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听电影学英语:玩具总动员3 04





Buzz! Jessie! 巴斯! 翠丝!

  - Andy threw us out.  - Like we were garbage.  - 安迪把我们扔出去了  - 把我们当成垃圾一样

  Junk. He called us junk. 破烂他叫我们破烂

  How could he? 他怎么能这样?

  - This doesn’t make any sense.  - I should have seen this coming. - 这没道理啊  - 我应该预料到的

  - It’s Emily all over again.  - The Sarge was right. - 这是Emily的翻版   - 警长是对的

  - Yeah and Woody was wrong.  - Wait a minute. Hold on. This is no time to be hysterical. - 是的伍迪错了  - 等一下等等现在没时间歇斯底里

  - It’s the perfect time to be hysterical.  - Should we be hysterical? - 这正是该歇斯底里的时候  - 我们应该歇斯底里吗?

  - No. Yes.  - Maybe, but not now. - 不没错  - 也许现在不是时候

  Yee haw! Fellas, I know what to do. 耶呃! 伙计们我知道该怎么办了

  What the heck? 搞什么鬼?

  - Oh, we should have done this years ago.  - Jessie wait. What about Woody? - 哦我们早就该这样做的  - 翠丝等等伍迪怎么办?

  He’s fine, Buzz. Andy’s taking him to college. 他没事的巴斯安迪要带他去大学

  Now, we need to go. 现在我们得走了

  You’re right. Come on. 你说的对来吧

  - Buzz?  - Woody.   - 巴斯?  - 伍迪


  What’s going on? Don’t you know this box is being donated? 这是怎么回事? 难道你们不知道这个箱子是要捐赠的吗?

  - It’s under control, Woody. We have a plan.  - We’re going to daycare. - 一切尽在掌握中伍迪我们有一个计划  - 我们要去幼儿园

  Daycare! What, have you all lost your marbles? 幼儿园! 什么你们都疯了吗?

  - Well didn’t you see? Andy threw us away.  - No, no, no. He was putting you in the attic. - 嗯难道你没看到? 安迪抛弃了我们  - 不不不是的他是要把你们放进阁楼的

  - Attic? So how did we end up on the curb?  - That was a mistake. - 阁楼? 那我们怎么最后到了路边?  - 那是个误会

  - Andy’s mom thought you were trash.  - Yeah, after he put us in a trash bag. - 安迪的妈妈把你们当垃圾了  - 没错是他先把我们装进垃圾袋的

  - And called us junk!  - Yeah, I know it looks bad.  But guys, you gotta believe me. - 他还叫我们破烂!  - 是的我知道这很令人伤心但伙计们你们得相信我

  - Sure thing, college boy.  - Andy’s moving on, Woody. - 当然大学生  - 安迪已经开始新的生活了伍迪


  It’s time we do the same. 我们也该这样做了

  Ok, out of the box. Everyone, right now! 好了所有人立刻从箱子里出来!

  - Come on Buzz, give me a hand. We gotta get this thing. - Woody, Woody. - 来吧巴斯帮我一把我们得把这个弄下去  - 伍迪伍迪

  We need to figure out what’s best for everyone. 我们得搞清楚哪种选择对大家最好

  Oh great, great. It’ll take us forever to get back here. 哦完了完了我们永远也回不来了

  Oh it’s all right, Barbie. You’ll be ok. 哦没关系的芭比你会没事的

  Molly and I have been growing apart for years. Molly已经冷落我很久了

  It’s just .. I can’t believe she would throw me away! 只是... 我真不敢相信她会把我丢掉!

  - Welcome to the club, Toots.  - Ok, everyone listen up... - 我们是同命相怜小姑娘  - 好了大家听好了...

  We can get back to Andy’s but we gotta move fast. 我们有办法回到安迪家但我们得动作快一点

  - We’ll hide under the seats till we get back home.  - Get it through your vinyl noggin Woody... - 我们先躲在座位下面直到我们回到家  - 别犯傻了伍迪...

  - Andy doesn’t want us anymore.  - He was putting you in the attic! - 安迪已经不想要我们了  - 他是要把你们放进阁楼的!

  - He left us on the curb!  - All right, calm down, both of you! - 他把我们丢在路边了!  - 好了你们两个都安静一下!

  - Ok. Fine, fine. Just wait until you see what daycare’s like.  - Why? What’s it like? - 好好的好的你们就等着看看幼儿园是什么样子吧  - 为什么? 那是什么样子?

  Daycare is a sad, lonely place for washed up old toys who have no owners. 幼儿园是一个悲伤孤独的地方专门收留没人要的废弃旧玩具

  - Quite the charmer, aren’t you?  - Oh, you’ll see, as soon as we get to daycare - 你还什么都知道哈?  - 哦等着看吧等你们一到幼儿园

  you’ll be begging to go home. 你们会哭着闹着要回家

  - Can anyone see anything?  - There’s a playground.  - 你们能看见什么吗?  - 那儿有一个游乐场

  Wow! 哇!

  - We hit the jackpot, Bull’s-eye.  - So much for sad and lonely, huh? - 我们中头奖了红心  - 忧伤孤独从此拜拜是吧?

  Ok calm down guys. Let’s keep this in perspective. 伙计们冷静点让我们正确地看待这件事

  - Perspective? This place is perfect.  - Woody, it’s nice. - 怎么个正确法? 这地方简直完美  - 伍迪这儿妙极了

  See? The door has a rainbow on it. 看见了吗? 门上还画着彩虹


  - Hey, there.  - Wow. I haven’t seen you in ages. - 嘿我来了  - 哇真是好久不见

  I just wanted to drop these old toys off. Is this Bonnie? 我是来捐这些旧玩具的这是Bonnie吗?

  - Look how big you are.  - Say hi, Sweetie. - 都长这么大了呀  - 亲爱的快打招呼呀

  - Hi.  - Hey, how are your kids? Molly and Andy? - 嗨  - 你孩子们怎么样啊? Molly和安迪呢?

  - Not kids anymore. Andy’s going to college on Friday.  - What? - 不是小孩子了安迪周五就上大学去了  - 真的吗?

  - Can you believe it?  - You sure they won’t miss these? - 难以置信吧?  - 你确定他们不会想念这些玩具吗?

  No, they never get played with. 不会的早就不玩这些东西了

  - Do you see any kids?  - Where’s she taking us? - 你看见小孩子了吗?  - 她要把我们带到哪儿去?

  - Look.  - Wow.  - 快看  - 哇

  What? What is it? 啥? 有啥呀?

  I can’t see. 我看不到

  Ok, everyone recess. Come on. 好了休息时间到来吧

  - So now what do we do?  - We go back to Andy’s. - 现在我们怎么做呢?  - 回安迪家去

  - Anyone see an exit?  - Exit, schmexit. - 有没有看见什么出口?  - 什么出口不出口的

  - Let’s get played with.  - Careful. These toys might be jealous of new arrivals. - 让我们和孩子们玩吧  - 说话小心不然其它玩具会嫉妒我们这些新人的

  I want to see. It’s my turn. 我要看看该轮到我看了


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