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听电影学英语:撞车 10






  - Cam, you got a second? - Yeah, Fred, I just wanna grab some coffee. - 卡姆 有时间吗? - 有的 弗瑞德 我刚想找点咖啡喝
  Yeah. Listen. I think we need another take, buddy. 是这样的 我想我们得再拍一次 兄弟
  That looked pretty terrific, man. 这次看起来已经很棒了
  This is gonna sound strange, but is Jamal seeing a speech coach or something? 这可能说起来有点奇怪 是不是佳姆请了私人的语言教练?
  What do you mean? 什么意思?
  Have you noticed, uh... This is weird for a white guy to say, 我作为一个白人说这话可能有点奇怪 但不知道你有没有注意到...
  but have you noticed he’s talking a lot less black lately? 他最近说话越来越不象黑人了吗?
  No, I haven’t noticed that. 没有 我没有注意到
  Really? Like in this scene, he was supposed to say, "Don’t be talkin’ ’bout that." 是吗? 比如象这次拍的这个场景 他应该说"别跟我扯那事"
  And he changed it to, "Don’t talk to me about that." 但他却说"不要和我说这件事"
  You think because of that, the audience won’t recognize him as being a black man? 你觉得就因为这个 观众就会认不出他是个黑人吗?
  Wait a minute. 你先别说

  - Come on! - Is there a problem, Cam? - 得了吧- 你不觉得有问题吗 卡姆?
  Excuse me? 你说什么?
  Is there a problem, Cam? 你不觉得有问题吗 卡姆?
  No, we don’t have a problem. 不 不会有问题
  I mean, ’cause all I’m saying is, it’s not his character. 我是说 如果他说话变了 那他所扮演角色的性格也变了
  Eddie’s supposed to be the smart one, not Jamal, right? 埃迪就会成为那个聪明的角色 而不是佳姆了 你说呢?

  You’re the expert here. But to me, it rings false. 你是这里的专家 但在我看来 这就是错误所在
  - We’re gonna do it one more time. - Thanks, buddy. - 我们要再拍一次- 谢谢 兄弟
  Everybody back to one, please. Let’s do it one more time. 所有人回到位置上 我们再拍一次
  Jamal, um... 佳姆 你过来...
  Morning, Carol. Who do I have? 早上好 卡罗尔 谁来过找我吗?
  but you have a walk in, Mr. Ryan. 但有一位没预约的客人想见你 瑞安先生
  Send him in. 叫他进来
  - Mr. Ryan. - Yeah. - 瑞安先生- 是的
  My name is Shaniqua Johnson. 我叫山尼可·约翰逊
  I believe we spoke last night. 我觉得我们昨晚说过话 对吧
  Oh, yeah. I wanted to apologize about that. 是的 我是来道歉的
  I haven’t been gettin’ too much sleep. My father’s in a lot of pain. 这些日子我的爸爸的病变得很严重 我整天睡都睡不好
  Oh! I’m sorry to hear that. 真为你感到难过
  This doctor he’s been seein’ says he’s got a urinary tract infection. 给他看病的这位医生说他感染了尿道炎

