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  My interests are manifold, including jogging, reading and playing computer games.我的兴趣很广泛,包括慢跑、阅读和玩电脑游戏。

  I enjoy reading books in my leisure time.闲暇时我喜欢读书。

  I'm fond of sports and especially like playing badminton.我喜欢体育运动,特别是打羽毛球。

  My hobby of climbing mountains keeps me fit and close to nature.我的业余爱好是(通过)爬山以保持健康并亲近自然。

  Collecting stamps educates me in a variety of ways.集邮教会了我很多东西。

  I'm diligent, modest and kind-hearted.我是一个勤奋、谦逊、热心的人。

  I'm always ready to help people in need.我随时准备帮助那些需要帮助的人。

  Sensible of my shortcoming, I always try to overcome it.我深知自己的缺点,总是尽力克服它。

  Being timid is my greatest shortcoming.胆小是我最大的缺点

  I'm an outgoing girl who likes to make friends with people.我是一个喜欢与人交友的外向女孩。

  Being easy-going, I'm able to get along well with most of the people I know.^由于个性随和,我能够和我认识的大多数人友好相处。

  With a strong determination to succeed, I make steady progress in my studies.怀着对成功的强烈决心,我在学习上取得持续(稳定)的进步。


  My father is from a working-class background.我父亲是工人阶级出身。

  My father works hard to support the family.父亲辛勤工作来养家。

  My father is the backbone of my family.我父亲是家庭的主心骨。

  My family is a two-career family with both my parents working.我父母都工作,所以我家是“双职工”家庭。

  The decision power of family affairs is in the hand of my mother.重大家庭事务的决策权在我妈妈的手中。

  I have no say in family affairs.在家庭事务中我没有发言权。

  My mother queens it over the whole family.我妈妈掌管整个家庭。

  We have a family gathering every month.我们每月举行一次家庭聚会。

  Children learn their first lesson from their parents.父母是孩子最早的老师。

  Whenever I feel frustrated or sad, I turn to my family for comfort.每当我感到挫折或伤心时,我就会回家寻求安慰。

  A harmonious family is important for the growth of children.和谐的家庭对孩子的成长很重要。

  Family is the basic unit of society.家庭是社会的基本组成部分。


  I treasure the friendship of a friend in need.我珍视患难中的友情。

  A true friend will always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on.真正的朋友是在你需要肩膀依靠的时候,他总在你身边。

  The only way to have a friend is to be one.获得朋友的唯一方法是要先成为别人的朋友。

  For me, friendship is one of the most valuable possessions in the world.对我来说,友情是世界上最珍贵的财富之一。

  The traditional Chinese believe that a gentleman should be able to die for his friends.中国传统认为,士为知己者死。/(真正的绅士能够为朋友去死)。

  ]To build up friendship needs the efforts on both sides.建立友谊需要双方的努力。

  People like to make friends with those who have similar interests.人们通常和有相似兴趣的人交朋友。

  Pouring out troubles to friends is a good way of easing off pressure.向朋友倾诉烦恼是减轻压力的一个好方式。

  A true friend will not stand by when you are in trouble.真正的朋友不会在你有困难的时候袖手旁观。

  In friendship,loyalty may be the most important thing.在友情里,忠诚最重要。

  Friendship is a comfy situation like home.友情就像家庭一样给人带来舒适。

  Friendship is an inner relationship combining trust, support, communication, loyalty and understanding.友谊是包含信任、支持、沟通、忠诚和理解的深层(内部)关系。


  I always pour my troubles to her.我经常向她倾诉我的苦恼。

  I adore her delicate skin.我喜欢她娇嫩的皮肤。

  Being tender and understanding, she is like a sister to us.她既温柔体贴又善解人意,对我们来说像姐姐一样。

  We have much memorable time together.我们共度了许多值得记忆的美好时光。

  We share our sorrow and happiness together.我们共同分担痛苦、分享喜悦。

  We are birds of a feather.我们是一丘之貉。

  Our friendship is built upon a solid base.我们的友谊基础稳固。

  I know her inside and out.我完全了解她。

  A bosom friend is one to whom you could tell all your secrets.亲密的朋友就是你能将所有秘密告诉他的人。

  Her personality is exactly the same as mine.她的个性与我的完全一样。

  He gets along well with everyone in our class.他和我们班上每个人都相处得很好。

  We have known each other since we were in kindergarten.从幼儿园开始,我们就互相认识。


  Premier Zhou Enlai is the person I admire most.周恩来总理是我最崇拜的人。

  Nowadays many young people consider TV stars as their role models.当下,许多年轻人把电视明星当作是他们的榜样。

