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听电影学英语:朋友一场 07





  [00:01.16]Cut! cut! 卡!卡!
  [00:04.04]Okay, Ron, which jokester changed the key on me? 好了,罗恩,谁改了我的调子?
  [00:07.48]No one, Samantha. 没人改,萨曼沙
  [00:08.56]It’s been the same key for the last 43 takes. 43次录音都是这个调
  [00:12.56]Well, something’s off then, because I’m just not feeling it, okay? 嗯,那就是有点不对劲 因为我就是感觉不到,好吗?
  [00:15.12]God, I need my guitar. 天哪,我要我的吉他
  [00:16.56]- We need to mix the tracks separately. - No! - 我们得分别做音轨 - 不!
  [00:21.52]My lyrics say "dancing free with my guitar," Ron. 我的歌叫“和我的吉他一起跳舞”,罗恩
  [00:24.28]So, I’m gonna be real, okay? 所以,我要更真实,好吗?
  [00:27.20]I’m not gonna let you and Hong Kong Phooey up there 我不要你和上面坐的的那个香港佬
  [00:30.96]turn me into some poppy bubblegum wannabe. 把我变成什么泡泡糖舞曲偶像
  [00:33.64]Okay? I need to transcend! 好吗? 我需要更棒!
  [00:35.76]Are you guys even listening to me? 你们有没有听我说?
  [00:37.64]# You guys are assholes, you’re assholes... #
  [00:38.52]- Switch it off, guys. - # Ron, you’re an asshole # 关掉
  [00:41.32]# You guys are assholes, You’re assholes. #
  [00:45.28]She’s all yours. 她是你的了
  [00:47.04]Chris! 克里斯!

  [00:53.32]Hey! 嘿!
  [00:55.28]I can’t hear you, Samantha. I can’t hear you, Samantha. 我听不见你说话,萨曼沙 我听不见你说话,萨曼沙
  [00:60.88]- Can’t hear you. - Oh. - 听不见 - 哦
  [01:02.56]Oh, light bulb. There you go. 哦,电灯泡 来了
  [01:09.24]God, I’ve missed you. 天哪,我真想你
  [01:09.44]Oh my God, I don’t believe it! 我的天哪 我不相信!
  [01:11.92]Oh-- okay. 哦--好了
  [01:17.28]Wait a minute. Are you here because you miss me, 等等,你到这里是因为你想我
  [01:22.88]or are you just here because your boss wants to sign me? 还是仅仅因为你的老板要签我?
  [01:25.92]Both? 都有?
  [01:28.20]That’s cool. Guess I missed you too. 很好 因为我也想你
  [01:32.20]God, I want to lick your skin off! 天哪,我要把你舔掉一层皮!
  [01:34.60]- I prefer you didn’t. - But I want to. - 最好不要 - 但我想
  [01:37.16]Don’t. 别
  [01:41.72]Ow! 哦!
  [01:41.72]Ooh, you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna get it, baby. 噢,你会喜欢的 你会喜欢的,宝贝
  [01:43.40]- I don’t want it. - Bad kitty. Meow, meow. - 我不想要 - 坏猫猫,喵喵
  [01:48.00]- Okay. - Oh! Listen, what’re you doing - 好了 - 哦! 你准备怎么
  [01:50.68]- over the holidays? - I’m going to Santa Barbara-- - 过节? - 我要去圣巴巴拉--
  [01:51.44]’Cause Paris is throwing a Christmas bash in Paris. 因为巴黎要举行一场圣诞狂欢
  [01:53.64]Okay, Paris isn’t gonna work for-- 好了,巴黎可不行--

