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听电影学英语:阿童木(Astro Boy) 08






  Oh, my gosh! He talked to me twice. 我的天,他又和我说话了

  Well, this is definitely going in my diary as the most exciting day of my life. 我要写日记这是我人生最激动的一天

  Okay, I get it. You don't like people from Metro City. 我知道了你不喜欢大都会的人

  ZANE: Metro City. Robots waiting on you hand and foot. 大都会机器人在你身边候命

  I'd love to visit, just for one day. 我想去参观,一天就好

  They wouldn't let you in. 他们不会让你进

  They have a strict "No losers from the Surface allowed" policy. 他们有规矩“地面居民与废物不得入内”

  Anyway, why would you want to go someplace 再说了,为什么你要去一个…

  where people think you're garbage? 大家觉得你是废物的地方?

  I mean, look at this. 我说,看看这个

  Can you believe someone just threw it away? 你相信有人连这个都扔吗?

  Nu-uh! Finders keepers. 做梦!谁找到就是谁的

  So, what are you doing down here? 你在这做什么?

  I don't know yet. Looking for something, I guess, somewhere. 还没想好,寻找东西吧

  Did you run away? 你离家出走?

  Not exactly. They sort of suggested I find a new place, 不全对他们建议我找个新的地方

  whatever that means. 不管意味着什么

  Dude, it means they kicked you out. 哥们,意味着赶你出门

  - ASTRO BOY: Well, I... - I'm Zane. - 好吧…- 我是阿赛

  - I'm Widget. - Hi, I'm Sludge, - 我是东东- 我叫泥巴

  - and I'm older than her. - By 90 seconds. - 我比她大- 大90秒而已

  - And I'm Cora. What's your name? - Oh, it's... - 我叫柯娜,你呢?- 嗯,我叫…

  SPARX: Viva la Roboto-lution! ROBOTSKY: Viva la Roboto-lution! 万岁!机器人解放者!

  What just happened? 发生什么事?


  SPARX: Did you see the human's faces? They were quaking in their capitalist boots! 看到他们的脸色没有?肯定吓得尿裤子了

  Don't worry, brother. You're safe! 别害怕,兄弟现在安全了!

  ROBOTSKY: You have been rescued by... 拯救你的是…

  BOTH: The Robot Revolutionary Front! “机器人革命前线”RRF

  I'm Sparx, the brains. 我是大脑斯巴斯

  And I'm Robotsky, the muscle. 我是肌肉罗斯基

  And I'm Mike the Fridge. I'm the fridge. 我是冰箱迈克就是冰箱

  You are now liberated! 你现在被解放了

  Go ahead, comrade. Take your first step as a free robot. 来吧,同志作为一个自由机器人,迈出你的第一步

  Take it! Take it! 迈步!迈步!

  Feels different, doesn't it? 感觉很不同吧?

  - It feels wetter. - It feels wetter! Liberation! - 有点潮- 超人的感觉!解放!


  - Yeah! - What are you doing? - 好啊!- 你在干嘛?

  Uh, sorry. I'll pick it up. 抱歉,我来收拾

  Yes, please. 当然了,请吧

  You look like a pretty advanced model if I might say so, brother. 我看你的型号非常先进,兄弟

  Just out of interest, no particular reason for me asking, but are you exempt 容我多嘴问问你是不是因为违反…

  - from the laws of robotics? - Remind me? - 机器人三大定律被驱逐?- 提醒我一下

  A robot cannot harm a human, be a cause of any harm to a human, 机器人不能伤害人类或袖手旁观,坐视人类受到伤害

  blah-blah-blah, boring, boring, boring. 等等此类的废话

  Well, I don't really want to harm anybody. 我不想伤害任何人

  Lug nuts! The RRF are dedicated to freeing robot-kind 我们RRF的目的是不择手段…

  from human slavery by any means necessary. 把机器人从人类的奴役下解放

  And he means any means necessary. 他真的是不择手段

  What is your name, comrade? 你叫什么名,同志?

  - Toby. - Toby? - 透比- 透比?

