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听电影学英语:朋友一场 13






  a little corny, maybe even a little femme, 有点天真 或许还有点女性化
  but I find something so resplendent 但是我找到一些灿烂的东西
  in the simplicity of Nicholas Sparks’ writing, you know what I mean? 从尼古拉斯 斯巴克斯简朴的写作中 你知道我什么意思?
  Nice outfit, by the way. Rock and roll. 很好的装备,顺便说一句 很摇滚
  Carol? 卡罗尔?
  Oh my God. 哦我的天
  - Carol... - Dusty, oh my goodness. - 卡罗尔... - 达斯丁,哦我的天
  - This is old-home week. - Oh, absolutely. - 这真值得庆祝- 哦,绝对是
  - Is it okay that Dusty came? - Oh, it’s awesome that Dusty came. - 达斯丁来没事吧?- 哦,达斯丁能来太好了
  Thank you. - Okay. - 谢谢你- 好
  -...in the hospital. We got-- - Dust! -...在医院,我-- - 达斯丁!
  Hey, let’s hit the road. 嘿,我们出发吧
  Well, you kids have fun. 嗯,孩子们好好玩
  Oh, Carol, why don’t you come join us? 哦,卡罗尔,你为什么不和我们一起呢?
  She’s vacuuming. 她在打扫
  W-well, I’d love to, but l-- I wouldn’t want to impose. 嗯-嗯,我倒是愿意,但我-- 我不想强人所难
  - Oh, no imposition at all! - No. - 哦,怎么会呢!- 不
  We’d love to have you, wouldn’t we, Chris? 我们希望你来,是不是,克里斯?
  Yeah, rad. Awesome. 对 太好了
  Mom’s coming. That’s good. 妈妈也来,真好

  - There’s a group now. - Yes! - 现在是一群人了- 对!
  - It was us. It was us. - Oh, my darling. - 是我们,是我们- 哦,亲爱的
  Oh my sweetheart. 哦我的甜心
  I love you so much. 我是多么的爱你
  - How much time do we have? - I’m not sure. - 我们还有多少时间?- 我不确定
  Last time it was no more than five minutes. 上一次不超过5分钟
  I love you, angel. 我爱你,天使
  What happened to me? 我怎么了?
  This is so gay. 真是太变态了
  Oh, Dusty... 哦,达斯丁..
  Son of a bitch! Huh? 王八蛋! 啊?
  Peanut. 小花生
  Oh, no. 哦,不
  # Forgiveness... #
  Show us your tits! 我们要看你的咪咪!
  - # Is more than saying sorry. # - Hey! Ashlee Simpson! 嘿! 艾斯里 辛普森!
  Forgive this! 宽恕这个!
  Dusty, what kind of car is this? 达斯丁,这是什么车?
  Carol, this little Japanese princess here is called the Prius. 卡罗尔,这是一款名叫普雷斯的日本车
  I think it’s so neat that you kids 我们觉得你们这些孩子真懂事
  care about the environment. 是如此注重环境
  - I love the environment. - But honey, don’t you drive - 我爱环境- 但是亲爱的,你不是开

  a Range Rover? Aren’t those bad? 蓝德路虎吗? 那不好吗?
  Well, I had a really nice time tonight, 嗯,我今晚真的很开心
  and I hope we can do it again soon. 希望很快还有机会相聚
  Hey, Dusty, thanks for comin’. 嘿,达斯丁 谢谢你来
  Oh, listen, man, it was my pleasure, really. 哦,这是我的荣幸,真的
  Thank you all for having me. It was so nice. 谢谢你们带我玩 真好
  that you rinse that thing at least twice a day, okay? 你每天至少要把那东西 洗两次,好吗?
  And hey, before I forget, make sure 还有,在我忘了之前 记住
  Your mouth is a disgusting open cesspool 你的嘴就是个恶心的化粪池
  with germs and bacteria. Now put that back! 有各种细菌和微生物 放回去!
  - Christopher, put that back. - Put it back! - 克里斯,放回去- 放回去!
  Thanks. 谢谢
  Hey, anyone want some cocoa? 嘿,有人要可可吗?
  Oh, Carol, you are so sweet! 哦,卡罗尔,你真好!
  And I would love to do that, except I volunteered at the hospital 我也很想 但我要去医院值班
  so that Paul could spend Christmas Eve with his family. 这样保罗可以回家和家人一起过圣诞夜
  - So, I kinda gotta get going. - Aw. - 所以,我得走了- 啊
  That’s a drag. God! 真是遗憾,天哪!
  Hey, Jamie, what about you? 嘿,洁蜜,那你呢?
  - Ready? - Give me a Cougar roar. Cougar roar! - 准备好了?- 给我来个狮子吼,狮子吼!
  Cookie Monster says the Cougars are 饼干怪兽说狮子是
  Aw. 啊
  great big cookies 最好的点心
  at the top of the jar. 在罐子的最上面
  Ladies and Gentleman, the amazing Chris Brander. 女士们先生们 非凡的克里斯 布兰德
  Oh my gosh, I remember this. 哦我的天 我记得这个
  He juggles three tennis balls, but gets bored very quickly 他在扔三个网球 但很快就累了
  and wants something else. 想玩点别的
  Shh-shh-shh, clear! 嘘-嘘-嘘,抢救!
  Clear! 抢救!
  That’s right, Jamie Palamino, 没错,洁蜜 帕拉米诺
  No kissing! 不要亲我!
  you’re my best friend! 你是我最好的朋友!
  I love you, Chris Brander. Mwha! 我爱你,克里斯 布兰德 呒啊!
  Mwha, mwha, mwha! 呒啊,呒啊,呒啊!
  Oh, your mom’s car. You see, this is more like you. 噢,你妈妈的车 你看,这个更像你
  Yeah, I’m gonna take it back to L.A. 对,我准备带回洛杉矶去
  - What? - Guess what I found? - 什么?- 猜我找到了什么?
  - No, the tape I made you? - 1995. - 不,我给你录的带子?- 1995年
  - "The Summer of Like." - Put it in. - “夏日钟情” - 放进去

  # Dun-nun-de-dun de-dun-dun-dun #
  Oh, God. 哦,天哪
  - Oh! - Oh my God, - 噢!- 哦我的天
  I just peed a little. 我都快尿了
  - Good night, guys. - Good night, Chris. - 晚安- 晚安,克里斯
  What’s up? 怎么了?
  - Little problem. - Where are you? - 小麻烦- 你在哪?
  - The Metal Shop. - What?! - 红叶商店- 什么?!
  Hey! Hey, ow! Ow! 嘿!嘿,哦!哦!
  - That’s it, bitch. It’s on! - Come on! - 够了,混蛋!- 来啊!
  Ah! I’m gonna kill you! Not so funny now, bitch, huh?! 啊!我要杀了你! 还有意思吗,混蛋,啊?!
  - Not so funny now?! - I’m sorry! I’m sorry! - 还有意思吗?!- 对不起!对不起!


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