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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 11





      that you’re writing on spec. 你何必靠写产品说明书养活自己
  And with a first-person interview, you might actually sell that thing. 不如写第一手访问更能挣钱啦
  - Too much. 你太过狮子大开口了
  - Seven-fifty. 七百五十块吧
  - Five hundred. 五百啦
  - Six-fifty. 六百五十元
  Done. 好
  Is that supposed to be a joke? 你这算是开玩笑吗?
  I know what you’re whistling. 我知道你吹的是哪一首歌
  This is a birthday present for my cousin. (Motor Whirring) 这是送给我侄女的生日礼物
  (Chuckles) That’s great. 很巧妙
  Wonderful stuff.  别出心裁
  All these found industrial parts and things. 你倒可以创出种种不同的用途
  A lamp tree. 灯树
  That’s great. 很棒哟
  - Is this-- That’s your preferred logo?  这是你的商标吗?
  - I think so. 大概是吧
  It’s nice. The whole thing is great. 都很精彩
  I think you could sell these lamps in New York. 你大可以在纽约卖这些灯
  Maybe someday. 也许总有一天我会的
  - You afraid to try?  你害怕试一试吗?
  - No, no. I’m not afraid.Just... someday. 不,我并不是害怕,只不过 总会有一天我会
  This is Brian. 这枚是白仁送的
  Oh, Father Brian. 噢,现在是白仁神父了
  - And Gill’s, of course. 这枚就是纪朗送的

  And... George. 佐治送的
  - Gill, yeah. 纪朗,对了
  He proposed at a butterfly farm in Saint Thomas. 他在养蝶场向我求婚
  The ring was inside a cocoon. 戒指用卵囊包住
  Ahh. A little too Silence of the Lambs for my taste, but-- 手法太像沉默的羔羊,我吃不消
  Well, he’s an entomologist.  佐治是昆虫专家
  I thought it was very unique. 这一枚才与众不同
  - And finally, Bob. - Mmm. 最后是波比送的了
  He proposed during the seventh inning stretch... at an Oriole game. 他在棒球大赛第七局时向我求婚
  Wait, wait. Wait, don’t tell me. 别,让我猜一猜
  The scoreboard lit up with  当时计分牌闪出这六个字
  "Marry me, Maggie." “美姬,嫁给我吧!”
  It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. 真是我毕生最奇妙的一刻
  Highly suspect. 我早知道了,事有可疑
  What do you mean? It was incredibly romantic. 你说什么?这种手法浪漫得很
  Look, maybe it’s just me, but... 可能只有我才觉得事有可疑
  if you gotta dress it up like that, 如果要用到这种手段
  it just doesn’t ring true. 那就欠缺诚意了
  You know, l, I think the most... that anybody can honestly say is: 我认为顶多只能这样子坦白说
  "Look, I guarantee there’ll be tough times. I guarantee... “我肯定将来会有不如意的时候”
  "at some point one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. “我肯定我俩其中一个想分手”

  "But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, “但我肯定如果不向你求婚”
  "I’ll regret it the rest of my life. “我会遗憾终生!”
  "Because I know in my heart... “因为我很清楚在我心坎里”
  you’re the only one for me." “只有你的存在!”
  I like it. 我喜欢你这种求婚讲法
  I’d like it better on a scoreboard. 我还是喜欢计分牌闪出来的字句
  So, is that what you said when you asked your wife to marry you? 你当年求婚时就是这种样说吗?
  Don’t look so surprised. 别大惊小怪嘛
  You’ve got "divorce" written all over you. 谁都看得出你是离过婚的人啦
  I’m a work-in-progress. 我一直很努力
  So, is that what you said to her? 你是这样子对她说?
  No. I think I said something very eloquent like, 不,我当年口才非常好,我是说:
  "So, um, “也许…”
  "maybe you and I should, you know-- “你和我都应该,你明白啦…”
  What do you think? Huh?’’ “你觉得怎样?说呀!”
  Now, that’s romantic. 这样讲才浪漫嘛
  And with a proposal like that, 你用这种求婚方法
  you didn’t find eternal bliss? What went wrong? 竟然也不能白头偕老? 出了什么岔子啊?
  I don’t know. 我不晓得
  - You don’t know? - No. 你不晓得?
  Maybe you should ask her sometime. Ever thought of that? 不晓得 试问问她吧,你有这样想过吗?
  (Maggie) Even with everything that’s happened, I have still never been married. 自此我一直都没有结婚了
  And I still deserve a beautiful dress. 我该有一件漂亮的结婚礼服的
  - Mrs. Whittenmeyer? 韦太?
  Where are you going? 你跑去哪儿呀?
  You’ll have to excuse her. Some of the children are afraid of you... 她只是一见你就害怕
  - Hi, Polly.  嗨,宝莉
  - Hi, Maggie. 嗨,美姬
  since you dragged that little boy up the aisle. 你在教堂逃跑时把小男孩拖倒了
  Drag-- No. I didn’t, I didn’t-- 拖倒?不,我没有
  He tripped on his own shoelaces. 他是踩着自己的鞋带才摔倒的
  You’ve come for your dress. Good. It’s in the back. I’ll get it. 你是来拿礼服吧,我去拿
  Actually, Mrs. Whittenmeyer, 其实嘛,韦太
  I decided... 我已经决定了
  - that I want to get this dress. - Oh. 我要这件
  The one you have on hold is lovely, dear. 你订了的那件才别致嘛
  I know, but I’ve just-- I’ve changed my mind. 我知,但我改变了主意啦
  This is $ 1 ,000. 这件要一千块钱的
  And I have $ 1 ,000. 我有一千块钱啊!
  (Mrs. Whittenmeyer) The other one is only $300, dear. 你订的那件是三百块罢了
  Um-- Is that dress for sale? 橱窗那件有减价吗?
  It’s just a lot of money to spend on one of your dresses, Maggie. 你穿那件礼服未免花太多钱了
  After all, you only wear them for about ten minutes or so. 反正你只穿十分钟
  I guess that’s true. 你倒说得对
  Uh, the other dress is, is nice. 那一件很漂亮

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