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听电影学英语:足球尤物 09





  [00:01.36]哦,不 - Oh, no! - Yeah.
  [00:04.12]如果你找到他,别喂东西 他肠胃过敏 If you see him, don’t feed him. He has an irritable bowel.
  [00:07.12]是啊,喂他还真是我的第一反应 Yeah. ’Cause that would be my very first instinct.
  [00:08.80]喂那狼珠 To feed the tarantula.
  [00:20.12]我有个点子 Here’s a wild idea.
  [00:22.80]你有没有想过和杜克·奥斯诺拍拖? Have you ever thought about going out with Duke Orsino?
  [00:23.88]我看有戏 I see that.
  [00:26.76]- 杜克? - 是啊 - Duke? - Yeah.
  [00:29.48]- 不行 - 行 - No. - Yeah.
  [00:30.24]- 行 - 不行! - Yeah? - No!
  [00:31.28]- 不行 - 行 - No. - Yeah.
  [00:32.52]我觉得,他长得不错还有… I mean, he’s good-looking and everything,
  [00:36.52]但他不适合我 but he’s just not the guy for me.
  [00:39.24]我不知道 I don’t know.
  [00:40.60]但或许他比你想象的要好 Think there may be more to him than you think there is.
  [00:42.56]你是说他不是什么臭男生… So you’re telling me he’s not just another dumb jock
  [00:45.16]只想泡我,然后就能在朋友面前炫耀… who wants to hook up with me so he could tell his friends, but too...?
  [00:49.92]- 但又怕你把他管得死死的 - 没错 - Insecure to treat you as an equal? - Exactly.
  [00:52.60]说得没错 Tell me about it.

  [00:54.64]你是这学校里唯一对我没那意思的人 You’re the first guy at school who hasn’t tried anything with me.
  [00:60.80]相信我,你不适合我 Trust me, you’re not my type.

  [01:03.68]那,为什么? Well, why not?
  [01:06.24]你知道,这只是… You know, it’s just...
  [01:09.04]…我从没对你有其他想法 ...I don’t think of you in that way.
  [01:12.80]我们是朋友,你知道 We’re friends, you know.
  [01:13.32]你是这里唯一几个 You’re actually one of the few people here
  [01:16.80]我能顺利相处的人 that I feel comfortable around.
  [01:17.96]我也有同样的感觉 I feel the same way about you.
  [01:21.68]那好,听我的 Good. Then just take my advice.
  [01:23.16]和杜克拍拖一次 Go out with Duke.
  [01:26.84]我会考虑的 I’ll consider it.
  [01:31.20]那到底是什么? So, what is that exactly?
  [01:33.48]我想是脾脏 I think that’s the spleen.
  [01:42.72]好了,谁是你的救世主? OK, who’s your daddy?
  [01:46.44]我让她考虑了 八字已有一撇 I got her to agree to consider you. You’re halfway in.
  [01:48.92]好,好,我该不该约她? All right, OK. So should I ask her out?
  [01:53.60]不行。你会吓坏他的 No. You don’t want to freak her out.
  [01:55.48]你得先跟她聊聊天,知道吗? You got to have a casual conversation first. Hello.
  [02:00.60]为什么我觉得你对女人没啥经验? Why do I get the feeling you don’t do this very often?
  [02:05.32]哥们儿,我只是 我真不会跟女生交谈 Man, I just... I’m not really good at talking to girls.

