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听电影学英语:后天 06





[00:14.26]Honey, I’ll be right back. 宝贝 我马上回来
  [00:16.66]The Coast Guard closed the beaches, as waves have grown too big for.... 海岸警卫队已经封锁了海岸海滩 海浪已经变得太大了...
  [00:23.42]-L.A. Weather Center. -It’s Tommy. 洛杉矶气象中心 这是汤米 我在海滩上呢
  [00:25.42]I’m in the middle of something, Tommy. What do you need? 我有事情要忙 汤米 你需要什么?
  [00:30.38]There’s hail the size of golf balls coming down here. 这里正下着象高尔夫球 一样大小的冰雹
  [00:31.18]A low-pressure system along the California coast... 一个低气压气团 正沿加里福尼亚海岸运动...
  [00:36.02]...is creating a cyclonic system across the L.A. Basin. ...生成的飓风横扫洛杉矶盆地
  [00:44.26]- Yeah? -Boss, turn on The Weather Channel. 什么? 老板 打开气象频道
  [00:48.78]-I think we have to issue a tornado warning. -What are you talking about? 我想我们得发布一个龙卷风警报 你在说什么?
  [00:51.94]Palmdale and Lancaster are reporting wind speeds in excess.... 帕穆戴尔和兰喀斯特报告风速在增强...
  [00:56.02]-Hold on a second. -Conditions highly unusual for California. 等我一下 加里福尼亚情况很不正常
  [01:20.46]We’ re building a forecast model, we need-- What? 我们正在建造一个预报模型 我们需要... 什么?
  [01:22.38]Priority access to the mainframe for two days, maybe three. 让我们优先使用巨型计算机 两天 也许是三天
  [01:24.02]-Oh, is that it? Anything else? -We need it immediately. 喔 就这样吗?没别的了? 我们现在就要
  [01:27.14]I would say that you’ve lost your mind... 我会说你疯了...
  [01:29.98]...but you’ve been this way for the past 20 years. ...但是你这样已经二十年了
  [01:34.10]-Tom, this is important. -What’s this forecast model you’re building? 汤姆 这很重要 你要建造的预报模型是什么样?
  [01:36.54]Janet Tokada, this is Jack Hall. 珍尼特·霍卡达 这是杰克·霍尔
  [01:39.78]Janet’s a hurricane specialist with NASA. 珍尼特是国家航空航天局的飓风专家
  [01:43.74]Jack’s a paleoclimatologist, and I have absolutely no idea what he’s up to. 杰克 古气象学家 我不知道他要干什么
  [01:49.02]Booker. What’s going on here? 卜克 这里发生了什么?
  [01:51.38]They just issued a tornado warning in Los Angeles. 他们刚刚在洛杉矶发布了飓风警报
  [01:54.54]Breaking news as we prepare to go live to Los Angeles. 特别新闻 在我们正准备去洛杉矶 进行现场报道
  [01:58.46]Mixed reports are coming in about some extreme weather occurring in the area. 数份报告显示这一地区 出现了一些极为特殊的天气情况
  [01:59.90]Okay, we’re now going live to our Fox affiliate in Los Angeles. 好 现在由我们福克斯的同事 为您在洛杉矶现场报导
  [02:08.10]We have live coverage now from our Fox 1 1 chopper. Are you there, Bart? 我们现在在福克斯十一号直升机报道 你在吗 巴特?

  [02:14.02]Yes, I’m here. These tornados are forming so fast-- 对 我在 这些龙卷风形成的太快了--
  [02:15.90]-Bart! -What? Oh! Oh, my God. 巴特! 什么?喔! 喔 天啊!
  [02:19.82]Lisa, are you getting this on camera? 利萨 你在拍吗?
  [02:21.10]This tornado just erased the Hollywood sign. 龙卷风正在卷走好莱坞的标志
  [02:25.90]The Hollywood sign is gone. It’s just shredded. 好莱坞的标志被刮没了 就这么成碎片了
  [02:41.26]Bart, what can you see? Is anyone hurt? 巴特 你能看到什么? 有人受伤吗?
  [02:41.30]I wouldn’t be surprised. There is so much damage. 对此我不会惊讶的 损失太大了
  [02:44.74]And there are people down there taking pictures. 有很多人在那里拍照片
  [02:47.34]Hey, what the hell are you guys doing? Go for cover! 嘿 你们在干什么? 快找地方躲一躲!
  [02:51.02]You can’t stay here! Get out of here! 你不能待在这里! 离开这里!
  [02:56.30]What you’re seeing are two actual tornados 你们正在看到的是两个龙卷风正在
  [02:59.30]striking Los Angeles lnternational Airport. 袭击洛杉矶国际机场
  [03:01.98]Wait. It looks like they’ve joined and formed one large tornado. 等一下 看来它们合并成了 一个巨大的龙卷风
  [03:03.74]-Tommy! -Oh, my God! 汤米! 喔 天啊!
  [03:09.10]Holy shit! 糟了!
  [03:11.30]I’d like to urge all of our viewers to stay away.... 我要警告所有观众远离这里...
  [03:13.38]-Jeff, where are you? -I’m on Yucca and Vine. 杰夫 你在哪? 我在雨卡和万恩街口
  [03:15.78]-I’m on my way. -You’re on TV. You’re in the middle of it. 我在路上 你在电视上 你正好在镜头里
  [03:19.86]God! Oh, my God! 天啊! 喔 我的天啊!
  [03:28.58]You gotta get out of there, man. 你应该马上离开这里 哥们
  [03:36.46]That bus just got dropped on top of that Porsche! 那辆客车正好砸在保时捷上!
  [03:38.26]Oh, my God. I hope no one was in that car. 喔 我的天啊 希望车里没人
  [03:42.02]For our national audience just joining us now... 现在为那些刚刚打开电视的观众解释一下
  [03:43.70]... we are going live to downtown Los Angeles right now. Tommy? ...我们现在正直播洛杉矶市区 汤米?
  [03:46.50]If you look over there behind me, that’s a tornado. 如果你看到我后面 那是龙卷风
  [03:49.94]Yes, a twister in Los Angeles. 对 洛杉矶的龙卷风
  [03:54.34]It’s one of many tornados that are destroying our city. 这是那些正在毁灭我们城市的 龙卷风其中之一
  [03:56.54]There’s another one. That’s the Los Angeles skyline. 那还有一个 那里是洛杉矶的地平线
  [04:01.30]It’s unbelievable! It’s huge! I’ve never seen anything like it. 这真令人难以置信! 太大了! 我从来没见过这样的
  [04:18.02]It looks like some sort of... 这看起来像...
  [04:18.42]What’s happening? 发生了什么?

  [04:21.18]...huge, horrific, terrifying nightmare, only this is the real thing. ...巨大的 惊人的 恐怖的噩梦 只不过这一次是真的

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