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听电影学英语:阿童木(Astro Boy) 09






  I'm running for re-election, in case you hadn't noticed, 提醒你一下我在参加竞选

  and we're in an arms race with the Surface! 我们还在和地面进行军备竞赛!

  An arms race? What nonsense. 军备竞赛?荒谬


  It was a stupid mistake. When I lost my son, 当我失去儿子,犯了一个大错

  I thought I'd be able to... I thought... 我还以为…还以为…

  I know. I hate losing, too. You want proof of that, you can ask any of my wives, 我知道,我也讨厌失败你可以问我老婆

  but we got to get over all this personal stuff, Tenma. 但是我们得把私人感情放在一边,天马

  You're head of the Ministry of Science. It's time to move on. 你是科研部的部长该想通了

  Get the Core back. Get it in the Peacekeeper. 拿回内核放进和平卫士

  Let some good come from all this mess. 从失败中得出教训

  When you find the robot, I'll deactivate it and give you the Core. 当你找到那机器人我来关闭它,取出内核

  Good man. Let him go. 好样的,放他走


  Let's hope you never find him. 祝你永远找不到

  ASTRO BOY: So there's actually people living in these ruins? 真有人住这废墟?

  Ruins? Hey, it might not look like much to a Metro City kid, but this place is home to us. 废墟?虽然比不上大都会可这里是我们的家

  - Here we are. - Huh? 我们到了



  WIDGET: Come on, Astro. 来啊,阿童木



  Sorry. 对不起

  What's the password? 暗号?

  Don't make me hurt you. 别逼我揍你

  Close enough. 算你狠



  - Five! - You're out! 你出局了

  We're out of apples. We're on to grapes. 苹果不够了,现在用葡萄

  Hey, Cora, did you bring me back something? 柯娜有没有给我带东西?

  The perfect gift for a sweet little girl. 最合适小姑娘的礼物

  - Thanks! - Be careful! - 谢谢- 当心啊

  GRACE: Too late! BOY: Hey, we're kind of tired! 太慢了

  - CORA: Are you okay? - Sure. - 你没事吧?- 还好

  CORA: You need 10 sets of eyes around here. 在这里要10倍的小心


  CORA: Hey, Hamegg! 你好,哈马

  (CHUCKLES) Back so soon? 回来这么快?

  Did you guys find anything good for me today? 帮我找到有用的没有?

  I don't know, kids. A lot of dead batteries. A lot of elbows here. 我来看看,孩子们一大堆废电池,一大堆废部件

  The knee joint of a toilet-cleaning robot? I told you, I need heads. 厕所清洁机器人的膝盖?我说过要头的

  We would've gotten better stuff, but the... 我们本来可以找得更好…


  Well, well. 算了,算了

  His name's Astro. He's from Metro City. 他的名字是阿童木,来自大都会

  MetroCity? Wow, I used to work there once upon a time. 大都会,我曾经在那工作

  Really? 真的?

  Why am I running a crummy body repair shop down here 你是不是想问如果我能在大都会制造先进的机器人

  when I could be creating state-of-the-art robots in Metro City? 为什么还要窝在这种地方?

  No, I didn't mean to... 不,我没这个意思…

  Relax, son. We're famiy here. We're allowed to ask questions. 别紧张,孩子,我们这都是一家人你可以随便问

  The answer is I love robots, especially the discarded ones. 因为我热爱机器人特别是被抛弃的

  The more banged-up they are, the more abused, 被毁的越严重,被抛弃的越多

  the more I like getting them back on their feet. 我就越想帮他恢复原状

  - Oh, wow. - It's almost a religious thing with me, 对我来说是一个信仰

  kind of like the way saints feel about the poor 就像圣人对待穷苦人民

  or women feel about shoes or fat people feel about donuts 女人对待鞋子或者胖子对待甜甜圈

  or... I'll stop with fat people and donuts. 或者…我还是点到为止吧

  So, you're not into enslaving robots? 你不是为了奴役机器人

  - What? - He ran into the RRF. - 什么?- 他进过RRF


  I don't enslave robots. I love robots! 我没有奴役机器人我热爱他们

  They're our friends, and we rely on them for our daily bread. 他们是我们的朋友我们需要他们

  Speaking of which, are any of you misfits hungry? 说到这,你们饿了没?

  Let me guess, take-out pizza again? 不会又是外卖的批萨?

  More like "taken out of the trash" again! 还不如说“外卖的垃圾”

  Picky, picky. It's only a couple of days old. 别挑剔了,只是过期了几天

  Look, this one still has toppings! 看,这个还有配料

  Oh! 哇!

  Hey, haven't you forgotten something? 嘿,你们忘记了什么?

  What have they forgotten, son? 他们忘记了什么,小子?

  - Grace? - Exactly. Grace! - 斯文?- 对了,就是斯文!

  - What? - Turn on the TV, sweetheart, - 什么?- 打开电视,宝贝

  would you, please? There's a dear. 麻烦你了

  Well, bon appétit. 食欲大增

  Yo, new guy, you gonna eat that? 新来的,你吃不吃?

  You can have it if you want it. 你想要就吃了吧

  Don't be so nice. 别这么客气

  You're gonna starve to death or be the only survivor. 客气当不了饭吃

  So, tell me, Astro, do your folks know where you are? 告诉我,阿童木你家人知道你在哪吗?

  I don't have any parents. 我没有父母

  How very sad. Did you lose them? Or, even sadder, did they lose you? 多可怜,他们过世了?或者是他们抛弃你了?

  No. The truth is I'm actually a... 不是,其实我是个…

  I'm a ... 是个…

  A what? 什么?

  HAMEGG: Don't worry, son. 别担心,小子

  We're all orphans down here. Nothing to be ashamed about. 我们个个都是孤儿没啥好害羞的


  So, none of you have parents? 那么你们都没有家长?

  Parents? Are you kidding me? 家长?你开玩笑吧?

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