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听电影学英语:朋友一场 16






This is it. 就这样
Hell yeah. Her feet aren’t even cold. 该死的 她的脚没有那么冷
Don’t even think about how weird tomorrow’s gonna be. 不要想明天会多尴尬
- Chris. - Oh, God. Oh, God. - 克里斯- 哦天哪,哦天哪
What’re you doing? Where’re you going? 你在干什么? 你去哪里?
- Is everything all right? - Oh, everything’s fine. - 没事吧?- 噢,没事
Yeah. You okay? Uh, you need another blanket or anything? 你还好吗?嗯,你要另一床毯子什么的吗?
- No, I’m fine. - Ah. - 不,我没事- 啊
You’re not gonna make a move, are you? 你不准备采取行动了,是不是?
- Good night, Jamie. - Good night, Chris. - 晚安,洁蜜- 晚安,克里斯
You don’t deserve a penis. 你真没用
God, and we had this great night 天哪,我们过了美好的一夜
and we were showing each other old pictures and-- 给对方看老照片--
and we were laughing 我们笑啊
- Did he try anything? - No! - 他试别的了吗?- 没有!
- Did you try anything? - No, but I put myself out there. - 那你呢?- 没有,但我有暴露
I mean, I wore the sexy white shirt 我是说,我穿着性感的白衬衫
and I did the whole cold-feet move and we slept in the same bed. 凑近他取暖 我们睡在一张床上
What the hell is wrong with you? I mean, why didn’t you sleep with her? 他到底有什么毛病? 我是说,他为什么不跟她做爱?
- Oh, I know. I had her. - I mean, are you two - 噢,我知道,我要过她了- 我是说,你们两个

on the same menstrual cycle yet or what? 没有相同的生理周期还是怎么的?
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. 我不知道 我不知道,我不知道
Maybe I just don’t compare to these L.A. girls. 或许我就是比不少那些洛杉矶的姑娘
Look, the timing just wasn’t right, you know? 听着,只是时机不对,好吗?
I’m-- I’m laying there. I’m about to make my move 我--我躺在那里 我准备更进一步
and then suddenly it just hits me. 然后忽然想到了
Where’s this going? 什么
What happens after we sleep together? 我们做爱之后会发生什么?
Does she move to L.A.? Do I move back here? 她搬去洛杉矶? 还是我搬回来?
Jesus, Dude. I thought you just wanted to sleep with her. 天哪,兄弟,我以为你只是想和她缠绵
Maybe he just wants to be friends. 或许他只是想做朋友
Maybe he’s gay. 或许他是个同性恋
I can’t just sleep with Jamie Palamino. We have a history. 我就是不能碰洁蜜 帕拉米诺 我们有过去

