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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 08






      - Okay? Can you-- - (Ike Laughing) 好吗…
  - What is that? - Uh-- Wait. 什么声音?
  San Francisco? 三藩市?
  But we went there a few times. 我们去过多次了
  There’s a lot of pictures.Remember? 照片倒拍了很多
  Which picture? Because one time we had a flat tire.  你指哪一张?因为…
  Imagine! 万万料不到
  Maggie Carpenter topless in a public arena. Mmm. Oh, yeah. 卡美姬竟在音乐会穿无上装
  I see it was a very chilly evening. Mm-hmm. 我明白那一晚非常寒冷
  What’s really interesting about this, though, 这幅相最奇妙的地方
  is that you can’t see that rose tattoo... 是我听说过你背上纹上玫瑰
  - on your back. - (Chuckles) 但在照片上却看不到
  Oh, yeah. 对啊
  Ike bet me 50 bucks that you don’t still have it. 艾基跟我赌五十元说你根本没有
  I said, "You’re on, man. 我说:老兄,就跟你赌吧
  Maggie loved that thing." 美姬很喜欢那朵纹身玫瑰
  And, seriously, I mean, I could use 50 bucks. - Maggie? 跟你坦白说,我很需要那五十元 美姬
  Maggie? 美姬
  Look, I’m not gonna show you guys anything. 我不会让你们看的
  I am a soon-to-be-married woman.  我就快做新娘了
  I would love to give you this. Believe me, I would. 我都想还给你
  So just give me the photograph! 把那张照片还给我吧
  Just give us a quick gander at that rose, 但先让我们看看你背上的玫瑰吧

  and I’ll gladly turn it over to you. 那我也会很乐意原璧归赵
  Fine. Fine. Okay, fine. 好,好,好哇
  Okay? All right? 行了吧?
  - Satisfied? - 满意啦?
  Completely. 完全满意了
  - Maggie, you got it removed? - Gill-- 你把那纹出来的玫瑰刮掉了
  Gill, I’ll go you double or 我跟你赌多一倍,你有机会追平
  nothing it was a stick on. 那朵玫瑰其实是帖上去的
  Maggie? 美姬
  Gill, I am... 其实我真的…
  really, really... 真的…
  - But that doesn’t make me a bad person.  那也不见得我是个坏女孩吧
  afraid of needles. 很怕被针刺穿皮肤
  - Look. 你看
  Look! Look! 看啊,看啊
  I think this man is heartbroken. 我觉得这位仁兄的心破碎了
  - No, he’s not. 不,不会的
  - I think I am. 我想我的确是
  No, you’re, you’re not! 不,你不会的
  You have your guitar, and you have Lydia. You’re not-- ∮ (Guitar) 你还有吉他,还有李滴雅这女友
  We’ll talk about this later. Okay? 我们迟一些才谈
  Hey, Ike? 唏,艾基
  - What would Jerry do?  谢利怎么样呀?
  - He’d play.Jerry would play! - He would play! 他依然弹结他,谢利依然弹结他

  Well, there’s Ike... 艾基在那边
  with the mayor and the police chief. 他和镇长、警长在一起
  Boy, he sure makes friends easy. 他倒很擅长交朋友
  That’s pretty cool. 他很棒哟
  - Oh, yeah! - That’s right! 好球
  - Hey, you’re that reporter, right? - Yeah. 他就是那个记者,是吗?
  There he is again! 他又来了
  Snoop Doggy Dogg! 好一头跟尾狗
  - I’m going to marry Maggie someday. 总有一天我会娶到美姬的
  - Oh, really? 真的?
  He’s an attractive man. 他很有魅力
  The vicious reporter is attractive? 那个邪牌记者会有魅力?
  You’re saying viciousness is attractive? 你认为邪牌就是魅力?
  No, I’m not saying viciousness is attractive. 不,我不是这个意思…
  He’s coming. I better go-- 噢,他走过来了
  No, no, no. Don’t leave. Uh, act natural. 不,不要走开,不要走开
  - Okay. 表现得自然些
  - He can probably read lips. 他可能会看嘴型,知我们说什么
  The famous Swenson triplets. Gimme 15. 值得击掌赞赏
  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well done. 表演得很好
  - Don’t move your lips! Okay? Go on. 嘴唇不要动
  - I will handle this.  我来处理吧
  I will handle this! I won’t say anything. 我来应付大局
  - Okay. - I’ll handle it. 我会一言不发
  Yeah, Cory! 做得好,高利
  - Hey, Peggy Flemming! - Hey. 唏,费碧姬
  - Not the ice skater.  我不是叫那个溜冰冠军啊
  - That’s Maggie’s seat. 那是美姬的坐位呀
  Yes, and this must be her beer too. 这也是她的啤酒吧
  - (Cory)Hey! - Hey, sweetie! 唏,亲爱的
  (Ike) That your husband out here? 那就是你老公吧?
  - Yeah. - This is Cory? Cory Flemming? 他叫费高利
  He’s a radio announcer here, isn’t he? 是本地的电台播音员,是吗?
  Yeah, that’s right. 是啊
  Have you heard his morning show, "Wake up with Flemm"? 你听过他主持的电台节目了吧?
  Not yet. 还未听过
  (Grandma Over P.A.)Now up, Atlantic Hotel’s Lee Mistlehorne. 现在上场的是大西洋酒店的老李
  He actually made the all-stars in high school. 我丈夫念中学时已是明星球队的
  Really? You must be proud of him. 他一定令你感到自豪了
  I didn’t really know him back then. 我当年还未认识他
  He was actually dating Maggie... at the time. 那段时间他一直跟美姬有约会
  I mean, he never really-- They were never gonna... 我的意思是…
  get engaged or anything, it was just like, you know. 他们俩连订婚都没有 我的意思是
  and it was really irritating. 嫌她老是叽叽喳喳
  Sometimes he’d call her Magpie, 他有时叫美姬做多嘴鸟

  But-- I don’t know why I’m telling you this. 我干吗都告诉了你呢?
  No, this is good. 不要紧,你说得很好哇
  - He’s stealing third! - Yes! 他上垒了!
  (Bob) Safe. 安全返垒
  Excellent. 打得好!

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