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听电影学英语:撞车 03





[00:03.64]No, no, no! Take that voodoo - assed thing off of there right now. 不 不 不 马上把那个迷信的东西拿走
  [00:09.92]I know you just didn’t call Saint Christopher voodoo. 我知道你不把圣人克里斯托弗当作迷信
  [00:10.56]Man’s the patron saint of travelers, dog. 他是旅行者的守护神
  [00:12.40]You had a conversation with God, huh? What did God say? 你和上帝交谈过? 上帝说什么了?
  [00:15.28]"Go forth, my son, and leave big slobbery suction rings on every dashboard you find"? 上前去吧 孩子 在每辆车都留下大大的吸印?
  [00:20.24]Why the hell do you do that? 你倒底为什么要那么干?
  [00:20.52]Look at the way your crazy ass drive, then ask me again. 好好开你的车 再问我
  [00:32.96]Chevy pickup and Mercedes driving north on Balboa. 雪佛龙车和奔驰车在巴尔勃北面较劲
  [00:34.52]Pickup cuts in front. Driver of the Mercedes gets pissed, pulls a gun. 在前面被堵住 奔驰车的司机被惹火了 拿出枪

  [00:36.72]Doesn’t realize the guy in the pickup is a cop coming off shift. 他不知道那司机是换班的警察
  [00:41.08]Yeah. Name’s Conklin. He’s a narc out of Wilshire. 是的 名字叫考克林 他是个缉毒警
  [00:41.92]This Barry Gibb dude is a cop? 这个人是个警察?
  [00:44.96]I got the Mercedes. 我去查奔驰车
  [00:47.04]Mercedes takes a shot at him. Detective Conklin returns fire. One shot. 奔驰车上的人向他开了枪 考克林警官还击了 一枪
  [00:52.96]Mercedes rolls to a stop. Driver opens the door, falls out dead. 奔驰车停了下来 司机打开车门 摔在地上死了

  [00:55.64]He looks very relaxed for just having shot somebody. 他杀了人看上去还很轻松
  [00:58.28]He says he kept tryin’ to drive away. 他说他本想尽量避开的
  [00:60.12]The Mercedes kept pulling up next to him, screaming, waving a gun. 奔驰车上的人老是靠近他 挥舞着手枪 大喊大叫
  [01:03.08]Shot back in self - defense. 他说他是正当防卫的还击
  [01:04.64]- Anybody actually see who shot first? - They just heard two bangs. - 有人看到谁先开的枪吗? - 他们只听到两声枪响
  [01:09.84]Find me a witness. 给我找个证人
  [01:25.92]That is a nice gun. 真是把不错的枪
  [01:28.40]The car’s registered to a Cindy Bradley. 车的登记者是辛迪·布拉德利
  [01:32.08]And that’s not Cindy. 那个不是辛迪
  [01:33.96]That is a William Lewis. 那人叫威廉姆·路易斯
  [01:36.56]Found under the front seat. Hollywood Division. 在前座下发现的 好莱坞区的
  [01:45.32]Looks like Detective Conklin shot himself the wrong nigger. 看来考克林警官错杀了个黑鬼
  [01:59.52]- How much longer are you gonna be? - This is the last one. - 你还要多久? - 这是最后一个
  [02:03.44]Thank you. 谢谢
  [02:13.04]You don’t think reporters listen to police calls? 你不认识记者会听警察的电话吗?
  [02:16.92]I need to talk to you for a second. 我要跟你谈会儿
  [02:19.60]You just give me a minute, all right? 等我一下 好吗?