- We’re-- we’re-- we’re-- we’re... - Friends. - 我们--我们--我们--我们是... - 朋友
God damn it! 该死的!
I’m right back in high school again, you know? 我又回到高中时代了 你知道吗?
I gotta follow my own advice. I gotta just walk away. 我得听我自己的 我得离开
No, put me on the 3:00. 不,3点钟
The sooner I get out of here, the better. 我越早离开越好
- You sure about this? - No. - 你确定?- 不
# When Janice smiles... #
- Janice? - # I realize # 贾尼丝?
# She’s no ordinary #
# Girl. #
Hey listen. I gotta hang out 听着 我得过去
with my friends over there, okay? 跟朋友打个招呼,好吗?
- I’ll talk to you tonight. - Whoo! - 我晚上再跟你说- 喔!
- What’s up, homies? - You tell me. - 怎么了,同性恋?- 你说呢
- What’s with the nurse? - Oh, Janice. - 你和那个护士怎么回事?- 噢,贾尼丝
Oof, another bee in the hive, my friend, 哦,只是另一个伴,我的朋友
- just another bee. - Well, what about Jamie? - 只是另一个伴- 那洁蜜呢?
What about her? I mean, hey, 她怎么了?我是说,嘿
it’s great, right? Two biggest geeks back in the day 很好,是不是?以前的两个小丑
now finally have a shot with the hottest chick in high school? 现在争夺高中校花?
- You can’t write that stuff, my friend. - Hey, are you kidding me? - 你没这本事,我的朋友- 嘿,你开玩笑吗?
Oh, come on, man. Cut the nice guy routine. 哦。来啊 别来什么好男人的规矩
I mean it is gonna be sweet revenge on Jamie Palamino 我是说这是对洁蜜 帕拉米诺的甜蜜报复
I know what you’re up to and I am all for it. 我知道你的斤两 我完全赞同
for keeping us in the friend zone all those years. 那些年只把我们两个作为朋友
Oh, yeah, you wish you were in the friend zone. 哦,对,你希望你是她朋友
I was in the friend zone. Friend zone’s mine. 我是她朋友 只有我是
- Dusty, popcorn’s ready. - Copy that, I’m mobile. - 达斯丁,爆米花好了- 收到,我来了
- Listen, I gotta run. - The man’s juice! - 听着,我得走了- 这家伙该死!
You guys have a nice time. It’s been nice seeing you. 你们很好吧 见到你真高兴
Have fun with Jamie. I know I will. Clark, always a pleasure. 和洁蜜快活点,我知道我会的 克莱克,随时欢迎
- Dinkleman. - Son of a bitch. - 丁克曼- 王八蛋

So we’re looking at day cares. 我们这在考虑日托
And Darla’s got this one picked out for TJ and it’s great. 这样达拉就给小杰选了这家,很不错
And you know, don’t get me wrong, I want the best for my kid. 还有你知道吗,别说我 我想给我孩子最好的
I mean he deserves the best 我是说他应该得到最好的
but Tiny Tots is just too-- oh, Mariah Carey! 但小孩子就是太-- 哦,天哪!
What the hell are you doing?! 你到底在干什么?!
This is a Pontiac Grand Prix! 这是辆庞迪克格兰瑞斯!
I’m sorry, okay?! 对不起,行了吗?!
But I can’t let Dinkleman get away with this! 但我不能让丁克曼得逞!
I refuse to sit back and let Jamie get used by another asshole! 我不愿意回去而让洁蜜跟了另一个混蛋!
You could’ve asked! L.A. guys are so dramatic. 你可以问问啊! 洛杉矶男人真冲动
- I’m sorry! - Okay. - 对不起!- 好吧
- # Christmas, Christmas... # - Oh my God. 哦我的天
You know, one good snowfall and you won’t see any of this. 下了好大一场雪 你不会看见这些了
# Where sleigh bells ringing and go jingle-ling #
# Spreading Christmas cheer. #
Hi, Mr. Palamino. How are you? 嗨,帕拉米诺先生 你好吗?
Come to destroy the rest of the house, huh? 还来毁我的房子吗,啊?
Look, I’m really sorry about yesterday. 听着,对于昨天的事我真的很抱歉
- Ho-ho-ho. - And that. - 吼-吼-吼- 还有那个
Look, I know you hate me, but I need to speak with Jamie. Where is she? 听着,我知道你恨我,但我要和洁蜜谈谈 她在哪里?
- She’s gone off with Mr. Lee. - Dry cleaner? - 她和李先生出去了- 干洗店的?
- No. Dusty, you jackass. - Where are they? - 不是,是达斯丁,笨蛋- 他们去哪了?
- # I’ve been workin’ on the railroad... # - No, Chris! This way. 不,克里斯!这边
# All the livelong day #
# I’ve been workin’ on the railroad #
# Just to pass the time away #
# Can’t you hear the whistle blowing?
# Rise so early in the morn’ #
- Dinkleman! - # Can’t you hear the captain shouting? # 丁克曼!
- Chris, what’re you doing here? - I need to talk to you. - 克里斯,你来这干嘛?- 我要跟你谈谈

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