  [01:56.32]We can work and play. Mreow. 我们又能玩又能工作 喵
  [01:56.76]I’m gonna call my assistant and we’re gonna go tonight. 我要打给我的助手 我们今晚就走
  [01:59.92]Oh my God! I just wrote a new song. You have to hear it! 哦我的天!我刚写了一首新歌 你一定要听!
  [02:05.80]This one’s called "Forgiveness." 这首歌叫“宽恕”
  [02:07.16]Ahem. 咳
  [02:14.96]# Forgiveness #
  [02:15.80]# Forgiveness #
  [02:20.72]# Is more than saying sorry #
  [02:27.56]# To forgive is divine #
  [02:29.92]# So let’s have a glass of wine #
  [02:33.44]# And have makeup sex #
  [02:35.80]# Until the end of #
  [02:38.92]# Time time time time #
  [02:39.48]# Time #
  [02:43.24]# Time. #
  [02:48.52]So what did you you think? 你觉得如何?
  [02:51.52]I mean, my God! 我的意思是,我的天!
  [02:51.84]Ah! 啊!
  [02:56.60]Oh my God, you’re sweet. 哦我的天哪 你真好
  [02:58.20]- What is that? - This is a taser gun. - 那是什么? - 这是泰瑟枪(发射一束带电镖箭使人暂时不能动弹的一种武器)
  [03:02.64]My publicist gave it to me to ward off stalkers. 我的公关给我的 用以避开跟踪我的人
  [03:03.52]Bam! Ha ha ha! 邦! 哈哈哈!
  [03:06.72]Ooh, ahi tuna. 噢,吞拿鱼
  [03:08.72]- You want some? Yummy yummy. - I’ll pass. - 你来点吗?很好吃的 - 我不要
  [03:11.20]Ahi! 吞拿!
  [03:14.80]Oh, I’m so glad KC got us back together. 我们高兴我们又在一起了
  [03:17.16]Yeah, you’re awful. 对,你真棒
  [03:18.52]Hey, I have a great idea. 嘿,我有个好主意
  [03:23.04]What if on our way to Paris we stop off in lreland 如果我们去巴黎的路上 中途在爱尔兰停一下
  [03:23.40]and find out where U2 lives? 看看U2乐队住在哪里?
  [03:25.00]What if we got someone like Bono to sing backup? 不然找个像博诺的人重唱?
  [03:30.28]and he’d go, # Forgiveness every day # only all Bono-y. 然后他唱 以他的唱法
  [03:30.76]I’d be all... # Forgiveness is the way, # 我唱
  [03:34.36]Wouldn’t that be amazing? 这不好吗?
  [03:36.64]Ah! What if I added more vibrato? 啊!我再多加点颤音如何?
  [03:39.12]# Forgiveness #
  [03:45.92]# Is more than sayin’ sorry #
  [03:50.24]# To forgive is divine #
  [03:56.44]# So let’s have a glass of-- #
  [03:58.92]Okay. Who’s the genius behind this? 好了,这个天才是谁?
  [04:01.00]The container said "microwavable." 那个容器写着 "微波"
  [04:04.48]But the aluminum foil wasn’t. 但是铝箔不行
  [04:07.88]Well, I’m not supposed to worry about stuff like that. 我不应该操心材质问题
  [04:09.28]I’m the talent. 我是天才
  [04:09.32]Daddy, we’re down. 爸爸,我们落地了
  [04:12.92]Not exactly warm out here, is it? 外面不是很暖和的,是吧?
  [04:14.92]- How long till we’re airborne again? - Nice plane! - 还要多久我们才能重新开始飞行? - 很好的飞机!

  [04:18.20]- Not till tomorrow. - Ah, terrific. Where are we? - 最早明天 - 啊,真行,我们在哪?
  [04:19.88]Not happy! 不高兴!
  [04:23.56]We’re on a private field an hour outside of Trenton. 我们在离特伦顿 一小时路程的私人领地
  [04:25.88]Jersey? We’re in New Jersey? 新泽西? 我们在新泽西?
  [04:28.92]Hey, wait a minute. Am I being Punk’d? 嘿,等等 我是不是被恶整了?
  [04:32.04]Where’s Ashton? Ha! 埃斯顿在哪里? 哈!
  [04:33.92]Ashton! 埃斯顿!
  [04:35.08]Oh my God! Ha ha. 哦我的天! 哈哈
  [04:37.08]You totally got me! 你骗到我了!
  [04:39.08]Ashton? 埃斯顿?
  [04:42.68]I love it that you’re taking me home to meet your mom. 我喜欢你带我回家见你妈妈
  [04:44.24]Was this one of your clever little plans? 这是不是你打的小聪明?
  [04:46.24]Yes. I planned you setting the plane on fire. 对,我算计着让你烧了飞机
  [04:50.88]Surprise! 惊喜吧!
  [04:55.40]Ow! 哦!
  [04:57.16]Oh, my little boy. 哦,我的小男孩

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