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听电影学英语:后天 16






I got it. 我自己就能搬动
You’re supposed to be on a bus heading south. 你应该在向南方开的客车上
I’ve been watching your back for 20 years. You think I’d let you go alone? 我已经照看你二十年了 你以为我会让你一个人去吗?
And all these years I thought I was watching your back. 这么多年我还以为 一直是我在照看你
Where are the keys? 钥匙在哪里?
In the truck. 在卡车里
Where do you think you’re going? 你又想去哪?
Neither one of you can navigate worth a damn. 你们中任何一个都不懂得导航
Without me, you’ll end up in Cleveland. 没有我  你们会跑到克里夫兰的
I’ll try to give you updates on the storm as it heads your way. 一路上我会尽力给你提供风暴的最新信息
Good luck, Jack. 祝你好运  杰克
Breaking news from the U.S.-Mexico border. 来自美墨边界的惊人消息
Just half an hour ago, Mexican officials closed the border... 就在半小时之前 墨西哥当局关闭了边界...
...in the light of so many U.S. refugees who are fleeing south... ...因为太多美国难民逃往南方...
...in the wake of the approaching storm. ...而这都是因为逼近的风暴
These people came in anticipation of crossing into Mexico. 这些人来到这里  希望能进入墨西哥
Instead, they’ve been met with closed gates. 然而  他们被拒之门外
And now, in a dramatic reversal of illegal immigration... 现在  在一个戏剧性的 反向非法移民浪潮中...

...thousands of people are crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico. ...成千上万的人 穿过格兰德河逃往墨西哥
The scene unfolding here behind me is one of desperation and frustration. 在我身后展现的是一幅 绝望和失望的场面
People have abandoned their cars, grabbed their belongings... 人们丢弃他们的汽车 带上他们的东西...
...and they are wading across the river illegally into Mexico. ...非法渡河到墨西哥
Here it is. 就是这里
This fireplace probably hasn’t been used in about 1 00 years. 火炉差不多有一百年没有用了
All right. 好吧
-What are you doing? -What did you think we would burn? 你在干什么? 你以为我们要烧什么?
-You can’t burn books. -No, absolutely not. 你不能烧书 不  绝对不能
You want to freeze to death? 你想冻死吗?
I’ll help you. 我来帮你
I’m going with them. 我跟他们一起去
Okay, do you have a cafeteria or a lunchroom? 好  这里有咖啡屋或者午餐室吗?
Just an employees’ lounge with a few vending machines. 只有一个职员的休息室 和几个自动售货机
We’re not gonna last long on M&M’s and potato chips. 我们只靠M&M豆和薯片 不可能支持很久的

What about the garbage cans? 垃圾桶呢?
There’s always something to eat in the garbage. 在垃圾桶里总有吃的
Friedrich Nietzsche? We can’t burn Nietzsche. 尼采的书? 我们不能烧尼采的书
He was the most important thinker of the 1 9th century. 他是十九世纪最重要的思想家
Please. He was a chauvinist pig in love with his sister. 别扯了  他是个狂妄的沙文主义者 还爱上了他妹妹
He was not a chauvinist pig. 他不是狂妄的扩张主义者
But he was in love with his sister. 但是他爱上了他妹妹对吧
Excuse me? You guys? 对不起? 伙计们?
Yeah, there’s a whole section on tax law down here that we can burn. 对了  这里有一区的关于税法的书 我们可以拿来烧
After hours of uncertainty, the traffic is now moving smoothly... 在数小时的不稳定以后 交通现在又恢复了正常
...from the United States into Mexico. ...从美国到墨西哥
This is only possible because the president was able to negotiate a deal... 这是因为总统同墨西哥政府 达成了一个协议...
...to forgive all Latin American debt ...以免除所有拉丁美洲国家的
Now, multitudes of American families are feeling a rush of relief.... 现在  美国的众多家庭 终于大松了口气...
in exchange for opening the border. 债务为代价  开放所有边界
Lucy? 露西?
Is Peter’ s ambulance here? 彼得的救护车在这里了吗?
No. 没有
-Why? -They’ ve all gone. 为什么? 他们都走了
-What? -ln the confusion... 什么? 在混乱之中...
... I don ’ t know what happened. ...我不知道到底发生了什么
People started to panic, and they left.... 人们开始惊慌  然后他们就离开了...
-God. -There’s a policeman with a snowplow. 上帝啊 有个警察带着雪橇
-He’s waiting outside. -God. 他在外面等着 天啊
Peter can’t be moved in anything but an ambulance. 彼得除了救护车之外什么也不能坐
I called and left a message for the county ambulance service. 我已经打过电话 给郡救护车中心留了口信
Okay. 好的
Okay, you should go, and I’ll stay and wait. 好的  你应该走了 我留下来等
Lucy, no. 露西  不
-No. -No, you should go. 不 不  你应该走
He’s not gonna wait forever. 他不会等太久的
It’s okay. 没关系
I’m sorry. 对不起
-It’s okay. -All right. 没关系 好的
You all right? 你还好吗?
Yeah, I’m fine. I just-- I cut my leg the other day. 好  我还好  我只是... 我那天把腿割伤了
Did you get a signal? 你接收到信号了吗?
Yeah, for a minute. 是的  就一会
And? 还有别的吗?

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