  Well, that's not much of a name. 这名字怎么行

  No, you want something with a bit more oomph to it. 你需要一个更霸道的名字

  - Something like the Ice-maker. - Yeah, or the Annihilator. - 比如说:制冰机- 是啊,比如说:歼灭者

  Or Pauline. 或者波琳

  - Well, I guess I'll... - Hang on a minute. - 这样,我想…- 等一等

  We haven't come up with a new name for you yet. 我们还没想到新名字呢

  What about... 不如用…



  What about Astro? 不如用“阿童木”?

  Oh, be quiet. If you can't come up with a sensible suggestion, 安静点如果你不会动脑筋

  - then kindly mind your own business. - Sorry. - 就交给动脑筋的人- 对不起

  Think. Think. 想啊想

  - I've got it! - What? - 我想到了- 啥?

  - Astro! - That's marvelous, that is. - 阿童木- 好名字啊!

  It's modern, a little space-age. I love it. 既时髦,又带太空色彩我就喜欢

  Thanks, guys. Well, I better get going. 谢谢,伙计们我最好走了

  Show Astro the plan! 告诉阿童木我们的计划!

  As you wish, comrade. This is Hamegg! 遵命,指挥官这人叫哈马

  - Nice. - The likes of him enslave our kind. - 好吧- 就他这类人奴役了我们同胞

  We need to make an example of Hamegg. 我们要从哈马作开刀

  We want to do something so horrible, so frightening, so shocking, 做一些惊天地、泣鬼神的壮举

  that the humans will be forced to free all robots. 让人类乖乖的释放所有机器人

  - What are you gonna do? - We're gonna sneak into town. - 你们要做什么?- 我们潜入城市

  - We're going to lie in wait for Hamegg. - And? - 等待哈马的出现- 然后?

  - And when he shows up... - Yes? - 然后突然出现- 然后?

  Now bear in mind, we're forced to follow the laws of robotics. 你记住一条,我们迫于遵守机器人定律

  - Okay. - We are going to tickle him wth a feather! - 好的- 所以我们用羽毛挠他痒痒

  BOTH: Viva la Roboto-lution! 机器人解放者!

  That's the plan? 就这计划?

  We're already looking into purchasing the feather. 我们已经在着手准备购买羽毛了

  ROBOTSKY: Oh, blimey! 我的妈呀!

  - You okay? - How did you find our secret hideout? - 你还好吗?- 你怎找到这秘密基地?

  CORA: You guys realy need to work on your camouflage skills. 你们伪装的技术太烂了

  Don't make us dismantle you. We just want the kid back. 别逼我废了你我们只要这孩子

  Kid? What are you talking about? He's a... 孩子?你说什么?他是…


  You want a piece of me, tin man? 你想惹火我么,罐头人?

  (SOFTLY) Be cool. I'm an undercover robot from Metro City. 冷静点我是大都会的卧底

  I knew it. Viva la Roboto-lution. 我就知道,机器人解放者万岁

  These guys aren't doing any harm. Let's just leave them. 这些家伙没做坏事不如放过他们

  Whatever you say. 随你了

  Thank you, brother. The RRF are forever in your debt. 谢谢你,兄弟RRF永远欠你的情

  So, what is your name? 你叫什么名字?

  Toby, but that's not who I realy am. 透比,但我其实不是

  - You see... - Dude, it's a simple question. - 你看…- 哥们,这问题不复杂

  Um. 嗯

  My name's Astro. Call me Astro. 我叫阿童木

  WIDGET: Cool. Sounds modern. 好酷,听着好时髦

  SLUDGE: A little space-age. I love it. 还有点太空色彩,我喜欢


  ORRIN: Hold on, I'll be right there. 等等,马上就来

  - Good afternoon. How... - Excuse me, robot. Thank you. - 下午好,请问…- 让开,机器人,谢谢

  Search the apartment! Leave no stone unturned. 搜索房间!搜查每个角落

  - Arrest this man. - HECKLER: Yes, sir. - 逮捕这个人- 遵命,长官

  - What are you doing? Stop! - Where is Tenma's robot son? - 你在做什么,住手!- 天马的机器人儿子在哪?

  He isn't here. 他走了

  What is the meaning of this? 这是什么意思?

  You put the Core for my Peacekeeper

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