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听电影学英语:撞车 15






I mean, 我是说...
I know all the sociological reasons why per capita 我终于知道为什么现在社会上...
eight times more black men are incarcerated than white men. 黑人的犯罪率是白人八倍的原因了
Schools are a disgrace. Lack of opportunity. Bias in the judicial system. 学校让黑人感到丢脸 工作没有黑人的份 司法机构也歧视黑人
All that stuff. All that stuff! 到处都是这样
But still, it’s gotta get to you, on a gut level as a black man. 这也和你有着莫大的关系 你是个有勇气的黑人
They just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar. 他们在压迫中声都不敢吭一下
Of course, you and I know that’s not the truth. 当然 你和我都知道事实上并不是这样的
But that’s the way it always plays, doesn’t it? 但事情都是以这样的方式在进行着 对吗?
And assholes like Lewis keep feeding the flames. It’s gotta get to you. 象刘易斯那样的混球在旁边煽风点火 你当然也会受到牵连
What did you say you did for the D.A. Again? 你再说一次 你在检查官手下干什么的?
You coach ball down in Compton. Am I right? 你在康普顿的一个球队里当教练 我说得对吧?

Oh, please, don’t do that. 拜托别这样
Don’t act like you know something about me, okay? 你不要装得好象很了解我似的 可以吗?
What do you think those kids need... to make them believe, to give them hope? 你认为那些孩子需要什么? 让他们坚定信念? 给他们以希望?
You think they need another drug dealing cop 你以为他们需要一个吸毒的警察?

or do you think they need a fallen black hero? 还是需要一个没用的黑人英雄?
Why don’t you cut through the bullshit and just tell me what it is you want. 你少说两句废话吧 告诉我你想要什么好了
The D.A.’s squad loses its lead investigator next month. 检察院成员小组的首席检察官下个月就不在了
Rick is quite adamant that his replacement be a person of color. 瑞克坚决要让黑人来坐那个位子
It’s a high-profile position, and he wants to send the right message to the community. 这是个高层的职位 他希望有人可以帮他给下头传达可靠的信息
And the right message is, "Look at this black boy I just bought? " 这个可靠的信息是不是就是"来瞧瞧我刚买下来的这个黑鬼下人"
Well, fuck you very much. But thanks for thinking of me. 你也太操蛋了 但还是要谢谢你们想到我
Actually we were thinking of you. 我们确实有想过你
Until we saw that. 直到我们看到了这个
It’s your brother’s file. 这是你兄弟的资料
Twenty-something years old and already three felonies. 二十来岁就已经犯下三项重罪

Three strikes law. Kid’s going away for life for stealing a car. 三项都是人身攻击罪 为了生计而偷车
Christ, that’s a shitty law. 老天 这些该死的法律
There’s a warrant in there. 里面有逮捕令
But still, hey, he had every opportunity you had. 他仍然有着和你同等的机会
Fucking black people, huh? 该死的黑人
So all, uh... all I need to do to make this disappear 那么...我要做的就是让这个东西消失
is to frame a potentially innocent man? 然后去陷害一个无辜的被告吗?
What are you? The fucking defender of all things white? 你是什么人? 你是正义的辩护人吗?
We’re talking about a white man who shot three black men. 我们讨论的是一个开枪打死三个黑人的白人
And you’re arguing with me that maybe we’re not being fair to him? 你却在这里和我争论对他是不是公平的?
You know what? Maybe you’re right. Maybe Lewis did provoke this. 也许你是对的 也许确实是刘易斯所引起的
And maybe he got exactly what was coming to him. 也许他是活该的
Or maybe stoned or not, just being a black man in the Valley 无论是不是他的错 就因为他是黑人...
was enough to get him killed. 这也足以让他被杀了
There was no one there to see who shot first, so there is no way to know. 当时没有人看到是谁先开枪 所以我们根本没办法知道
Which means we could get this wrong. 也就是说我们很可能会弄错了
Maybe that’s what happened with your brother. Maybe we got it wrong. 也许这就是你兄弟的情况 我们可能搞错了
Maybe Lewis isn’t the only one who deserves the benefit of the doubt. 也许刘易斯并不是唯一一个让我们怀疑的人
You’re the one closest to all this. 你对这些事情是最了解的
You need to tell us. 你得告诉我们
What does your gut tell you? 你意下如何?
So? Graham? 格雷厄姆?
What do I tell ’em? 我怎样跟他们说?
You tell me, and I’ll tell them. 你让我怎么说我就怎么说
Well, I think given Detective Conklin’s history, 就说 我们手上的考克林的历史资料
it’s pretty clear what happened last night. 已经很清楚表明了昨晚发生在他身上的事了
Okay. 好的
Before I get to why we’re here, 在我说我为什么要来这里之前
I know that many of you have heard we had our car stolen last night. 我想很多人都听说我的车昨晚被偷了的事
And as you could imagine, my wife and I are both pretty shaken up. 正如你们想象的那样 我和我妻子都害怕极了
But we’re okay. 但我们都没事
And Jean and I truly appreciate all your calls and your concern. Thank you. 我和吉恩在这里要感谢大家对我们的关心 并打电话叫我们来

Now, just after 9.’00 p.m. Last night, Detective William Lewis, 威廉姆·刘易斯侦探...
an eight-year veteran of the force and an active member of the black community, 在部队当了八年的老兵 也是黑人社区里的活跃分子
was gunned down by a fellow officer. 昨晚九点左右被一名同伴警察开枪打死了

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