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听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 12






  - You gotta trust me, all right? - I trust you. -你要相信我-我相信你
  All right, here. Come on, come on. Keep up. 来,快点,跟上来
  Dad, when’s Mom coming back? 妈妈几时会回来?
  Dad, when’s Mom coming back? 爸,妈妈几时会回来?
  I don’t know, Christopher. 我不知道
  Dad, listen to this. 爸,你听哦
  One day, a man was drowning in the water. 有一个人快淹死了
  And a boat came by and said, "Do you need any help?" 一艘船经过说:“你要我救你吗?”
  He said, "No, thank you. God will save me." 他说:“不用 ,上帝会救我”
  Then another boat came by. Said, "Do you need any help?" 又一艘船经过说:“你要我救你吗?”
  And he said, "No, thank you. God will save me." 他说:“不用 ,上帝会救我”
  Then he drowned, and he went to heaven. 最后他被淹死 上了天堂
  And he said, "God, why didn’t you save me?" 他说:“上帝,你为什么不救我?”
  And God said, "I sent you two big boats, you dummy." 上帝说:“我派了两艘船去救你了”
  Do you like it? 很好笑吧?
  Yeah, that’s very funny, man. Give me your hand. 是很好笑,牵住我的手
  - Thank you very much, sir. - Yes, sir. -真是谢谢你-不客气

  - You got the bill of sale here. - Yes. -这是发票-好
  All the information you’ll need. 使用手册在这

  Thank you very much for your business. 真是感激不尽
  Thank you. 谢谢你
  One hundred, 200, 20, 40, 45, 46... 一百、两百、二十、四十 四十五、四十六
  ...7, 8, 9, 10. 七、八、九、十
  Thank you. 谢谢你
  - Hey, you want one of those? - No, it’s okay. -你要巧克力棒吗?-不用啦
  Come on, you can have one. Which one? 你可以吃,哪一个?
  - You like that one? How much? - Twenty-five cents. -这个吗?多少?-两毛五
  This part of my life is called "Internship." 我这个人生阶段是“实习生”
  The 1200 building is Medley Industrial and Sanko Oil. 那栋大楼是麦氏工业和三光石油
  The building across the street is Lee-Ray Shipping. 对面则是李雷货运公司
  In a couple weeks, you’ll get call sheets... 你们会拿到一份
  ...with the phone numbers of employees... 电话号码清单
  ...from every Fortune 500 company in the financial district. 全都是全美500大企业
  You will be pooling from 60 Fortune companies. 其中有60家的总部在旧金山
  You will mainly be cold-calling potential clients. 你们要打给有潜力的客户
  But if you have to have lunch with them, have breakfast with them... 如果你们能跟他们吃早饭、午饭

  ...even baby-sit for them, do whatever it takes to familiarize them... 甚至替他们带小孩 就要尽力推销我们的理财服务
  ...with our packages. We need you to match their needs and goals... 说服他们加入我们的
  ...to one of our many financial plans. In essence, you reel them in... 理财计划 只要放长线
  ...we’ll cook the fish. 就能钓到大鱼
  Some of you are here because you know somebody. 有些人的人脉很广
  Some of you are here because you think you’re somebody. 有些人自以为是大人物
  There’s one guy in here who’s gonna be somebody. 不过只有一个人会被录用
  That person’s gonna be the guy... 他必须创下
  ...who can turn this into this. 最高的业绩
  Eight hundred thousand in commission dollars. 替公司赚到80万元的佣金
  You, you, help me hand these out. 你们帮忙传给其他人
  This is going to be your bible. 这会是你们的“圣经”
  You’ll eat with it. 吃饭睡觉
  - You’ll drink with it. - It was simple. -都要抱着它-很简单
  X number of calls equals X number of prospects. 每一通电话都是一线希望
  X number of prospects equals X number of customers. 每一线希望都代表一名客户
  X number of customers equals X number of dollars... 每一名客户 就代表
  ...in the company’s pocket. - Your board exam. -替公司赚钱的机会-你们要通过一项考试
  Last year, we had an intern score a 96.4 percent on the written exam. 去年有名实习生笔试是96分
  He wasn’t chosen. It’s not a simple passlfail. 他没有被录用 笔试考得高不代表成功
  It’s an evaluation tool we use to separate applicants. 只是用来评估实习生的水准
  Be safe, score a hundred. 考一百分比较保险
  Okay, let’s take a break. Be back in 10. 休息一下,十分钟后回来
  - Hey, Mr. Frohm. Chris. - Hi. 傅先生 我是克里斯
  - Chris, how are you? - I’m good. How you doing? -克里斯,你好吗?-很好,你呢?
  - Fine, thank you for asking. - First day in there. It was exciting. -很好,多谢关心-第一天上课真的很兴奋
  You’re not quitting on us yet, are you? 你不是要打退堂鼓吧?
  No, sir. Ten-minute break. 不,现在是十分钟休息时间
  Pop out, get a quick bite and then back in there for board prep. 吃完午饭就回去准备考试
  Oh, man, I remember mine. 我记得我的考试
  And ours were only an hour, not three like yours. 只有一小时,不像你们的三小时
  We didn’t do world markets, didn’t bother with taxes... 虽然没考全球市场或税务知识
  ...and it was still a pain in the ass. Funny what you remember. 不过也是一样难考 我还记得

  There was a beautiful girl in that class. 班上有一个大美女
  I can’t remember her name, but her face was so... 我忘了名字,不过她有够
  I’ve seen an old friend of mine. Do you mind? 抱歉,我看到一位老朋友 您介意吗?
  - No, go ahead. - Good talking to you, sir. -去吧-很高兴跟你聊天
  Hey, asshole. Are you all right, asshole? 臭小子 你没事吧?
  Are you okay? What were you thinking? 你没事吧? 你疯了吗?
  What are you doing? I could’ve killed you. 我差点把你撞死
  I’m trying to cross the street. 我只是想过马路
  - Well, you’re all right? - Yeah, yeah. -你没事吧?-没事
  - Where’s my shoe? - What? 我的鞋子呢?
  - You knocked off my shoe! - I don’t know where your shoe is. -我的鞋子被你撞掉了-我不知道在哪里
  - Where’s my damn shoe? - I don’t know. -我的鞋子呢?-不知道


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