  But he’s been takin’ this medicine for a month, and he keeps gettin’ worse. 他吃了一个月的药但是病情却恶化了
  And he’s been back to see Dr. Robertson? 所以他要回来找罗伯逊医生?
  Yeah. Between you and me, the man’s an idiot. 我在你面前就跟个蠢蛋一样
  - Really? - No offense. - 真的吗? - 我的话并无恶意
  But the guy sees 100 patients an hour. I think his nurses are doing most of the work. 你作为一个每个小时要看一百个病人的医生的护士 很多工作都是需要你做的
  Mmm. If you’re unhappy, your father’s welcome to see a doctor outside the network. 如果你着急的话 你可以让你爸爸另外再找一位医生看
  And if this new doctor says it’s not an infection, 如果这位新医生说这不是尿道感染
  says it’s his prostate and it needs to be operated on, is that gonna be covered? 而说这是前列腺的问题 需要动手术 你们会对此负责吗?
  - Not unless Dr. Robertson authorizes... - What good is that gonna do? - 要知道罗伯逊医生他并不是权威- 这样做有什么好处?
  I’m sorry. There’s nothing else I can do. 抱歉 我帮不了你什么忙
  All right. You know what I can’t do? 那好吧 你知道我做不到什么事吗?
  I can’t look at you without thinking about the five or six 我做不到一面看着你而不去想...
  more qualified white men who didn’t get your job. 为什么外面会有那么多比你胜任的白人得不到这份工作
  It’s time for you to go. 你该走了
  I’m saying this ’cause I’m hoping that I’m wrong about you. 我说这些是因为我希望我对你的看法是错的
  I’m hoping that someone like yourself, 我也希望一些象你这样的
  someone who may have been given a helping hand, 曾经得到别人帮助的人
  might have a little compassion for someone in a similar situation. 会对和你有相同遭遇的人表示一丁点的同情
  Carol, I need security in my office! 卡罗尔 这里需要出现安全问题
  You don’t like me, that’s fine. I’m a prick. 你不喜欢我也没关系 我就爱这样扎人
  My father doesn’t deserve to suffer like this. 但我爸爸他不该受到这样的痛苦
  He was a janitor. He struggled his whole life. 他是一个公司的管理人 他一生都在为事业而奋斗
  Saved enough to start his own company. 存够了钱开了一家自己的公司
  Twenty-three employees, all of them black. 二十三名员工全是黑人
  Paid ’em equal wages when no one else was doing that. 给他们付和其他白人一样多的工资 当时没人会这样做
  For 30 years he worked side by side with those men, sweeping and carrying garbage. 三十年来他一直和他的手下并肩工作 打扫卫生 清理垃圾
  Then the city council decides 后来市政局决定要签署一份协议

  to give minority-owned companies preference in city contracts. 里面规定要给私营企业以优待
  And overnight, my father loses everything. 一夜之间我爸爸失去了他的一切
  His business, his home, his wife. Everything! 他的公司 他的家 他的妻子 一切都失去了
  Not once does he blame your people. 他一次都没埋怨过你们这些手下
  I’m not asking you to help me. 我不是求你帮忙
  I’m asking that you do this small thing for a man who lost everything 我只是请求你为一位失去了一切的老人做一点小事
  so people like yourself could reap the benefits. 那么你的同胞们也可以得到好处
  And do you know what it’s gonna cost you? 这会让你损失什么吗?
  Nothing. 不会
  Just a flick of your pen. 你要做的只是动一下你的笔
  Your father sounds like a good man. 听起来你爸爸是个好人
  And if he’d come in here today, I probably would’ve approved this request. 如果他今天能来 我或许可以批准你的请求
  But he didn’t come in. You did. And for his sake, it’s a real shame. 但他没来 你却来了 对他来说这真是件丢人的事
  - Get him the hell outta my office. - Prick. - 请让他离开我的办公室- 他妈的
  Sir, I spoke to our employee, and he told you you needed to replace or repair the door. 先生 我跟我手下说了 他告诉我你想要换掉或修好你的门
  He say he fix the lock. 他说他修锁
  - You come here, see how "fix-ed" it is! - You’re yelling again. - 你来看看他修成什么样子了- 请别激动
  I am not yelling! I’m upset! 我没激动 我是生气
  Yes... Yes, I am. 是的 没错
  Mom, are you all right? 妈妈 你还好吧
  Stop washing. Insurance must take picture. 别洗了 保险公司来了要拍照的
  Look what they wrote. 看看他们都写了些什么东西
  They think we’re Arab. 他们认为我们是阿拉伯人
  When did Persian become Arab? 我们波斯人什么时候变成阿拉伯人了?
  I want his name. Yes. 我要知道他的名字
  Oh, my God. 老天
  - I want his name! Give me his name! - Dad? - 我要知道他的名字 告诉我他叫什么名字- 爸爸
  I’m not giving you his name, sir. 我不会给你他的名字的 先生
  - Dad, did they take the gun? - Not fix my lock! I want his name! - 爸爸 他们是不是拿走了咱的枪? - 不是要他来修锁 我是要他的名字
  I’m gonna hang up now, sir. 我要挂了 先生
  Don’t hang up! Shit! 不准挂 你他妈的


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