  The young actress achieves international fame with only one movie.这个青年女演员仅凭一部电影就获得了国际声誉。

  It is immoral to probe into other people's privacy even if they are not famous.窥视他人的隐私,即使他们不是名人,都是不道德的行为。

  We should learn from the shining points of the stars while being cautious against their shortcomings.我们应当在学习明星们的优点(闪光点)的同时.谨慎对待他们的缺点。

  I admire Chairman Mao for what he has done for the chinese pople.我佩服毛主席为中国人民做的一切。

  He is not only successful in the IT field, but also active in the charity drive.他不仅在IT领域取得成功.还积极参与慈善事业。

  Kaifu Li has written a book named Be The Best Yourself, which is popular among young people.李开复写的《做最好的自己》一书在青年人中很受欢迎。

  He is my idol both in my study and life.他是我学习和生活中的偶像。

  I like the songs of this singer, particularly their lyrics.我喜欢这个歌手的歌曲,特别是(这些歌曲的)歌词。

  Every successful man must have had a lot of failures before he becomes a star.每一个人在成功之前都要经历很多失败。

  Every dog can be successful.人人都可能成功。


  The relationship between neighbours in rural area is closer than that in cities.农村里邻居之间的关系较之城市里亲密一些。

  We Chinese always say that a near neighbour is better than a distant relative.我们中国人常说“远亲不如近邻”。

  My neighbour often brings over some delicious food she makes.我的邻居经常给我们送来她做的美味食品。

  Sometimes the noise on the other side of the house makes it difficult for us to fall asleep.有时房子的另一端的嘈杂声,使我们很难入睡。

  Neighbours need more understanding between them.邻里之间需要更多的理解。

  I am always careful not to make big noises at night.我一直谨慎,不在夜晚发出大的噪音。

  A good neighbour is better than a brother in the next village.远亲不如近邻。

  t's better to keep on good terms with our neighbours.同邻居保持良好关系是很好的。

  When problems occur, neighbours should try to understand each other.当问题出现时,邻里之间应该加强理解。

  A good neighbour is supposed to be helpful and considerate.好邻居应该相互帮助,相互体贴。

  I pay visits to my neighbours almost every day.我几乎每天都拜访我的邻居。

  It is our duty to give a hand to our neighbours when they need.当邻居需要帮助的时候,向他们伸出援手是我们的职责。


  Respecting old people is a long-standing tradition of china.敬老是中国的传统美德。

  China has entered the aging society period.中国已经进入了老龄化社会的阶段。

  Old people sometimes behave like children.老年人的举止有时就跟小孩子一样。

  The rich life experiences and wisdom of elderly people are a treasure.上了年纪的人丰富的生活阅历和智慧是一种财富。

  Aging is an unavoidable natural process.变老是一种无法避免的自然过程。

  In my family old people are honored.在我的家庭里,老年人是受到尊敬的。

  When people grow old, sometimes they turn to be irritable and stubborn.当人们变老.有时他们就会变得暴躁而又顽固。

  Many young people neglect their duties to the old ones in the family.许多年轻人忽视了他们赡养父母的责任。

  Different generations shall be more understanding to each other.几代人之间的相处要求更多的包容和理解。

  In China old people often shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the babies.在中国.老年人经常肩负起照顾婴儿的责任。

  Old people pass down tradition to the younger generation.老年人把传统传承给下一辈。

  Many old people today are even more open-minded than the young.现在许多老年人甚至比年轻人更加思想开明。


  A teacher should teach not only knowledge but also morals.老师不仅要传授知识,还要教会德行。

  Patience is an important quality required of a teacher.耐心是老师必须具备的一个重要品质。

  He is very much devoted to the cause of education.他非常忠诚于他的教育事业。

  He treats us as if we were his own children.他几乎把我们当作他自己的孩子。

  ]Teaching is an honorable profession.教师是崇高的职业。

  My parents are my first teachers.父母是我们的启蒙老师

  The school shall create a stimulating atmosphere to attract great teachers.学校应该营造充满新思维的氛围以吸引更多的好老师。

  As the science develops teachers should improve their teaching methods to satisfy the requirement of the modern society.随着科学的发展,老师们应当提高他们的教学方法以适应现代社会的要求。

  Teacher should motivate students to be creative.老师应该激发学生的创造力。

  A good teacher shall encourage rather than simply preach.好的老师不仅仅是说教,而是应该鼓励。

  Teachers are required to learn something about psychology.老师必须学习一些关于心理学的知识。

  All students should be treated equally.所有的学生应当一视同仁。


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