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听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 13






  - Did you see it? I lost my shoe. - No, I’m sorry. -你有没有看到?我的鞋-没有,抱歉
  Hey. Hey, where are you going? 嘿,嘿,你要去哪里?
  - We should wait for the police. - I gotta go to work. -我们应该等警察来-我得去上班
  Hey, you just got hit by a car. Go to the hospital. 你被车撞到,最好去医院
  I’m in a competitive internship at Dean Witter. 我是添惠证券公司的实习生
  Hey, man, you’re missing a shoe. 你少了一只鞋子
  Oh, yeah, thanks. Thank you. 是啊,多谢提醒哦
  Dad. 爸
  - You don’t have a shoe. - Yeah, I know. 你少了一只鞋子
  - Wanna know what happened? - Yeah. -你想知道发生什么事吗?-想
  I got hit by a car. 我被车子撞到
  - You got hit by a car? - Yep. -你被车子撞到?-对
  - Where? - Just right by the office. -哪里?-公司附近
  - No, where in your body? - Like, the back of my legs. -我是问你被撞到哪里啦?-我的脚吧
  - Hey, goodbye, Mrs. Chu. - Goodbye. 再见,朱太太

  - Where you on the street? - Yeah, I was running in the street. -你在街上吗?-对,我在街上跑
  Don’t do that. You can get hurt. 别乱跑,你会受伤耶
  Yeah, thanks. 谢了
  I’ll remember that next time. 下次我会记得的
  And here I was again. 我又来了
  - Show up early. - While qualified persons... -提早到公司-挑选有潜力的客户
  ...qualified persons are interested in investing and have money to invest. 他们是有兴趣投资的有钱人

  - Now, Chris. - Yes, sir. -克里斯-是的
  Would you get me some coffee, please? 帮我倒杯咖啡好吗?
  Favors for Frakesh, our office manager. All day. 我成天都替我们的主管跑腿
  My name is Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Michael Anderson. 我是克里斯,我找安德森先生
  Yes, sir, we’re having a lunch actually this Thursday. 我们公司今天正好举行午宴
  Okay, next time. All right, I’m gonna hold you to that. 你下次一定要来哦
  Okay, yes, thank you. 好的,谢谢你
  Who wants to get me a doughnut? 谁要替我拿甜甜圈?
  - Chris? - Yes, sir. -克里斯-好的
  Feeling underrated and unappreciated. 我觉得自己被低估被欺负
  Hello, Mr. Ronald Fryer. 您好,符先生
  Good morning to you, sir. My name is Chris Gardner. 早安
  I’m calling from Dean Witter. 我是添惠证券的克里斯
  Yes, I have some very, very valuable information on what’s called a tax... 我想跟您谈谈本公司的优惠

  Okay, thank you, sir. 好的,谢谢您
  Then catch the bus by 4 to the place where they can’t spell "happiness." 四点赶到连“幸福”都拼错的 托儿所
  Then the cross-town. 然后搭公车
  The 22 home. 回到汽车旅馆
  - Hey, Chris! - Hey. Hi, Ralph. -嘿,克里斯-嗨,赖夫
  - I’m waiting. - All right, I got that for you, Ralph. -我在等你的房钱-没问题,我很快就会给你
  I’m gonna get that for you. 我很快就会给你
  Whoever brought in the most money after six months was usually hired. 业绩最好的实习生通常会被录用
  Hello, Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Walter Hobb. 你好,我找郝先生
  We were all working our way up call sheets to sign clients. 我们都从清单底下开始打电话
  - From the bottom to the top. - Yes, sir. 从低层人员到高级主管
  - From the doorman to the CEO. - Okay. 从门房到执行长
  They’d stay till 7, but I had Christopher. 大家都待到七点,我得去接小克
  I had to do in six hours what they do in nine. 必须在六小时内尽量打电话
  Good afternoon, my name is Chris Gardner. I’m calling from Dean Witter. 午安,我是添惠证券的克里斯
  In order not to waste any time... 为了不浪费时间
  ...I wasn’t hanging up the phone in between calls. 我都不挂电话
  Okay, thank you very much. 好的,谢谢你
  I realized that by not hanging up the phone... 这样一来
  ...I gained another eight minutes a day. 每天就多出八分钟
  Why, good morning to you, my name is Chris Gardner. 早安,我是克里斯
  - I’m calling from Dean Witter. - I wasn’t drinking water... 我也尽量不喝水
  ...so I didn’t’ waste any time in the bathroom. 就不必上厕所
  Yes, I’d love to have the opportunity... 我很想趁这机会
  Okay, no problem at all, sir. Thank you very much. 没问题,谢谢你
  But even doing all this... 但是就算这样
  ...after two months, I still didn’t have time to work my way up a sheet. 两个月后还是没什么进展
  We’re feeling really confident about that one as well.
  Walter Ribbon’s office. 执行长办公室
  Yes, hello, my name is Chris Gardner. I’m calling for Mr. Walter Ribbon. 我是克里斯,请接罗执行长
  - Concerning? - Yes, ma’am. 有何贵干?
  I’m calling from Dean Witter. 这是添惠证券公司
  Just a moment. 请稍等
  - Hello? - Mr. Ribbon. -喂?-罗先生
  Hello, sir. My name’s Chris Gardner. I’m calling from Dean Witter. 您好 我是添惠证券的克里斯

  - Yeah, Chris. - Yes, Mr. Ribbon... -是的,克里斯 -罗先生
  ...I would love to have the opportunity to discuss some of our products. 我想和你谈谈我们的理财方案
  I’m certain that I could be of some assistance to you. 一定会对你有帮助的
  Can you be here in 20 minutes? 你二十分钟内能赶来吗?
  - Twenty minutes. Absolutely. - Just had someone cancel. -二十分钟,没问题-因为有人取消预约
  I can give you a few minutes before the 49ers. 现在来 我去看球赛前有一点时间
  - Monday Night Football, buddy. - Yes, sir. Thank you very much. -周一美式足球赛-好,谢谢你
  - See you soon. - Bye-bye. 待会见
  Excuse me. Thank you. 抱歉,谢谢
  - Chris, what’s up? - Hey, Mr. Frakesh. -你要去哪里?-裴先生
  Hey, do you have five minutes? 你有空吗?
  I got a green light from Walter Ribbon... 我正好要去见一位大客户
  I’m supposed to present commodities to Bromer. Could you move my car? 我没空,我要去做简报 请你帮我移车
  That’d really help me out. It’s on Samson, half block, silver Caprice. 车子就停在半个街口以外
  Just move it to the other side. They’re street sweeping. There’s spaces. 只要移到对面,一定有停车位
  Hang on to these. I have backups in my desk. 拿去,我有备用钥匙
  And you have to jimmy that. 你得稍微摇一下
  - Jimmy what? - You have to jimmy the key. -摇一下什么?-钥匙呀
  And the other doors don’t unlock. You have to jimmy it. 另一边的车门被锁死 你得用力摇晃钥匙

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