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听电影学英语:足球尤物 13






  兄弟,太棒了Dude, that’s awesome.

  哥们... Dude.

  - 那个,你要我来帮你么?- 不- So, you want me to spot you? - No.

  - 他是不是很可爱?- 杜克?是啊- Isn’t he cute? - Duke? Yeah.

  不. 赛巴斯蒂安.他太酷了No. Sebastian. He’s so cool.

  但是他说我不是他喜欢的型But he said I’m not his type.

  - 不可能,所有人都喜欢你- 他不是- Impossible. You’re everyone’s type. - Not his.

  我可以告诉你这种情况下我们这种纯粹的凡人要怎么做I could tell you what us mere mortals would do in this situation.

  - 什么?- 让他吃醋- What? - Make him jealous.

  那你要怎么做?假装喜欢别人?So, what do you do? You just pretend to like somebody else?

  然后不知羞耻的利用他And then use him shamelessly.


  那个,你应该给维奥拉打个电话So, you should call Viola up.

  是啊,我想我会的Yeah. I think I will.

  嘿,杜克. Hey, Duke.

  - 赛巴斯蒂安. - 奥莉维亚. - Sebastian. - Olivia.

  你今天抬举了多少磅?What’re you bench-pressing these days?

  奥莉维亚. Olivia.

  225. 让人印象深刻225. Very impressive.



  那个,杜克,你刚才不是要打电话么So, Duke, about that call that you were gonna make.

  - 你还打不打?- 是啊,谢谢- You gonna make that? - Yeah. Thank you.

  这个225你能举多少次?So how many reps can you do with that 225?

  大概20...20个Like 20... 20.

  225比我重两倍还多225 is more than twice what I weigh.

  你能举我多少次?How many reps could you do with me?



  赛巴斯蒂安告诉我打电话给你Sebastian to/d me to ca// you.

  嗨,我是维奥拉. Hi, it’s Viola.

  - 我很愿意和你吃晚饭- 好的,什么?- I’dlove to go to dinner. - Yeah. What?

  我能不能一会打给你?Can I call you back?

  因为我要... Because I gotta...

  ...换一下我的脚...change my feet.

  那么,你今天晚上有什么计划么?So, do you have any plans tonight?

  对不起My bad.

  我们刚才说的你今晚要做的事情怎么办?What about the thing that we talked about that you were going to do later?

  什么事情?我没事可做What thing? I’m thingless.

  太好了!那么我们约会吧在恺撒瑞欧,八点Great! Then it’s a date. Cesario’s, 8:00.

  - 到时候见- 好的- I’ll see you there. - OK.

  - 再见赛巴斯蒂安. - 再见- Bye, Sebastian. - Later.


  我要跟奥莉维亚约会了I’m goir out with Olivia.

  你做到了You did it.

  什么?!我以为你现在喜欢维奥拉!What the hell?! I thought you liked Viola now!

  兄弟,别这样,你也是个男人Dude, come on. You’re a guy.

  要是你会怎么做,学校最火辣的女孩What would you do if the hottest girl in the school

  上前来约你?came up to you and asked you on a date?

  我马上就回来I’ll be right back.

  奥莉维亚?嗨我能不能跟你谈谈?Olivia? Hi. Can I talk to you for a second?

  呵?干什么?Moi? Whatever for?

  是关于你和杜克的约会It’s about your date with Duke.

  我知道!我真高兴听了你的话你是对的,他真好I know! I am so glad I listened to you. You’re right. He’s awesome.

  他穿起短裤也很性感And he looked so good in those shorts.

  他不只是一块肉,奥莉维亚. He’s not a piece of meat, Olivia.

  他是个男人,有感情的男人He’s a man. A man with feelings.

  我是个有感情的女人And I’m a woman with feelings.

  我的感情似乎跟他的很配And my feelings seem to match his.

  你猜怎么着?You know what?

  从一个完全客观的第三方观察者角度Speaking as a completely objective third-party observer

  在完全没有个人兴趣的情况下with absolutely no personal interest in the matter,

  我觉得你和杜克在一起并不是什么好主意I’m not so sure that you and Duke are a good idea after all.

  恩,谢谢你的关心Well, thank you for your concern.

  如果你真的那么担心,也许今晚你应该也来And if you’re so worried, maybe you should come to Cesario’s tonight,

  只是来观察我,我们可以再配一对just to keep an eye on me. We could double.

  我打赌尤妮丝一定有空I bet Eunice is available.

  我绝对到,太不可思议了I’m so there, it’s insane.

  那什么,你喜欢起司么?So do you like... cheese?

  - 嘿,你们俩,怎么样了?- 你可来了... - Hey, you two, what’s going on? - You’re here...

  ...还有尤妮丝. ...with Eunice.

  不介意我们坐下?Mind if we join?

  - 不,坐吧- 不,不,不- No. Sit down. - No, no, no.

  翼龙小姐Lady pterodactyl.



  那个.. So...

  ...我刚才正在和杜克讲...I was just telling Duke how great it is

  他是学校里真正的男人to meet a real man at this school.

  你说了?You were?

  那个,我正要说Well, I was just about to.

  有个男子汉在身边是多棒的事情,不是么尤妮丝?Isn’t it great to have a real man around, Eunice?

  哦,当然Oh, yes.

  真正的男子汉好难找的A real man is difficult to find.

  好难So difficult.

  赛巴斯蒂安在约尤妮丝. 她肯定比我想的要火辣Sebastiars with Eunice. She must be hotter than I thought.

  为什么我一想约尤妮丝,你们就开我玩笑?How come when I wanted to ask out Eunice everyone made fun?

  赛巴斯蒂安一喜欢上她,她就突然变酷妹了?Sebastian likes her, suddenly she’s cool?

  你们这群混蛋,我恨高中生活Screw you guys. I hate high school.

  尤妮丝!手挪开!Eunice! Hands!

  你知道么?今天过得很高兴但是我必须要去... You know what? This has been real fun, but I have to go...

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