  [02:24.00]- Find Flanagan, will you? Now. - Yes, sir. - 去找弗莱根 马上 - 好的 先生
  [02:27.28]Yes, honey? 怎么了 亲爱的?
  [02:28.56]I want the locks changed again in the morning. 早上我要把锁子再换一下
  [02:30.84]You want... 你要...
  [02:32.12]Why don’t you just go lie down? Have you checked on James? 你为什么不去躺一下呢? 你看过詹姆斯了吗?
  [02:34.20]Of course. I’ve checked on him every five minutes since we’ve been home. 当然 我们回家后 我每隔5分钟就去看看他
  [02:38.68]Do not patronize me. I want the locks changed again in the morning. 别糊弄我 明早上我要把锁子再换掉
  [02:42.08]It’s okay. Just go to bed. 好了 上床去吧
  [02:44.28]You know, didn’t I just ask you not to treat me like a child? 你不要把我当小孩子哄行不行?
  [02:49.72]I’m sorry, Miss Jean. 对不起 吉恩小姐
  [02:50.04]Is okay I go home now? 我现在可以回家了吗?
  [02:53.20]It’s fine. Thank you very much for staying. 好的 非常感谢你一直呆到现在
  [02:55.80]- You’re welcome, no problem. Good night. - Good night. - 没事 晚安 - 晚安
  [02:58.48]We’ll see you tomorrow. 明早上见
  [02:58.76]I would like the locks changed again in the morning. 我很想明早上再换锁子
  [03:03.68]And you might mention that we’d appreciate it 还有你要跟他们说一下 如果他们下次不让一个黑帮成员来的话
  [03:07.32]if next time they didn’t send a gang member. 我们会感激不尽
  [03:07.52]- A gang member? You mean that kid in there? - Yes, yes. - 黑帮成员? 你是说那边那个家伙? - 是的
  [03:11.12]Yes. The guy with the shaved head, the pants around his ass, the prison tattoo. 是的 那个剃着光头 穿着低腰裤 有着监狱刺青的家伙
  [03:14.36]- Those are not prison tattoos. - Oh, really? And he’s not gonna sell our key - 那不是监狱刺青 - 哦? 真的吗? 他不会拿着我们的钥匙
  [03:18.48]to one of his gangbanger friends the moment he is out our door? 一出大门就去卖给他的同伙吗?
  [03:20.28]We’ve had a tough night. 我们今晚够累了
  [03:21.32]- It’d be best if you went... - And wait for them to break in? - 你最好去... - 等着他们破门而入?
  [03:24.40]I just had a gun pointed in my face. 我刚刚被一支枪指着脑袋
  [03:28.60]And it was my fault because I knew it was gonna happen. 是我的错 因为我就知道它会发生的
  [03:29.68]You lower your voice! 你小点儿声!
  [03:33.96]But if a white person sees two black men walking towards her, 可是如果两个白人看到两个黑人朝她走过来
  [03:35.48]and she turns and walks in the other direction, she’s a racist, right? 她转身 走其它的方向 她就是种族歧视 对不对?
  [03:38.04]Well, I got scared and I didn’t say anything. 我害怕了 可我什么也没说

  [03:42.84]And ten seconds later I had a gun in my face! 于是10秒钟后我被枪指着脑袋
  [03:43.32]I am telling you. Your amigo in there is gonna sell our key to one of his homies. 我告诉你 你那个朋友要把我们的钥匙卖给他的同伙
  [03:48.56]And this time it’d be really fucking great if you acted like you actually gave a shit! 如果你这次认真对待的话 那他妈的可真太好了
  [04:20.40]All right, what have we got? Talk to me, Karen. 好吧 我们怎么办? 告诉我 凯伦
  [04:22.60]Flanagan doesn’t think anybody has the story yet. 弗莱根认为还没人知道
  [04:24.88]I’m the goddamn District Attorney of Los Angeles. 他妈的我是洛杉矶的地区检察官
  [04:28.76]If my car gets jacked, it’s gonna make news. 如果我的车被抢 会成大新闻的
  [04:29.96]Fuck! 妈的!
  [04:36.48]I mean, why? No matter how we spin this, 为什么? 不管我们怎么处理这件事
  [04:38.60]I’m either gonna lose the black vote or I’m gonna lose the law - and - order vote. 我不但会丢掉黑人的选票 还会丢掉守法市民的选票
  [04:42.28]You’re worrying too much. You have a lot of support in the black community. 你过于担心了 你在黑人社区还有很多支持者
  [04:48.40]All right. If we can’t duck this thing, we’re gonna have to neutralize it. 好吧 如果我们不能避免这件事 我们就要做一些补救措施
  [04:50.04]What we need is a picture of me pinning a medal on a black man. 我们需要一张我给黑人授勋的照片
  [04:56.76]Bruce? 布鲁斯?
  [04:57.28]The firefighter. 军火商

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