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听电影学英语:变形金刚 04





  Get your clown cousin and get some hammers 曼尼,去找你的小丑表弟
  and come bang this stuff out, baby! 拿根榔头把凹痕敲掉,把这家伙搞定
  ... greater than man... …比人类伟大…
  That one's my favorite, drove all the way from Alabammy. 我超爱这辆车 大老远从阿拉巴马州开来
  $4,000. 四千块钱!
  Steve. 史提夫
  Hello, Mr. Secretary. 你好,部长先生
  They're so young. 他们都好年轻
  They're the top subject matter experts, sir. 他们是这方面的顶尖专家
  NSA's recruiting right out of high school these days. 国家安全局直接从高中征召
  Guys, that's the Secretary of Defense. 大伙儿,那是国防部长
  I am so underdressed. 我穿得太随便了
  Ladies and gentlemen, the Secretary of Defense. 各位,美国国防部长
  Please be seated. 请坐
  I'm John Keller. 我是约翰凯勒
  Obviously, you're wondering why you're here, so these are the facts. 你们都想知道为什么被找来 我就说出实情吧
  At 1900 local time yesterday, 昨天早上当地时间七点整
  the SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar was attacked. 卡达的美军指挥中心遭到攻击
  So far as we know, there were no survivors. 据我们所知,没有生还者
  The objective of the attack was to hack our military network. 敌方的目的是侵入军事电脑
  We're not sure exactly what they're after, 我们不确定他们要找什么
  which would lead us to assume that they're going to try it again. 所以我们假设他们会再重新尝试
  Now, no one's taken responsibility for the attack. 没有人承认犯下攻击行动
  And the only real lead we have so far is this sound. 目前的唯一线索是这个声音
  That's the signal that hacked our network. 这就是侵入电脑的讯号

  NSA's working at full capacity to analyze it 国家安全局正在尽全力分析
  and intercept further communications, 并拦截这个讯号
  but we need your help to find out who did this. 我们需要你们查出敌方的身分
  Now, you've all shown considerable ability in the area of signals analysis. 你们都是讯号分析顶尖高手
  We're on a hair-trigger here, people. 现在情况危急
  The President has dispatched battle groups 总统已经派遣战斗部队
  to the Arabian Gulf and Yellow Sea. This is as real as it's ever gonna get. 前往波斯湾和黄海,这是真正的战争
  Now I'm gonna leave you to your officer-in-charge. 你们要听官员的命令
  You'll break up into teams and you'll start your work. 分组开始进行分析
  Good luck to us all. 祝好运
  All right, Mojo. I got the car. Now I need the girl. 魔汁,我有车了,现在我要女友
  I need money to take out the girl is what I need. 交女友也需要钱
  Zero bids. 没有人出价
  Great. Broke. 太好了
  Come on, Mojo. You want your pain pills? 魔汁,你要吃止痛药吗?
  Good. What's up? 怎么样?
  No. Premature. 还没,痘痘还没出来
  Nothing. You know, just driving my car. Driving my car. 没事,只是在开车
  It's like clockwork. All right, I know you get wasted on these things, 我知道你吃了这药后会很high
  but if you piss in my bed again, you're sleeping outside. Okay? 不过如果再尿在床上就得睡外面
  That's it for today. No more. Crackhead. 就这样,没有了,毒虫
  - Ron, this one is uneven. - Yeah. Probably. 朗,这一块不平 是啊,有可能
  This one is wobbly. 这一块摇摇晃晃的
  - Yeah. I'll take care of that real soon. - Couldn't we have hired a professional? 好啦,我待会就去处理 我们不能找专家吗?
  - Sam... - What? 山姆
  I do not like footprints on my grass. 我的草坪不能有鞋印
  - What foot... There's no footprints. - That's why I built my path. 哪来的鞋印? 所以我才铺了步道
  So why don't you go from my grass onto my path, okay? 拜托你走我铺的步道
  - It's family grass, Dad. - Well, when you own your own grass, 这是我们家的草坪 你有自己的房子就会了解
  - you'll understand. - This... I can't do it anymore. 我再也受不了了
  - You're putting girl jewelry on a boy dog. - What? 你替公狗戴女生的首饰
  He's got enough self-esteem issues as a Chihuahua, Mom. 他是只小吉娃娃已经够自卑了
  I want you home at 11:00! 11点钟一定要回家
  That's his bling. 那就是他的特色耶
  - Yeah, all right. - 11:00! 好啦 11点整
  Please, for the love of God, drive safely. 拜托你小心开车
  Wow. You are so cheap. 你真是有够小气
  Well, it's his first car. Supposed to be like that. 第一辆车本来就应该是便宜货
  At this time, we can't confirm whether there were any survivors. 目前我们不能确定有生还者
  Oh, my God. Our bases worldwide are, as of now, at DEFCON Delta, 全球美军基地进入D级紧急状况
  our highest readiness level. 最高的备战状况
  We're dealing with a very effective weapons system that we have not come across before. 敌方拥有前所未见的先进武器
  But our prayers are with the families of the brave men and women... 不过我们为美军指挥中心 英勇的男女士兵祷告
  Honey, Daddy's gonna be okay. 爸爸会没事的
  I've never seen a weapons system like this. 我没见过这种武器系统
  The thermal shows this weird aura around the exoskeleton 它的外壳被奇怪的光气包围
  like it's cloaked by some kind of invisible force field. 好像是某种隐形的力场
  That's impossible. There's no such thing as invisible force fields 不可能,没有隐形力场这玩意
  except in, like, comic book stuff, right? 只有漫画才有,对吧?
  - Man, I don't know. - What is that? 我也不知道
  My mama, she had the gift, you know? 我老妈有超感应力
  She saw things. I got the gene, too, 她能看到东西,我也可以
  and that thing that attacked us? I got a feeling it ain't over. 攻击我们的东西 我有预感它们还会再来
  How about you use those magic voodoo powers 你不如用巫术
  and get us the hell out of here, huh? 把我们救出去
  When I took that picture, I think it saw me. 当我拍那张照片,我觉得它看到我了

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