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听电影学英语:朋友一场 03





- Chris Brander. - I’m Mandy. - 克里斯布兰德- 我是曼蒂
  Of course you are. You know, I know a song called "Mandy." 当然你是我知道一首歌就叫“曼蒂”
  Oh! 哦!
  He shoots, he scores. 他出手就得分
  - Nice, nice! - Yeah, Brander! Great job, Brander! - 很好,很好!- 对,布兰德!干得好,布兰德!
  You’re the bad bunny. No. No, that’s you. 你是个坏家伙不,不,是你
  You’re the bad bunny. Yeah. 你是个坏家伙对
  Okay, that’s enough out of you. 好了,够了
  Next time you call me, you call me collect. 下次给我打电话让我来付费
  Okay. Bye-bye. 好了,拜拜
  - So how’d it go last night? - Home by 10:00. - 昨晚怎么样?- 10点钟回家
  Pants off in front of the computer by 10:01. 一分钟后在电脑前脱了裤子
  Nice. What about Sheila? Are you making any headway? 很好,那席拉呢?你有什么进展?
  We’ll see. I’m taking her to lunch today-- 我今天请她吃午饭--
  Oh, whoa, whoa whoa. Don’t-- don’t do that. 哦,哇噢,哇噢别--别这么做
  - Okay? Don’t do lunch. - Why? - 好吗?别吃午饭- 为什么?
  That’s like the express lane to the friend zone. 这如同进入朋友界限的快速通道
  What the hell’s the friend zone? 到底什么是朋友界限?
  See when a girl decides that you’re her friend, 当女孩子认定你是她的朋友

  you’re no longer a dating option. 你就不再是约会的选择对象了
  You become a complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, 你在她眼中就成为了完全无性别的个体
  Iike her brother. Or a lamp. 像是她的哥哥或者一盏灯
  I don’t want to be a lamp. 我不想做一盏灯
  Yeah. Well, then don’t be her friend, okay? 对,那么,就别做她的朋友,好吗?
  Oh. Take that guy, for example. 哦,拿那个家伙作例子
  No, I mean the guy that wishes they were a couple. 不,我是说那个家伙倒是他们是一对
  - You mean that couple? - No no no. - 你是说那一对?- 不不不
  - What is your point? - My point is... - 你什么意思?- 我的意思是...
  call Sheila, Ray. Call her right now. 给席拉打电话,雷现在就打
  Move your day date to tonight. 把约会挪到今晚
  Play the entire thing aloof and no matter what you do, kiss her at the end. 要若即若离不管你怎么做,最后要吻她
  - ’Cause friends don’t kiss. - All right. "Aloof." - 因为朋友是不亲吻的- 好的,若即若离
  Hi. 嗨
  - Straight to voicemail. - Ouch. - 留言信箱- 哎哟
  Hope you’re not too late. You may already be girlfriends. 希望你还不算迟你可能已经是她的女朋友了

  If you feel yourself going there, walk away. 如果你觉得你陷进去了就要抽身
  Where’d you come up with this theory? 你怎么知道这些的?
  Some chick f’d me up in high school bad. 我在高中时代的教训
  Excuse me. Excuse me. 请原谅请原谅
  Excuse you! 原谅你!
  I saw you flirting with me out there. 我看见你对我卖弄风情
  How could you do that to your boyfriend? 你怎么能这样对你的男朋友?
  Who, him? We’re just friends. 谁,他?我们只是普通朋友
  Oh, no no no, I never said that, Lindsay. I wouldn’t do that. 哦,不不不,我从没说过,林希我不会这么做
  No, I’m driving through a tunnel. 不,我正驾车通过隧道
  Okay. One second here. Hey, Francine, you look great. 好,马上就好嘿,弗兰西,你看上去不错
  - Thanks. - That color really brings out your legs. - 谢谢- 那个颜色很显你的腿
  Hey, I don’t even know you. Yeah. Ho-ho-ho. 嘿,我甚至不认识你对,吼-吼-吼
  That’s great. Merry Christmas. 那很好圣诞快乐
  I can still see it. I can still-- rub harder! 我还是能看见我还是能-- 使劲擦!
  Don’t dab at it! Rub it. 别这么轻!使劲
  Rub, rub it, rub it! 使劲,使劲,使劲!
  - Well... - You’re fired! - 嗯... - 你被解雇了!
  Look, honestly, these pants make me look fat? 听着,事实上,那裤子更显我胖了?
  - What? - I’m kidding. - 什么?- 我开玩笑的
  Ho-ho-ho! Who’s got a Christmas present? 吼-吼-吼!谁得到了圣诞礼物?
  I do. 我
  How you doing, boss? Merry Christmas. 你好吗,老板?圣诞快乐
  - I look fat in these pants? - Hell no. - 我穿这裤子显胖吗?- 当然不
  Excellent! So you’re seeing your family 太好了!你要回家
  - for the holidays. - Well, as a matter of fact-- - 过圣诞假期- 嗯,事实上--
  - Wait. You want anything? - No. - 等等,你要什么?- 不
  Go! Wait. 走!等等
  - Family. - Parents are separated. - 家人- 父母离婚了
  - Jersey’s not my idea of a good time, so... - Fabulous. - 我觉得这不是好时候,所以... - 太棒了
  - Check this out. - Yeah. Great. Good. - 看看- 对,很好,好
  First up tonight, you’ve seen her in the pages of magazines, 今晚,你将在杂志上看到她的身影
  and well, the opening of practically anything, 而且几乎是一切
  is her humanitarian side. 她慈善的一面
  but what what you may not know about this "it" girl... 但是你可能不知道
  Hey, everyone. I’m Samantha James 嘿,大家好,我是萨曼沙杰姆斯

