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听电影学英语:落跑新娘 19





Hi. It’s him. He’s on the phone. 是艾基打电话来
  - What are you doin’? 你在做什么?
  - Nothin’. 没什么
  Pick that up. 举起来
  - (Ike) What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
  - It’s all right. 行了
  - Nothin’. 没什么
  - Wow. I see the most beautiful girl. He can see me. 我见到最美丽的少女 他见到我啊
  Bet’s up! 下注
  Aah! Double jack! 两只积
  You were trying to cheat! It doesn’t work! 你想出千,行不通的
  (Female Singers) ∮ Get to me magically sure as the sky is blue ∮
  Ah. Oh, my God. (Screams) 哦,我的天
  I’m the winner! (Laughing) 我赢了!
  Now, this is a mature relationship. 他们多么成熟!
  ∮ Acting erratically Need you fanatically ∮
  ∮ You get to me magically sure as the sky is blue ∮
  ∮ Baby, I love you ∮
  ∮ Do you love me too ∮
  ∮ Baby, I love you ∮
  (Reporter Dina) Wedding bells are ringing today in Hale, Maryland. 婚礼铃声响彻希路镇
  Maggie Carpenter, always a bride, never a bridesmaid, is attempting... 未做过伴娘,老是做新娘的美姬
  to complete her fourth wedding ceremony. 准备第四度结婚了
  We’ll be back when results are in. Back to you, Jessica. 有结果后我再向各位观众报导
  The turnout for this morning’s ceremony is... 今天观礼的人数甚多
  but Maggie Carpenter is Hale, Maryland’s very own star. 而美姬正是希路镇的明星
  usually saved for royalty or movie stars, 好像参加皇室宴会或观看明星
  T-shirts here. I got, "Bye, Bye, Bride-ee." I got, "What Part of ’l Do’ Don’t You Understand?" 有T恤卖,独家发售

  Get your "Runaway Bride" T-shirts here. 印有逃跑俏佳人字样的T恤
  Will she or won’t she? 她会不会再逃跑呢?
  That is on the minds of several hundred folks standing here, 这是大家最想知道的
  not to mention on the mind of groom number four, who is missing in action. 更遑论不在场的第四位准新郎了
  - Of course he’s gonna come, 他不会的
  - He’s gonna stand me up. 他会爽我的约
  because today I saw eight geese flying in a "V" 因为我今天见到八只鹅飞成V型
  You with the lucky geese! You always see geese! 你经常都见到鹅啦
  - And in a "V" 而且还是一个V型
  Not eight! 不是八只嘛
  - Eight is better? 八只会好些吗?
  - Eight in a "V" Can you imagine? - "V" "V" for, uh-- 八只飞成V型,幻想一下
  - Victory? Victory! - Great! V字象征胜利? 胜利,对了

  - And... Velcro? - Okay. V V 哗哗
  Velcro! Stick together! V V 哗哗是不吉利
  - Virginal. - No, no. V V 声!你知道都是不祥啦
  I-I’m sweaty, I’m nervous. Where are my bags? 我很紧张,我的纸袋呢?
  - Okay. No. - No bags. Bags are for later. 纸袋迟些才需要用嘛
  - Rub your ears. - Rub your ears. 擦耳朵吧
  That’s a great idea. 这个主意好
  That’s a very good idea. Rub your ears. 真是个好主意,擦耳朵吧!
  Cory does that to me sometimes. 高利有时都帮我擦耳朵
  - A little "ooo," and you just "whoo." - We do it to the dog. 我们都给狗儿擦耳朵
  (Vendor) Get your "I don’t think she will" shirt. 买件写着“她嫁不出”的吧
  These shirts are not sold in stores. 这种T恤店铺是买不到的
  - Here comes Ike Graham! 艾基来了
  - Show time. 开场了
  That’s better. It’s pretty nice, actually. 好得多了,真的令我很舒服
  - Yeah, it’s nice. 很舒服
  - He’s here! 他在这里
  (Screams) Oh, the ear! Ahh! I see him! 噢,我的耳朵呀!噢,我见到他了
  Ike Graham has arrived at church. 艾基已经来到教堂了
  Any little Grahams in the future? 有计划开枝散叶吗
  - Is this your first marriage? 这次是你第一次结婚吗?
  - Is this your last marriage? 是你最后一次吗?
  (Cory) Oh, he gets whacked! 他被人打过
  - All right, okay. 行啦
  All right! Okay! 好啦,好啦
  - This is such a good sign. 他来了,是个好兆头
  Get this-- Who makes this stuff? 面纱是谁造的
  - The veil is not attacking you. - Okay, okay. 又不是缠着你
  - Now is the time to calm down. - Yes, okay. 现在要冷静下来了
  Cause if you don’t get calm, we won’t get your dress on. 否则我们没法替你穿上礼服了
  A girl can’t get married in flannel. 我不能穿着法兰绒嫁的
  He’s the one. He really is the one. 他是适合你的,真的非常适合
  - You’re not invited. 你在干什么
  Go back to New York. Get outta here. 回来纽约吧,别呆在这里
  - He’s the one! - He’s the one! 他是你的终身伴侣了
  We gotta hurry 我们要快些了
  - Mrs. Pressman. 彭太
  - There’s no microphone. 没有味
  - Please, put it there. 放在架上吧
  No, no fun. - You’re no fun. 你真是没有情趣
  I was gonna do this Scorsese thing-- 没有情趣
  - Whatever. Just do it. Shoot, shoot. - Ike. 我想拍出“宾虚”的场面 宾客都好啦,总之要拍倒
  Friends! Oh, God! 老友啊!噢,老天!
  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 谢谢你们赏面

  - Of course we are. 我们当然是啦
  - Thank you. We are friends, aren’t we? 我们是好朋友嘛,是吗?
  - You’ll be my best man. 你会是我的伴郎
  - Good, but I’m not sure I’m the best. 就算不是最佳人选,也算是高手
  Go see the pastor. He’ll tell you what to do. All right. 去见证婚牧师,他会教你怎样做
  If someone will tell me what to do. 希望有人能教我怎样做就好了
  Mmm. You always looked great in that suit. 你穿这种服饰很英伟
  And, Ike? 艾基
  I’m happy for you, honey. 亲爱的,我为你感到高兴
  I have a car out back for you in case she decides to run. 我后面有辆车,她逃跑时可以追
  I have an invitation. Lou! He’s with me. 我是有请柬的,他是跟住我的
  You look terrible. 你的面色很难看
  Thanks. 过奖了
  Here. 来
  - Ike, I’m glad it’s you. 幸而嫁的是你
  - Really? 说真的!
  I wouldn’t want to have found out... I wasn’t the one for her in the fourth quarter. 不想知自己是第四场的失败者

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