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听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 15






- What are you doing up here? - I came to apologize... -你来这里有何贵干?-我想为那天的事
...for missing our appointment. - You didn’t need to come up. -向你道歉-你不必特意跑来
We were in the neighborhood visiting a very close friend... 我们正好来附近看朋友
...and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your time. 我顺便来向你道谢
- I know you probably waited for me. - Little bit. -你大概等了我一下子-只有一下子
I want you to know that I do not take that for granted. 我非常感激你的好意
Oh, come on. What’s that? 不客气,那是什么?
Oh, it’s an Osteo National bone-density scanner. 这是一台骨质密度扫描机
A company I bought into prior to going to work at Witter. 我之前推销的医疗器材
- I have a meeting after the game. - You’re going to the game? -我看完球赛有个约-你们要去看球赛?
- Yeah. - Possibly. -是啊-也许吧
- Possibly. - We’re going too. 也许
I’m taking my son, Tim. My 12-year-old. 我也要带我儿子去看球赛
We were just leaving. Tim! 刚好要出发
Listen, we’ll get out of your way. 我不打扰你了
Again, thank you very much, and I’m sorry about the other day. 再次谢谢你 那天很抱歉
And I hope that we can reschedule for later. 希望能另约时间
- You got it. - Thank you very much. -没问题-谢谢你
You take care. Here, come on. 保重了 来
- Say bye-bye, Chris. - Bye. -说再见-拜
Bye, Christopher. 拜了 ,小克

Hey, you guys wanna come with us? 你们要一起来吗?
- What? To Candlestick? - We’re going now. Come with us. -一起去球场?-反正我们要去,一起去吧
- Where are your seats? - We’ve... We’re upper deck. -你们坐哪里?-在最上面啦
We got a box. Come on. 我们坐包厢
- You wanna sit in the box? - No. -你想坐包厢吗?-不想
It’s not actually a box. It’s, you know, a private section. 那不是箱子哦 而是贵宝专用的包厢
It’s more comfortable. You wanna go? 比较舒适 你想去吗?
- Okay. - Okay, kids in the back. -好啊-小朋友坐后座
Hey, why don’t you just put that in your car? 把那玩意放到你车上
- Yeah, okay. Sure, sure. - We don’t have a car. -好,没问题-我们没有车子
- Oh, my... - What happened? 怎么了?
I think I got stung by a bee. 我被蜜蜂蛰到
- You all right? - Oh, yeah. Goodness. I’m fine. -你没事吧?-没事,我没事
- You’re not allergic or anything? - No, no, no. -你不会过敏吧?-不会

- Where’d he get you? - Just right at the back of my head. -你被蛰到哪里?-我的后脑勺
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I’m fine, Christopher. -你没事吧?-没事
- Does it hurt? - Christopher, I’m fine. -痛不痛?-我没事啦
- Let me see. - Christopher, sit back. Sit back. -给我看-小克,坐回去
Thomas Jefferson mentions happiness a couple times... 汤犸斯杰佛逊在独立宣言中
...in the Declaration of Independence. 提到“幸福”
May seem like a strange word to be in that document... 他用这个词也许有点奇怪
...but he was sort of... He was an artist. 不过他是一名作家
He called the English "the disturbers of our harmony." 他说英国人破坏美国人的幸福
And I remember standing there that day... 我那天也在想
...thinking about the disturbers of mine. 谁破坏了我的幸福
Questions I had: Whether all this was good. 我在想 我的努力值得吗?
Whether I’d make it. 我到底能不能成功?
And Walter Ribbon and his Pacific Bell pension money... 罗先生的电信公司退休基金
...which was millions. 总共有好几百万元
Yeah! 好耶
It was a way to another place. 我能靠他得到幸福
Wow, this is... 喔,这样
This is the way to watch a football game here. 这样看球赛才过瘾
- Thank you very much for this, really. - Hey, it’s my pleasure, Chris. -多谢了-别这么说,克里斯
And, Mr. Ribbon, I also wanna thank you for giving me the opportunity... 我想谢谢你给我机会
...to discuss the asset management capabilities of Dean Witter... 谈谈添惠证券的理财方案
...which we believe to be far superior... 我认为
...to anything you got going over at Morgan Stanley. 比摩根史坦利的更优惠
Really, I think you’re gonna be blown away. 我们会让你很满意的
Point blank, Dean Witter needs to be managing your retirement portfolio. 你需要添惠证券替你理财
You know, I didn’t have any notion that you were new there. 我不知道你是个菜鸟
I like you, but there’s not a chance I’m gonna let you direct our fund. 我也挺喜欢你 不过我不可能让你替我理财
That’s just not gonna happen anytime soon, buddy. 至少在短期内不会发生
So, you know, come on, relax. Let’s play the game. Go, go, go! 放轻松,看球赛吧 加油!加油!
Yes! Yeah!
- Here you go. - All right. 我的名片
I’ve had a few ideas already, absolutely. 我已经替你想到一些方案
- Chris, I’ll talk to you later. - I’m gonna give you a call. 以后再聊吧

Nice to meet you, Chris. Give me a call. 幸会了 ,打给我
Yes, absolutely. Thank you. 好的,谢谢你
- Bye. - Bye, Christopher. -拜了-拜,小克
After four months, we had sold all our scanners. 四个月后我把扫描机都卖掉了
It seemed we were making it. 看来我们撑得过去
What’s the... 世上最快的
...fastest animal in the world? - Jackrabbit. -动物是什么?-杰克兔
It seemed we were doing good. 我们似乎过得还不错
Till one day... 直到有一天
...that day... 就是那一天
...that letter brought me back to earth. 那封信把我带回现实
This part of my life is called "Paying Taxes." 这个人生阶段是“纳税”
If you didn’t pay them... 要是你不纳税
...the government could stick their hands into your bank account... 政府就会从你的银行帐户
...and take your money. 拿钱
Dad. 爸!
No warning. Nothing. 毫无任何预警
It can’t be too late. That’s my money. 一定来得及,那是我的钱

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