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听电影学英语:玩具总动员3 02





  - Ok, places, everyone. Come on, come on. Get in position. - Wait, I can’t find my other eye. - 好了 各就各位 快点 赶快就位 - 稍等 我的另一只眼睛找不到了
  - All right, whose foot’s in my face? - It’s mine, give it back. - 哎 谁把脚放到我脸上了? - 是我的 还给我
  You saved our lives. We are eternally grateful. 你救了我们 我们这辈子都感激不尽
  Buzz, mind if I squeeze in next to you? 巴斯 你介意我挤在你旁边吗?
  Yes. No. I mean, why would I mind if I squeeze... squeeze in next to... you? 是的 不 我是说 我怎么会介意挤... 挤在你... 旁边呢?
  - Is it hot in here? - Oh, here they come. - 这里太热了吧? - 哦 他们来了
  - Sarge, you got it? - Mission accomplished. - 警长 你们搞到了? - 完成任务
  Hooray! 万岁!

  Careful. Careful. 小心 小心
  All right guys. We’ve got one shot at this. 好了 大伙儿 我们只有一次机会
  - Everybody ready? - We’re ready, Woody. Let’s do it. - 大家准备了吗? - 我们准备好了 伍迪 开始干吧
  Ok Buzz, make the call. 好的 巴斯 打电话吧
  - Target is on approach. - Just like we rehearsed it guys. - 目标正在靠近 - 就跟我们排练的情形一样 伙计们
  Hello. Hello. Anyone there? 喂 喂 有人吗?
  - Molly, stay out of my room. - I wasn’t in your room. - Molly 别进我的房间 - 我没去你房间
  - Then who was messing with my stuff? - It wasn’t me. - 那是谁在乱搞我的东西? - 不是我
  - Well, that went well. - He held me! He actually held me! - 哈 进展还真顺利 - 他拿起我了! 他真的拿起我了!

  - Uh, this is just sad. - Who we kidding? The kid’s 17 years old. - 呃 真悲哀 - 我们在骗谁啊? 这孩子已经17岁了
  We ain’t ever getting played with. 我们不能再在一起玩了
  Guys, hey, hold up. We need a staff meeting. Everyone, a staff meeting. 大伙儿 嗨 等一下 我们得开个全体会议 大家都过来 开全体会议
  - Oh, not again. - Oh come on. Sling, gather everyone up. - 哦 别又开会 - 哦 拜托 弹簧狗 把大家都召集来
  Uh, we are together, Woody. 呃 我们都在啊 伍迪
  Ok. Uh, first off ... we all knew "Operation Playtime" was a long shot. 好的 呃 首先... 我们都知道"游戏时间"这个计划成功的希望很渺茫
  - More like a misfire. - But we’ve always said this job isn’t about getting played with - 貌似失败了 - 但我们一直说我们的目的不是玩耍
  - it’s about ... - Being there for Andy. We know. - 而是为了... - 陪在安迪身边 我们知道

