人要我戴上帽子 他把狗儿吓到屁滚尿流
  You’ve gotta be kidding me. 你们一定是说笑了
  No, no. You should’ve seen Skipper. He was like--  不,狗儿吓得这样子吠啊
  It wasn’t that... funny. 不见得好笑吧
  Actually, it’s been quite amusing. 我一直感到宾至如归
  Walter, here, has been sharing his father of the bride wedding memories. 华达把你三度逃婚的事告诉了我
  You know what? 我告诉你们
  I think I’ll take this to the kitchen. (Mouthing Words) 我要把这樽酒拿到厨房去
  I’ll help you bring it in... to the kitchen. 我帮你把酒拿入厨房吧
  - Check on the crabs, Bob. - Okay. 看看那些蟹煮好了没有,波比
  -(Whispers) Is he staying for dinner? 他留下来吃晚饭?
  -I don’t know. 我不知道啊
  I hope they don’t have a fight. 希望他们不会发生争执
  You don’t think they’d call it off, do you? 把婚礼也取消吧
  Wedding cake freezes. This we know. (Chuckles) 结婚蛋糕可以放进冰箱等下一次
  - You know, your daughter is such-- - (Gasps) Oh, I’m sorry. 令千金真是个… 对不起
  No, no, that’s all right, Grandma. That’s fine. 不要紧,没关系
  She’s such a lovely girl. 她真是个可爱的少女

  Yeah. Well, like her mother. Look. 很像她的妈妈,你看
  May she rest in peace. 愿她的灵魂得到安息
  We were all so proud of Maggie when she was in school. 美姬在学校时就令我们引以为荣
  She won that American Legion scholarship to college. 她拿到美国军团奖学金上大学
  She studied industrial design. 主修工业产品设计
  I can’t see her leaving multiple grooms in the dust like that. 可惜看不到她抛弃新郎的情景
  Oh, yes, you can.  看得到的
  She’s got it all on tape. 她全都录影下来了
  - Tape? - Yeah, they’re all right there. You got tapes of the wedding? 有录影带? 全家的录影带都在那边
  Lee, at the hotel, videos weddings. 连婚礼的录影带也有?
  Course Maggie didn’t know she was gonna be running the 100-yarddash. 酒店的老李是专录影婚礼的 美姬也想不到要跑一百码冲刺
  - I gotta say, she makes real good time. 老实说,她还蛮能跑的
  - Bingo! 找到了
  Maggie may not be 美姬逃跑的笑话
  Hale’s longest running joke, 在本镇未必留传得最长久
  but she is certainly the fastest. 但倒也算最快
  Ha, ha. 真幽默
  Maggie’s mom and I were only blessed with one child, 美姬的母亲和我一直想多生几个
  not for a lack of trying. 可惜只得一颗掌上明珠
  This is good, Dad. Don’t leave anything out. 好哇,爸爸,不要讲漏任何细节啊
  I consider it a bonus... (Skipper Barks) 开心的是…
  that I’m actually able to plan and pay for so many weddings. 这么多婚礼都由我支付
  Not this one.  这次不用了
  This one’s on me. 这次的婚礼由我支付
  Oh! That’s fair. 那倒很公平哟
  I don’t do it on purpose, 随便你怎样想
  and I have no intentions of doing it again. 我并非蓄意逃跑的 而且我也不会再溜掉了
    That’s right, Maggie. 对了,美姬
    Just keep your eye on the ball. 你这次看准来球了
    Sports psychology. 我用的是棒球术语
    Bob is the head of the P.E. department at the high school. 波比是中学的体育组总监
  And he coaches the football team. 教过足球队
  And he’s climbed Everest. 也爬过喜玛拉雅山
  - (Maggie) Twice. 攀登过两次了!
  - Everest? Is it true?  喜玛拉雅山?
  It’s true 真的?
  Without oxygen. 连氧气筒也不必带
  - My girl, she likes to brag about me. - I do. 我女朋友老是喜欢吹捧我
  Maggie’s training for our wedding night. 美姬受过洞房之夜的训练
  I’m taking her trekking on Annapurna for our honeymoon. 我们打算爬上黄山顶峰渡蜜月
  - Oh, how romantic!  真浪漫
  - We think so. 我们也认为是

  two Sherpas and a yak. 会破坏浪漫气氛
  Hey, Ike, how’s it going? 艾基,事情进行得怎样?
  You won’t believe what I’m looking at here. I got a video... 说出来你也未必相信
  (Chavez) Here’s my bride, who’s my pride. 我叫纪朗,也是今日的新郎 我的新娘已到,令我感到自豪
  I’ll never hide when she’s by my side. 有她在我身旁,我不会心慌慌
  This is for you, Maggie, my "Sugar Magnolia." 我心爱的娇娥,献给你一首歌
  (Ike) You want the truth? You want the facts? I got ’em. 你想知道真相吗? 你想知道事实吗? 全都在我手里了
  I’ll send you a copy of the notes. 我会把笔记寄给你
  Good weekend reading for you. 周末那天阅读,保证乐在其中
  Love to Ellie. Okay, bye. 代我问候你老婆雅莉吧,再见

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