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听电影学英语:后天 02





You’re not gonna make it! 你办不到的!
  Jack! 杰克!
  Jack! Give me your hand! 杰克! 把你的手给我!
  I’ve got you! 我抓到你了!
  What were you thinking? 你刚才在想什么呢?
  -What’s happening? -The whole damn shelf is breaking off! 这是怎么回事?整个冰架裂开了!
  That’s what’s happening! 就是这样
  We found evidence of a cataclysmic climate shift, which occurred 1 0,000 years ago. 我们发现了一万年前灾难性的气候迁移的证据
  The concentration of these natural greenhouse gases in the ice cores... 这些温室效应气体在冰芯中的聚集...
  ...indicates that runaway warming pushed Earth into an ice age... ...显示出气候失控性的变暖 把地球推向冰川时代...
  ...which lasted two centuries. ...而这一直持续了两个世纪
  I’m confused. 我被你搞糊涂了
  I thought you were talking about global warming, not an ice age. 我还以为你是在讨论全球变暖问题 而不是冰川时代
  Yes, it is a paradox, but global warming can trigger a cooling trend. Let me explain. 是  有点自相矛盾  但是全球变暖
  trigger a cooling trend. Let me explain. 能够导致气候冷却的趋势  我来解释一下
  The Northern Hemisphere owes its climate to the North Atlantic Current. 北大西洋暖流直接影响北半球气候
  Heat from the sun arrives at the equator and is carried north by the ocean. 来自太阳的热量到达赤道后 再由洋流传送到北方

  But global warming is melting the polar ice caps and disrupting this flow. 但是全球变暖正在融化极地的冰川 而这干扰了这个洋流
  Eventually it will shut down. And when that occurs... 最后它会慢慢停下来 到那时候...
  ...there goes our warm climate. ...我们温暖的天气就消失了
  Excuse me. When do you think this could happen, 对不起  你认为这情形什么时候 会发生呢?
  professor? When? 教授?什么时候?
  I don’t know. Maybe in 1 00 years, maybe in 1 000. But what I do know is... 我不知道  也许一百年 也许一千年  但是我知道...
  ...that if we do not act soon, ...如果我们不很快采取行动
  our children and grandchildren will have to pay the price. 我们的子孙后代会为此付出代价
  And who’s going to pay the price of the Kyoto Accord? 那谁将会为京都协定书付出代价呢?
  It would cost the world’s economy hundreds of billions of dollars. 世界经济将会为此损失亿万美圆
  With all due respect, Mr. Vice President, 恕我直言  副总统先生  如果我们
  the cost of doing nothing could be even higher. 不采取行动的话  付出的代价会更高
  Our climate is fragile. 我们的气候十分脆弱
  At the rate we’re burning fossil fuels and polluting the environment... 按照我们燃烧原油和污染环境的速度...
  ...the ice caps will soon disappear. ...冰川将会很快消失
  Professor Hall... 霍尔教授...
  ...our economy is every bit as fragile as the environment. ...我们的经济就象环境一样脆弱
  Perhaps you should keep that in mind before making sensationalist claims. 也许在做出这种耸人听闻的声明之前 你应该记住这一点
  Well, the last chunk of ice that broke off... 喔  上次断裂的冰块...
  ...was about the size of Rhode lsland. ...差不多象罗德岛州那么大
  Some people might call that pretty sensational. 有些人可能会觉得这相当的耸人听闻
  Stop global warming! Stop global warming! 阻止全球变暖! 阻止全球变暖!
  I’m at the Global Warming Conference in New Delhi... 我现在正在新德里的 全球变暖会议场外...
  ...where, if you can believe it, it’s snowing. ...这里  难以置信的是  正在下雪
  The coldest weather on record has thrown the city into chaos... 有史以来最寒冷的气候给整个城市 造成了严重的混乱...
  ...with numbers of homeless people freezing to death. ...大量的无家可归者被冻死
  Taxi! 出租车!
  I enjoyed your testimony, professor. It was very spirited. 我非常欣赏你的报告  教授 非常有感染力
  Oh, thank you. That’s what we’re here for, right? 喔  谢谢  那正是我们来这里的目的 不是吗?
  Quite. I was wondering if I could talk to you 很对  我在想我能不能和你谈谈
  Put on a good show? 摆出来让大家看看?
  about your theory on abrupt climate shift. 有关暖流迁移中断的理论呢
  The name’s Rapson. Terry Rapson. 我叫瑞博森  特里•瑞博森
  -Professor Rapson? Of the Hedland Center? -That’s me. -瑞博森教授?海德兰中心的? -就是我
  I’ve read your work on ocean currents. 我读过您有关洋流的论文
  What do you say to a spot of tea? 你认为我们找个地方喝杯茶怎么样?
  Absolutely. If we can hail a cab. 非常好  如果我们能打到车的话
  Over here. 这里
  Welcome back to Glasgow, Scotland, 欢迎您回来收看  这里是苏格兰格拉斯哥
  where Manchester United... 曼彻斯特联队...
  ...Ieads 3- 1 over hometown Celtic. ...在客场以三比一领先凯尔特人队
  We return 63 minutes into the second half as Manchester United... 现在比赛进行到下半时六十三分钟 曼彻斯特联队...
  Let’s get back to our commentator... 我们来看看我们的评论员...
  ...Iooks to put the game out of reach. ...看起来已经牢牢控制了场上局势
  ...Donald MacFarland. ...唐纳德•麦克法兰德怎么说?
  What? Yeah. 怎么啦?哦
  -I just closed my eyes for a sec, man. -Yeah. 我刚刚打了个盹  哥们 是
  The baby kept us awake all night. 小孩折腾了我们一宿
  -And still. -Yeah! 进球 好!
  Dennis? NOMAD buoy 431 1 is showing a 丹尼斯?流浪者型浮标四三一一号

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