  and I’m here with Mr. Cluck Cluck 我和克拉克克拉克先生在这里
  and my new best friend Wafoofi 还有我的新朋友瓦甫吉
  and we’re part of a kick-ass humanitarian effort 我们是一项慈善活动中的一份子
  to help promote vegetarianism in third world countries, 在第三世界国家帮助宣传素食主义
  which is really really important. 那是十分十分重要的
  Okay, and speaking of really really important... 好了,说到非常非常重要的
  I have some good news. 我有好消息
  I’ve been recording for my new album 我正在录制新专辑
  which I hope to have out early next-- 我希望能够早点发--
  - I want that album. - Hah! What?! - 我要那专辑- 啊!什么?!
  No no no no. Listen to me very carefully now. 不不不不,现在认真听我说
  - Samantha James? - Yeah. - 萨曼沙杰姆斯?- 对
  Samantha James is a crazy person. 萨曼沙杰姆斯是个疯子
  Hey, you’re the one that used to diddle her, not me. 嘿,你以前钓过她,可不是我
  It was one date! And I ended up in the hospital. 只有一次约会!而我最后却进了医院
  Have you seen this poster? Huh? Have you seen... 你没看这海报吗?啊?你没看
  - this poster? - Yeah, with the fruit. - 这海报吗?- 对,还有水果
  This is the hottest-selling poster in the United States. 这是美国最热卖的海报
People love her. They love her! 大家喜欢她他们爱她!
Oh, who loves her? 哦,谁喜欢她?
MTV just got her a new reality show next year. 音乐台明年有一档她的真人秀节目
We time the CD release with the show, we got a guaranteed hit 我们安排好CD发行的时间与节目同步我们肯定赚翻了
plus free promotion. 还有免费宣传
- She’s recording over-- - I know where she’s recording. - 她的录音棚在-- - 我知道她在哪里录音
Good. Good. Make me happy. 好,太好了让我满意
Go away. Wait. Not you. 去吧等会儿,不是你
Wait! 等等!
You don’t make me happy, I’m gonna find somebody else to make me happy. 如果你不能让我满意我会找别人来
Loud and clear. Yeah. Clear as a bell. 我明白了清清楚楚
- Good. - Okay. - 很好- 好的
What are you still doing here? 你还在这干什么?
Go! Go get me lobster! 去!去抓住我的大鱼!
Go! Run! Lobster! 去!快!大鱼!
Run away! Run! Daddy want a fish! 快点!快!老爸要大鱼!
# Uh, uh, uh #
# Yeah, uh uh, eins zwei drei vier! #
# We might be a world apart #
# World apart #

# But you’re always in my heart #
# Always in my heart #
- # When you look up at the stars # - # Look up at the stars #
- # Feel my love from afar # - # Afar afar #
- # Looking down like a shining star # - # Shining star #
- # Dancing free with my guitar # - # My guitar #
- # I don’t know just where you are # - # Where are you? #
# Love from afar, love from afar #
# Feel my love... #

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