  [02:08.28]- 为什么?你很帅啊! - 什么? - Why? You’re hot! - What?
  [02:11.24]你知道,你是个有魅力人… You know, you’re an appealing guy...
  [02:12.36]男的…人…人男 Man... guy... guy-man.
  [02:15.52]听着,我不知道 我总是说… Look, I don’t know. I just always say the wrong...
  [02:19.72]说不该说的话 I just always say the wrong thing.
  [02:21.60]那好吧。来,站起来 OK. All right. Come on. Let’s get up.
  [02:26.76]我来练习一下 我来扮女生,你过来跟我说话 I want to try something. I’ll act like a girl, and you’re going to talk to me.
  [02:28.44]有必要? Do I have to?
  [02:30.44]当然!因为我是维奥拉 Yes! Because I’m Viola.
  [02:33.20]- 杜克?很高兴见到你 - 这太吓人了 - Duke? Nice to meet you. - That was creepy.
  [02:39.48]我经常模仿我妹妹 I used to imitate my sister all the time.
  [02:41.76]这个我在行 来,站起来! I got really good at it. Come on. And get up!
  [02:43.16]过来,问我些问题, Come on. Ask me some questions,
  [02:45.08]如果口气正确的话 就会有化学反应了 and if the chemistry’s right, things’ll just start flowing.
  [02:52.44]- 问什么问题? - 随便什么,问我如果… - Questions about what? - Anything. Ask me if...
  [02:55.00]…奶酪 ...cheese.
  [02:55.52]…我喜欢… ...I like...
  [02:60.08]好吧。你喜欢奶酪吗? OK. Do you like cheese?
  [03:02.16]怎么了,我喜欢的。 我最喜欢干酪 Why, yes I do. My favorite’s Gouda.
  [03:05.04]- 我也喜欢干酪 - 看见没? - I like Gouda too. - See?
  [03:09.92]- 看见什么? - 对话很自然 - See what? - We’re flowing.
  [03:10.60]可我们在聊奶酪 We’re talking about cheese.
  [03:12.60]那又怎样?自然就是自然 So what? Flow is flow.
  [03:15.76]什么?那是什么? What? What’s that?
  [03:18.84]那是什么?他碰了我,他碰我! What is that?! It touched me! It touched me!
  [03:20.76]是麦尔肯姆的狼蛛!抓住它! It’s Malcolm’s tarantula! Get it!
  [03:22.12]- 你去抓! - 你是男生! - You get it! - You’re the guy!
  [03:25.44]大男生! The bigger guy.
  [03:36.96]对不起! Sorry!
  [03:39.32]你再也不要用女声了! You don’t ever, ever do that girl voice again!
  [03:43.20]- 太恐怖了! - 我的错 - Freaked me out! - My bad.
  [03:48.08]塞巴斯蒂安,我是你母亲 Sebastian, honey, this is your mother.
  [03:50.88]我打过来提醒你明天的嘉年华会 I’m ca//ing to remind you about the carniva/ tomorrow.
  [03:53.92]你和你妹妹保证会去的 明天见 You and your sister promised you’d both be there. Bye-bye.
  [03:60.72]糟了!我都忘了! Crap! Forgot about that!
  [04:02.28]- 慢着,你妈也加入女青年联盟? - 是啊,你怎么知道? - Wait, your mom’s in Junior League? - Yeah. How’d you know?
  [04:05.96]我妈也是。我也得去 So is mine. I gotta go too.
  [04:06.96]我现在没时间管这个 足球赛怎么办? I can’t deal with this right now. I have soccer to worry about.

  [04:12.36]不会那么糟 奥莉维亚会在那儿 Not gonna be that bad. Olivia’s gonna be there.
  [04:13.44]正好能让我为拍拖打好基础 It’s a perfect opportunity for me to lay some groundwork.
  [04:16.32]哦,奥莉维亚会在那儿 Oh, Olivia’s gonna be there.
  [04:21.68]还有我妹妹 And my sister.
  [04:21.68]摩妮琪,和你 And Monique. And you.
  [04:23.76]还有我妈 And my mom.
  [04:26.04]万岁 Great.
  [04:39.40]盖帽 Dunk toss.
  [04:41.56]嘿,伙计 Hey, dude!
  [04:43.08]离我远点 I will cut you, man.
  [04:43.16]说实话,我从来不喜欢嘉年华 I’ll tell you the truth. I never really liked carnivals.
  [04:46.32]嘿。我会在接吻亭 要过来啊 Hey. I’m working the kissing booth. Come see me.
  [04:54.80]我爱嘉年华,老弟 I love carnivals, man.
  [04:57.96]- 嘿,杜克,你去哪儿? - 你觉得呢? - Hey, Duke, where you going? - Where do you think I’m going?

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