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听电影学英语:阿童木(Astro Boy) 01





NARRATOR: Here we are, floating peacefully in the sky. 我们到了,空中的宁静之城
  Metro City, the jewel in the crown. 大都会,皇冠上的明珠
Beautiful, isn't it? But how did we get here? 很漂亮,不是吗?可我们是怎么上来的?
A century ago, the founders of Metro City, seeing our world was changing, 一个世纪前,大都会的创建者 发现我们世界的改变
took Mount Sofia and lifted it out of the Earth and into the sky 就把索非亚山升到了天空
to be an oasis, a floating paradise. 成为了一个绿洲,飘浮的天堂
We don't really know what happens these days 我们不知道 在被抛弃的地面上
on the strange and mysterious Surface we left behind. 最近都发生了什么
But life in Metro City is better than ever, thanks to our friends, the robots. 但是大都会的生活空前美好 因为我们的朋友:机器人
Robots do our shopping. 机器人能购物
They cook for us. They serve our meals. 他们能煮饭
They take good care of us. 他们照顾我们
They even do the really important things 他们还肩负重任
like reminding us to call Mom on her birthday. 比如在妈妈生日那天 提醒我们打电话
Whether it's raising our children, building our buildings, 无论是带小孩,建房子
taking care of our city or making sure we're all fit and healthy, 服务大众或保障我们健康
for these guys, no job is too big 对这些家伙来说 事无巨细
or too small.
Plus, robots do a lot of the things that frankly we just don't want to do anymore. 另外,机器人还能做许多 我们实在不愿去做的事

Oh, no! 哦,不
NARRATOR: Don't worry, folks, that street will get clean. 大家别担心 街道很快就会恢复干净
The best and brightest of them get picked for the more exciting tasks. 他们其中最好的 还会承担更刺激的任务
This lucky guy is starting the first day at his new job. 这幸运儿正在开始他的新工作
And it's all thanks to this man, Dr. Tenma, 这些多亏了一个人,天马博士
head of the Ministry of Science and father of modern robotics. 科研部的主管,现代机器人之父
Thanks to him and the incredible innovations he introduced... 感谢他和他的伟大发明…
Hey, Toby, isn't that your dad? 嘿,透比,那不是你爸?
- It sure is. - Hush! - 当然是 - 安静
NARRATOR: Our friends, the robots, help us. Thousands are created every day, 我们的朋友,机器人,帮助我们 成千上万的机器人被生产
and thousands are disposed of in the great unending cycle 也有成千上万的被处理到
that sustains life in our great city. 维持城市运行的循环系统
Thanks for everything, guys. May you rust in peace. 感谢所做的一切,伙计们 愿你们在锈迹中安息
Okay, students. Ready for a pop quiz? 好了,同学们,准备突击测验
- What? - SPORTY BOY: Oh, no. - 什么? - 不要啊
Begin. 开始
- SPORTY BOY: Oh, man. - I am so busted. - 哦,天啊 - 我完蛋了
Yes, Toby. Is there a problem? 透比,有什么问题?
There's no problem. I'm just finished, and I'd like to leave. 没问题 只是我做完了,想出去了
Finished? 做完?
For rocket science, it wasn't exactly rocket science. 名叫火箭科学 其实算不上火箭科学
I don't suppose there's much point in you staying. 我想留下你也没什么意义
- Good luck, guys. - GIRL: Jeez. - 祝好运,伙计 - 天啊
Just like his father. 就像他父亲一样
Hello, Master Toby. Did you have a good day at... 你好,透比主人,今天过得…
Think fast, Orrin. 反应快点,奥伦
Thank you, Master Toby. Very good throw, by the way. 谢谢,透比主人 扔得好
- Hello, Son. - Hello, sir. - 你好,儿子 - 你好
- How was school? - Oh, great. - 学习怎么样? - 很好
Moustachio dropped a pop quiz on us, but I'm pretty sure I got 100%. 胡子老师给了突击测验 我基本上能得满分
That's good, Son, very good, but I don't want you to become complacent. 很好,孩子 不过我希望你别骄傲自满
It's important to keep studying. Onward and upward, Toby. 重要的是不断学习 永不止步,透比
Sure, Dad. 好的,爸爸
I'm aware I said I'd take you to that symposium on quantum mechanics, 我记得承诺过 要带你去量子原理讨论会
but I'm afraid I have to take a rain check again. 但是恐怕要延期了
- But you promised. - I'm sorry, Toby, but it's unavoidable. - 可是你保证过 - 很抱歉,我必须这样
President Stone has brought forward the unveiling of the Peacekeeper. 史东总统把“和平卫士”的揭幕提前了
The Peacekeeper? You've got to be kidding me! 那个和平卫士? 真的吗?
I never kid. Goodbye, Son. 我从不开玩笑,再见,儿子
The Peacekeeper, huh? 那个“和平卫士”?
Hey, Orrin, change of plan. Take me to the Ministry of Science. 奥伦,变更计划 去科研部
I'm sorry, Master Toby, but your father gave me strict instructions to... 对不起,透比主人,但是你父亲 给了我严格的命令…
Stop that! What are you doing back there? Hey! Hey! 住手!你在干什么?
Next stop, Ministry of Science. 下一站,科研部
You ready to blow me away today, Tenma? 你准备好了让我大吃一惊么,天马?
To make my hair stand up, to knock my socks off? 准备好让我大开眼界,喜出望外么?
- Yes, yes, metaphorically speaking. - STONE: Well, that's the spirit. - 是的,可以这么说 - 很好,要的就是这种精神
Dr. Elefun is an esteemed colleague of mine, Mr. President. 茶水博士是我的好搭档,总统先生
He may be resistant to having his discovery used for military purposes. 他或者不太愿意把他的发现 用于军事
Well, you leave Dr. Elefun to me. 让我来搞掂茶水博士
- TOBY: Dad! - SOLDIER 1: Hold that kid! - 爸爸! - 抓住这小孩
What are you doing here? I gave Orrin specific instructions to... 你怎么在这? 我专门嘱咐奥伦把你…
Ow, ow.
I wanted to see the demonstration. You're aways talking 我想看演示 你一直在说
- about the Peacekeeper and... - Really, Toby. - 关于和平卫士和… - 真的吗,孩子?
- Your boy? - Yes, sir. - 你的小孩? - 是的
Well, let him tag along. 让他跟着吧
Releasing potential threat. 释放潜在威胁
It'll be good for him, educational. 对他是个好的教育机会
Yes, sir. 好得
So, you're interested in robots, son? Robot weapons? 你对机器人感兴趣,小子? 战争机器?
Absolutely, though I'm sure you'll agree the latest D-Class Interceptor 当然了,我认为 最新的D型拦截机
underlying deployment-to-target system is quite old-fashioned. 虽然带有目标部署系统 不过仍然有点落后

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