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听电影学英语:朋友一场 05





Be right down. 马上就好
  # La da da, da da #
  # La da da da #
  # La da da, da da #
  # La da da da #
  # La da da, da da #
  # Da da da da. #
  I do not remember Jersey being this cold. 我不记得新泽西有这么冷
  Well, it’s been uncommonly cold this month. 嗯,这个月冷得有点不寻常
  We’ve gone through seven bags of rock salt. 我们已经用光了七包崖盐
  Your house is just so quaint, Mrs. Brander, 你的房子真是古雅,布兰德太太
  I mean, Chris, you never told me you were so provincial. 我是说,克里斯,你从没有告诉我你是如此节省
  It’s like a true rags to riches story, 就像个真实的从贫穷到富有的故事
  but I’ve always found the middle class to be just so much more real. 但我总是觉得中产阶级更好一些
  I mean, isn’t Chris great? 我是说,克里斯多棒啊?
  Yeah, he is a nice boy. 对,他是个好孩子
  You know, he usually flies us out to Los Angeles. 你知道他总是让我们飞去洛杉矶
  It’s been, uh... 有,嗯...
  oh, nine, 10-- 哦,九,十--
  - It’s 10 years. Yeah. - 10? - 已经十年了,对- 十年?
  10 years since he’s been home. 他有十年没有回过家了
  - All right. Good job, Dougie. - Oh, hi, honey! - 好了,干得好,道吉- 哦,嗨,亲爱的!
  Oh my God. 哦我的天
  - Mikey. - Oh my God! - 麦克- 哦我的天!
  - Is that my Christmas present? - Sam, my younger brother Mike. - 那是我的圣诞节礼物?- 萨曼沙,我的小弟弟麦克
  - Samantha James. - Samantha James. - 萨曼沙杰姆斯- 萨曼沙杰姆斯

  Mike Brander. It is an honor. 麦克布兰德是我的荣幸
  I have your poster on my wall, 我的墙上贴着你的海报
  - but you are way hotter in person. - I know! - 你本人看上去更辣- 我知道!
  - You have her poster on your wall? - Yeah. - 你的墙上贴着她的海报?- 对
  I slapped the ham to it like an hour ago. 我一小时前才在她海报面前打手枪
  What ham did you slap? 你打什么?
  Not the ham that I just bought? 不是我刚买的火腿吧?
  Oh, Mrs. Brander, do you have anything else besides ham? 哦,布兰德太太,除了火腿你还有什么?
  Because I’m on the Perricone diet 因为我在减肥
  and I need salmon like now. 我需要鲑鱼
  I love salmon. It’s the prettiest color for bedrooms. 我喜欢肉粉色卧室最漂亮的颜色
  - So relaxing. - I’m gonna start drinking. - 很放松- 我要喝点什么

  Um, does anybody want anything? Some coffee? 嗯,有人要来点吗?咖啡?
  Maybe some salmon or something? 或者鲑鱼什么的?
  Just gonna-- 只要--
  yeah. 对
  Mike! Good to be home. 麦克!回家真好
  Oh, boy. Okay. 噢,天哪,好吧
  Hi. Yes, I know, very exciting. 对,我知道很兴奋
  Hi. Hi. 嗨,嗨
  Oh. Chris, let’s get it to go. 噢,克里斯我们走吧
  People are staring at me. 大家在看我
  Oh my God-- plastic menus! 哦我的天-- 塑料菜单!
  Well, this isn’t gonna work, is it now, Chris? 这个不错,是不是,克里斯?
  Chris? 克里斯?
  Excuse me, but I was wondering if you think 很抱歉,但是我想知道你是不是认为
  America will ever switch to the metric system? 美国会转换度量衡为公制?
  Well, that’s a very interesting-- 嗯,这是很有意思的--
  - Oh my God! Chris! - I don’t believe this! - 哦我的天!克里斯!- 我真不敢相信!
  - Oh! God, you look great! - I don’t-- you look great! - 哦!天哪,你看上去不错!- 我不-- 你看上去不错!
  - Well, thank you! How you been? - We’re married. - 谢谢!你好吗?- 我们结婚了
  - You’re married! - Married? - 你们结婚了!- 结婚了?
  - Oh, yeah, we’re married, we got a kid. TJ. - We have a son. TJ. - 对,我们结婚了,还有个孩子,小杰- 有个儿子,小杰
  - TJ! - He looks like me. He’s got Clark’s eyes-- - 小杰!- 他像我,有克莱克一样的眼睛--
  Oh my God! Where does the time go? 哦我的天!时光飞逝啊?
  He’s like the creative mind kid, he’s like, brilliant and you can meet him. 他很有创造力,他就是聪明极了,你可以见见他
  - That’s great! - God, look at those teeth! - 很好!- 天哪,看看你的牙!
  Those are some nice veneers you got, my friend. 可够能唬人的,我的朋友
  - Don’t tell me that you’re a dentist. - A dentist? - 别告诉我你是个牙医- 牙医?
  - I totally sold out, dude. - Hey, you and me both, buddy. - 我绝对会出卖你,伙计- 嘿,我们彼此彼此,伙计
  Hey, lover, aren’t you gonna introduce me, huh? 嘿,爱人,你不准备介绍我吗,嗯?
  Yes! 对!
  Samantha, these are my old friends. 萨曼沙,这是我的老朋友
  Your names are "Clark" and "Darla"? 你们叫“克莱克”和“达拉”?
  This is Clark, this is Darla. 他是克莱克,她是达拉
  - Yeah. - Mm-hm. - 对- 嗯哼
  Oh my God, that is so cute! 哦我的天真可爱!
  I just wanna eat you both up! 我真想吃了你们两个!
  Oh. 噢

  Okay, I am gonna go to the little girl’s room. 好吧,我要去趟洗手间
  - Good. - And then we’re outie. - 好- 然后我们走
  - Okay. - Okay. - 好- 好
  She’s... uh, incoming. 她是... 嗯,新来了
  Oh my God. 哦我的天
  Check out that girl’s ass. Huge! 看看那女孩的屁股,真大!
  It was so nice meeting you. 很高兴见到你
  She’s adorable. 她很可爱
  - And affectionate. - Christ sakes. - 而且亲切- 克里斯t的福气
  - Chris Brander, ladies and gentlemen! - Yes! You guys, so good-- - 克里斯布兰德,女士们先生们!- 耶!很高兴--
  Chris Brander? Chris Brander? 克里斯布兰德?克里斯布兰德?
  Holy-- 天哪--
  I saw you at the Grammys sitting next to P. Diddy! 我看见你在格莱美颁奖礼上坐在蒂奇旁边!
  It’s me Tim. You remember? 是我,提姆你还记得吗?
  Hey, you got $5 嘿,你有5块钱
  Oh, how could l forget you, Tim? 噢,我怎么能忘了你,提姆?
  that I can, like, have? 能借给我吗?
  You keep living the dream, Tim. 你还在做梦,提姆
  Done! 好了!
  Buh-bye now. 再见
  - Class of ’95! - Class of ’95! - 95班!- 95班!
  Here’s your money, bitch! 你的钱,婊子!
  - He looks good. - Man, I can’t believe-- - 他看上去不错- 我不敢相信--

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