  But we can try again, right? 但我们可以再试一次 对吗?
  - I’m calling it guys. We’re closing up shop. - What? - 哦 还是算了 各位 我们就此打住吧 - 什么?
  Andy’s going to college anyday now. 现在安迪要去上大学了
  That was our last shot. 刚才的行动就是我们最后的机会
  We’re going into attic mode folks. Keep your accessories with you at all times. 我们要转移到阁楼上了 伙计们 保证你们的附件佩戴齐全
  Spare parts, batteries ... anything you need for an orderly transition. 备用零件 电池... 把需要的所有东西都带上 有序搬迁
  Orderly? Don’t you get it? We’re done! Finished. Over the hill. 有序? 你还不明白吗? 我们玩完了! 结束了 风光不再了
  Hey, hey, hey. Come on guys. We all knew this day was coming. 嘿 嘿 嘿 拜托了 各位 我们都知道这一天迟早会来临
  - Yeah, but now it’s here. - Look, every toy goes through this. No one wants to see ... - 没错 但现在这一天真的来了 - 听我说 每个玩具都要经历这一天 没人希望看到...
  - Hey Sarge! What are you doing? - War’s over folks. - 嗨 警长! 你们在干什么? - 战争已经结束了 伙计们
  Me and the boys are moving on. 我和兄弟们要离开这里了
  - Moving on? - You’re going AWOL? - 离开? - 你们要擅自离开?
  We’ve done our duty. 我们已经完成了使命
  - Andy is grown up. - Let’s face it ... - 安迪已经长大了 - 让我们面对现实吧...
  ]when the trash bags come out, we army guys are the first to go. 等开始收垃圾的时候 最先被丢进去的就是我们
  - Trash bags? - Who said anything about trash bags? - 垃圾? - 谁说我们要变垃圾啊?
  It has been an honor serving with you. Good luck folks. 很荣幸曾与你们并肩作战 各位 祝你们好运
  - You’re gonna need it. - No, no, wait, wait, wait. - 你们会需要垃圾袋的 - 不 不 等等 等等 等等
  - We’re getting thrown away? - No. No one’s getting thrown away. - 我们会被扔掉? - 不 没有人会被扔掉
  - How do you know? - We’re being abandoned. - 你怎么知道? - 我们被抛弃了
  - We’ll be fine, Jessie. - So why did Sarge leave? - 我们会没事的 翠丝 - 那警长为什么要离开?
  - Should we leave? - I thought we were going to the attic? - 我们也要离开吗? - 我以为我们要去阁楼的啊?
  - Oh I hate all this uncertainty. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute. Quiet! - 哦 我讨厌这种不确定的感觉 - 喔 喔 喔 等一下 安静!

  No one’s getting thrown out, ok? 没有人会被扔掉 明白了吗?
  We’re all still here. I mean, yeah, we’ve lost friends along the way ... 我们还会都在这儿 我是说 没错 我们一路走来也曾失去过一些朋友...
  - Wheezy and Etch and... - Bo Peep. - 吱吱和画板 还有... - 宝贝儿
  Yeah, even, even Bo. 没错 甚至 宝贝儿
  All good toys who’ve gone on to new owners. 这些好玩具都已经找到了新主人
  But through every yard sale, every spring cleaning... 但经过了那么多次旧货出售 春季扫除...
  Andy held onto us. 安迪留下了我们
  He must care about us or we wouldn’t be here. 他一定很在乎我们 否则我们早就不在这儿了
  You wait. Andy’s gonna tuck us in the attic. It’ll be safe and warm. 你们等着瞧 安迪会把我们收到阁楼里的 那里既温暖又安全
  - And we’ll all be together. - Exactly. - 而且我们全都会在一起 - 完全正确
  - There’s games up there and books and ... - The racecar track. - 那里有游戏有图书还有... - 赛车道
  - The racecar track, thank you. - And the old TV. - 赛车道 谢谢 - 还有旧电视
  There you go, the old TV. And those guys from the Christmas decorations. 你说得对 还有旧电视 还有圣诞节装饰用的那群伙计
  Well, they’re fun, right? 是的 他们很有趣 对吧?
  And some day, if we’re lucky, Andy may have kids of his own. 有朝一日 如果我们幸运的话 安迪会有自己的孩子
  And he’ll play with us then, right? 他又会跟我们一起玩了 对吧?
  - We’ll always be there for him. - Come on guys ... - 我们会在阁楼里等着他 - 来吧 大伙儿...
  let’s get our parts together, get ready and go out on a high note. 让我们收拾好东西 准备光荣引退吧
  - I’d better find my other eye. - Where’d you leave it this time? - 我得找到我的另一只眼睛 - 这次你又把它丢在哪儿了?
  Some place dark and dusty. 一个黑乎乎的 布满灰尘的地方
  Come on. Let’s see how much we’re going for on eBay. 来吧 我们看看我们在易趣网上值多少钱
  Don’t worry, Andy’s going to take care of us. I guarantee it. 别担心 安迪会照顾好我们的 我保证

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