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听电影学英语:如果能再爱一次 01





 I'm really going to miss you, you know that? 我真的会想你,你知道吗?
Sam, just couple of weeks. 珊,就一两个星期而已
Which is gonna seem like an eternity, right? 那就好像永远那么久,对吧?
An eternity, and then some. 比永远还多一些
Oh, it's better, you bloody englishman. 舒服多了,你这该死的英国人
- Say it again. - Say what? -再说一遍 -说什么?
I love hearing you use english swear words. Say 'bloody'. 我喜欢听你用英语讲脏话 说“该死的”
'Bloody'. “该死的”
- Say 'bugger', - 'Bugger'. -说“畜生” -“畜生”
You bugger, you bloody bugger. 你这畜生,该死的畜生
That's the word. 就是这个字
- Oh, crap. - Oh, you smooth talker, you. -哦,惨了 -哦,你这花言巧语的小子
I have to get dressed, run through my notes, rehearse my presentation. 我得着装,浏灠一下我的笔记 排练我的讲词
Have a nervous breakdown, ignore your half-naked girlfriend. Give me two seconds. 发神经,竟不理你的半裸女友 给我两秒钟
Just stay right there and don't move your cute British butt. 待在那儿 别动你那可爱的英国小屁屁
- Don't tell me, there's a gift. - There's a gift. -别跟我说有礼物 -是有礼物
There's always a gift. It makes me feel very guilty. 总是有礼物 令我觉得非常愧疚
Well, that is the general idea. 一般都会这么想的
I have a present, too. I'll give it to you later because it's a surprise. 我也有准备礼物,晚点再送你 因为是个惊喜

Great. I love surprises. 好极了,我喜欢惊喜
- It's perfect. - I know. -太棒了 -我知道
Vintage Portobello Road, it's only ten pounds. 在波多贝罗路的名牌店里买的 才卖十英磅而已
And it does come with this. 还附送这个
Nice lining, silk. 衬里不错,丝质的
What? 怎么?
I have to get ready, you know how important this meeting is. 我得去准备一下了 你知道这次会议有多重要
If it goes well, you know what that you could mean. 如果顺利的话 你知道代表着什么
Ian... 伊恩...
Sam, 珊
please have mercy. 求你发发慈悲吧
You know, that's what I was thinking, that after you close the deal and knock them dead... 我之前在想说 等你交易结束并说服他们之后...
it would be a perfect time to step back, relax, and... 刚刚好可以暂时放松一下 然后...
- And? - And go to Ohio. -然后怎样? -去俄亥俄州
I want you to go to my mom's wedding with me. You can meet everyone. 我真的很希望你陪我去 参加我妈的婚礼,认识认识大家
You're not coming? 你不去吗?
I tried to free things up but you know how hectic work's been. 我很想放下手边事情 但你晓得我工作一直很忙碌
I'm really sorry. 真的很抱歉
That's okay. 没关系
Look, I'm really sorry to let you down about Indiana. 听着,去印第安那州的事 让你失望我真的很抱歉
Ohio. 是俄亥俄州
Bugger, I'm sorry, again. 算我畜生,再次抱歉
I'm just going to have to meet your mom at the next wedding. 我只要在下次婚礼见你妈就行了
What wedding? 什么婚礼?
Ours. Next year. 我们明年的婚礼
Me? Marry you? 我? 嫁给你?
A guy who confuses the buckeye state with the hoosier state? I don't think so. 一个连橡树州和印第安那州 都搞不清楚的人? 得了吧
- I'm going to take a shower now. - Be my guest. -我要去冲个澡了 -请便
Sam? 珊?
I am cool. Ready for breakfast? Bon appetite. 我没事,准备吃早餐了吗? 祝你胃口大开
Hey, I don't care how big this meeting is. You are going to eat. 嘿,我不管会议有多重要 你要吃才行
Sorry, there's no time. 抱歉,没时间了
Aw, I'm such a klutz. 喔,我真是笨手笨脚的
Show me. 给我看看
- Better? - Much. -好点没? -好很多了
Good. 很好
One day accessing one's genetic make-up will be as easy as running a credit check. 有一天,存取一个人的遗传构造 将和开立信用支票一样容易
That knowledge gives us the power to alter our destiny. 那种知识给我们力量 改变我们的命运
Alter destiny? You believe that? 改变命运? 你信那档子事?
Yeah, of course I do. I'm telling you, in the next fifty years... 对,我当然信 告诉你,接下来五十年...
People are still going to die. 人依旧会死的
It'll still rain right after you wash your car, and the stones will still be touring. 洗过车后依旧会下雨 石头依旧会转动
That stuff's out of your control. The only things you can control are your own choices. 那种事不是你能主宰的 你唯一能主宰的是你自己的选择
Okay. 好吧
Well, that would be the other point of view. 那算是不同的观点
But I don't have time to debate destiny. I'm just practicing my speech. 但我没空争辩命运之说 我只是在练习我的演讲
Excuse me. 对不起
In case we don't talk later, dinner tonight. Tantra, seven o'clock. 以防等会没空说,今晚一块用餐 密传餐厅,七点钟
Tonight, seven o'clock? You're kidding, right? 今晚七点? 你在开玩笑,对吧?
Kidding? Not that I'm aware of. 开玩笑? 我不觉得啊
My concert. 我的演奏会
The one I've been preparing for for three years. Ring a bell? 我准备了三年的演奏会 想起来了没?
Yeah. Your graduation concert. I didn't forget that. That's... 对,你的毕业演奏会 我没忘,是在...
Tonight. Seven o'clock. 今晚七点
I'm an ass. 我真是猪头
I'm so sorry, Sam. I can't believe I did that. 真抱歉,珊 不敢相信我竟然忘了


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