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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 14





    (Female Singer) ∮ Today ∮
  ∮ We took a walk up the street ∮
  ∮ We picked a flower and climbed the hill ∮
  (Maggie) He’s been drinking more and more since my mom passed away. 我妈死后他就越喝越多了
  (Ike) That’s when you quit school to come back here? 所以你放弃念大学回家里来?
  Yeah. I had to come run the store for my dad. 是啊!要替我打理店铺嘛
  (Ike) My dad had a small printing business. 我父亲做一点小生意
  He wanted me to become a classical musician. 他希望我成为古典音乐家
  My mother wanted me to be a novelist. 我母亲要我成为小说家
  They were 0-for-two. 结果两大皆空 
  More? 还想听吗?
  So, l, uh-- I became a reporter. 结果我当了记者
  Not quite a novelist.  算不上是个小说家
  But as we all know, 可是我们谁都知道
  journalism is literature in a hurry. 新闻是匆匆下笔的文学
  ∮ I never saw blue like that before ∮
  ∮ Across the sky ∮
  (Ike) What? What is this? 什么回事?
  What kind of gas did you put in here? Diesel? 你入了什么油?柴油?
  I don’t know. 我拿起最近车子的油泵
  The pump closest to the car. 我不知是什么油…
  This car takes unleaded.  这辆车子要用无铅汽油
  Your filter is clogged. 滤油缸塞住了
  (Ike) Can you fix it? 你懂得修理吗?

  - I’m gonna need to get some tools.  我需要一些工具才行
  Kind of isolated here. 这里四野无人
  - Oh, good. 噢,老天!
  Yeah, it’s nice. 对,真妙!
  Well, if there’s one thing us New Yorkers know how to do, that’s hail a cab. 我们纽约客只懂得挥手叫的士
  If there’s no cab, we walk. 没有的士就只得走路
  Uh, well, if we saved the battery here, 如果省下一些电力…
  there’s a place just down the way. 下边还有个地方可去
  We country girls cut across the field. It’s quicker. 我们乡下妹懂得抄捷径,会快些
  Oh, be careful of snakes. 小心蛇呀!
  - What?  你说什么?
  - Snakes. 蛇呀!
  I don’t like snakes. 我很讨厌蛇的
  Walk nice. They won’t get ya. 走得斯文些,蛇就不会来咬你
  What’re you-- What’re you doing? Snake dance? 你干嘛,跳蛇舞?
  I’m scaring the snakes. 我是把蛇吓走嘛
  - You’re scaring me.  你是吓到了我
  - (Chuckles) I’m scaring myself. 我连自己也吓怕了
  Do you think there’s one right person for everybody? 是不是每个人都会有个合意的人
  (Sighs) No, but I think attraction... 不一定
  is too often mistaken for rightness. 人总是把魅力误解为合意

  Attraction is very misleading. 魅力这两个字很容易被误解
  - Yes, it is. - Yeah. 的确是啊
  - And it doesn’t mean anything. - No. 没什么特别意思的
  No, no. It doesn’t mean anything. It means-- 意思只是…
  I, uh, 我
  suddenly forgot how to climb a fence. 我突然连怎样爬篱笆也忘记了
  - Lionel, do you have tools? - Hey, Maggie! 龙利,你有工具吗?
  What’re you gonna do? Bust out of another wedding? (Ike Laughs) 美姬,你又在婚礼逃跑吗?
  Sure are well-known around here. 你在这一带真是名闻遐迩
  (Ike) No, Fish, it’s almost done. I swear. 菲莎,稿快写好了
  This story’s taken a very interesting turn. 内容精彩,峰回路转
  I’ve got one more interview to do in New York. I’ll see you later. 还须在纽约多做一次访问
  ∮ From my head to my heart ∮ 再见
  ∮ Can’t seem to find a way They’re so far apart ∮
  You could’ve told me that you were fianc?number three. 你本可告诉我你就是第三位新郎
  And end up in the papers? 让你写在报纸上吗?
  I’ve been humiliated enough already to last a lifetime. Thank you. 那件事令我毕生受辱
  I was traveling around, 美姬认识我时
  studying the reproductive and migratory patterns of locusts... when Maggie met me. 我到处遨游研究蝗虫的栖移习惯
  Tell me, George. Why do you think she ran? 你认为她干嘛会逃跑呢?
  Just like you said. What did you call her? A man-eater? 你讲过啦,专吃男人嘛
  Devouring death goddess. All right? 择人而噬的死亡女神,对吗?
  That’s what I said. I don’t think that’s why she ran. 我认为这都不是她逃跑的原因
  Why do you think she ran? 那她干嘛要逃跑呢?
  I don’t know. I’m working on it. I was on the wrong track. 我不知道,我当日的结论是错了
  - Are you defending her? - No, no. 你这算是维护她吗?
  I call it like I see it. I’m a journalist. I’m a truth-teller. 不,我只是直言无讳 我是记者,要讲事实
  - Unbelievable! - What? 真是不可思议
  She got to you, too, like a moth to a flame. 你被她迷倒了,像灯蛾扑火
  - Please!  别胡扯了
  -Join the club. 加入我这一团吧
  - What are you talking about?  你说什么?
  - You need this much more than I do. 你比我还需要多喝两杯
  I am a journalist. 我是记者
  I’m doing an article. Look. See? I’m being paid. 我在写稿,我是有钱收的
  This will be published. A cover story. 这篇稿会被刊出
  You’ll get the all facts in the article. 你在那篇稿里会看到全部事实

  Do you know what kind of eggs she liked? 她喜欢怎样吃蛋?
  Poached, same as me. 煮熟的,跟我一样

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