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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 07






       Maggie, don’t marry Coach. 美姬,不要嫁给教练啊
  Marry me. I love you. 嫁我吧,我爱你
  You’re jail bait, Dennis. 跟你有性关系会惹官非的,滚吧
  Go away. Go away. Run your laps. Go, go! 快些走吧
  (Bob) Drive, drive, drive! From the hips! 用全力去推呀
  Keep it low now, keep it low! 用臀部的力,弯低一些
  (Whistle Blows) Good job, gentlemen. All right, special teams. 大家都做得很好
  Special teams. 好,正选球员准备
  - Hey, honey, how are you?  唏,心肝儿,你好吗?
  What is he up to now? 他又在搞什么鬼?
  - Good. 很好
  Ike just dropped by to check out the team. 艾基来看看球员
  And to talk about you! - Ahh! - Yes! 是来跟你聊聊吧
  You aren’t making friends with this man, are you? 你跟他交朋友?
  I’m just bragging about how good you are. 我刚刚还吹捧你呢
  - And how I’m the luckiest man alive. - Mm-hmm! 还说自己是最幸福的人
  Sweetie. 你真会逗我
  Well, I better be moving. 我得走啦
  Got a lot of work to do today. 今天还有很多工作要做
  - See you two lovebirds later. - See you at the weddin’. 迟些再见你们这对情海鸳鸯
  - Yeah.  在婚礼见吧
  Thanks for the jacket.  谢谢你送的球衣
  - You invited him to the wedding? 你请他来参加婚礼?
  ∮ Go, go, Comets Let’s go ∮ 彗星,彗星,全力取胜

  Don’t you realize he’s writing another article about me? 他又会在另一篇专栏写我了
  Sure. But you’re not runnin’. 可是你这次不会跑掉嘛
  Come on. 拥抱我吧
  Give me some of that homemade sunshine. 让我看看你那阳光似的微笑
  Boys,  孩子们!
  take my princess for a ride on her chariot.Oh, my-- (Laughing) 推我的公主去兜兜风吧
  Bless me, Father, 赐福给我吧,神父
  My last confession was 我最后一次忏悔是在…
  for I have sinned. 我有罪呀!
  -- Well, anyway. 不算也罢了
  I have sort of a technical question. 我有个难以解决的问题
  I’ve been having bad thoughts. 我一直有个很糟的想法
  Reallybadthoughts. 真的很糟
  - No, no.I want to destroy this man’s life, career, everything. I want revenge! 不,不 我想毁掉某个人的人生 毁掉他的事业,毁掉他的一切 我要以牙还牙!
  - Of an impure nature?  是属于不洁的性质吗!
  Now, on the sin scale, howbadis that? 那在罪行的衡量而言有多糟呢?
  Can I... "Hail Mary" my way out of that? 我可否大叫圣母玛利亚来赎罪?
  -My child, any sin in one’s heart is a-- - 我的孩子啊,任何的罪都是…
  The name is Maggie. 我叫做美姬
  It was this side of ten years ago you had your tongue down my throat. 十年前你狂吻湿吻热吻我

  So don’t "my child" me, Brian, okay? It annoys me. 可以别叫我做孩子了,白仁
  Maggie, don’t get so upset. 美姬,别生气嘛
  Hey, hey! Don’t-- Brian,  白仁,跟我聊聊啊
  talk to me. I need to talk to you. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. 白仁,我要好好跟你一谈
  You’re not even Catholic so you really shouldn’t be here. 你并非天主教徒
  I’m sorry. 很抱歉
  I’m just so stressed out about this slimeball reporter. 我给那个臭记者气得肺也要爆了
  And I wanted to come and tell you that he might stop by here... 我要告诉你他可能会来这里
  and ask you all kinds of ridiculous questions. 向你发问很多无聊的问题
  Well, he only actually asked me one ridiculous question. 他只来问过一条无聊的问题而已
  The rest weren’t so bad. 其他的都不算太无聊
  What? Oh, you talked to him? 什么?你跟他谈过话了?
  Did you tell him 你告诉过他
  we dated before you were a priest? 你未做神父前曾经和我拍拖?
  Of course. I think I only did you good. 当然啦,只是为你着想嘛
  W-What exactly did he ask? 他究竟问过什么?
  - Am I too late, Father?  神父,我是否来得太迟了?
  - No, no. 不
  - It won’t take long. Just two venials. - Okay. 不会太花时间,只是两宗小罪
  Um, just respectful things. 他问的问题很得体
  What kind of music did you like?  例如你喜欢什么音乐?
  What did we have in common? 我们有什么共同喜好?
  Did you ruin my life when you left me at the altar? 你跑掉时有没有毁掉了我一生?
  Uh, what did you say? 你怎样回答?
  I said, you know, how could I be angry... 我说婚姻大事既然是神的安排
  when this is clearly as God intended for it to be for me? 我又怎可以生气呢?
  Good one! Thanks. 你答得很好,谢谢
  But, actually, it’s, it’s really, really how I feel. 其实,我说的是真正的感受
  Not... (Whispers) God. 我不应在教堂说“老天爷”
  God, yes. 老天爷,说得对
  Of course. 当然啦
  Sorry 对不起
  .I better go.The man is a lunatic. 我得走了
  But I think I know exactly where he’s going next. 我知那疯子下一步会怎样做
  (Whispering) God bless. 上帝保佑你
  Oh! Purse. 银包
  Forgot my purse. 我忘记了带银包
  Hi, sorry. Purse. 嗨,对不起,要拿银包
  Good luck. 祝你好运
  What was the one ridiculous question that he asked? 他问过一个什么无聊的问题?
  He wanted to know how you liked your eggs. 他问你喜欢吃怎么样煮的蛋
  Oh, weird. 古古怪怪
  Like a person’s gonna remember after all this time. 事隔多年你又怎会记得呢?

  Scrambled with salt, pepper and dill. 你喜欢吃炒蛋,加盐加胡椒粉
  Same as me. 口味和我一样
  I’m sorry I hurt you, Brian. 我当年伤害了你,感到很抱歉
  Maggie, I’m happy now... here.  美姬,我在这里很开心
  It’s where I’m supposed to be. 我是应该住在教堂的
  But... if you ever do decide to become a Catholic, 但如果你决定做天主教教徒
  Confess to Father Patrick.Of course. 请向柏德烈神父告解吧 一定
  will you do me this favor? 别再找我了
  - Mags! 美姬
  - Gill? Lydia? 纪朗?李滴雅?
  Hey, look, the tape. Remember? 那盒录影带,还记得吗?
  Radio City Music Hall concert... 还记得无线电城音乐厅那一次吗
  when Jerry was on "Ripple," and I’m going like, "Dude, let me jam." 我要求上台和谢利一起唱歌
  - Gill, listen-- - I’ll play it for you. 纪朗,听我讲
  - You remember, Maggie. You were there.  你一定记得
  - Can you focus on me? 留心听我讲
  There’s this reporter who’s making my life a living hell.Okay. 有个记者搞到我失魂落魄
  And whatever you do, 无论如何也不要让他看到
  do not show him that picture of me from the concert in San Francisco. 我在三藩市音乐厅那帧照片

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