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听电影学英语:变形金刚 05





  It looked right at me. 它直直地瞪着我
  All right, we got to get this thing back to the Pentagon right away. 我们得把这照片传回五角大厦
  They got to know what we're dealing with here. 他们必须知道敌方是什么
  My radio's fried. 我的无线电被烧坏
  - I got no communication with aerial. - Hey, Mahfouz. 电子讯号也收不到
  - How far do you live from here? - Not far. Just up that mountain. 玛夫萨,你家离这里多远? 不远,就在那座山上
  - Do they have a phone? - Yes. 那里有电话吗? 有
  All right, let's hit it. 好,咱们出发吧
  Dude, are you sure we're invited to this party? 你确定我们有被邀请吗?
  Of course, Miles. It's a lake. Public property. 当然有,这是一座湖,这是公共场所
  Oh, my God. 我的天啊
  Oh, my God, dude, Mikaela's here. Just don't do anything weird, all right? 老天爷,蜜琪也在 不要做出怪事,好吗?
  - I'm good, right? - Yeah, you're good. 我很帅吧? 帅呆了
  Okay. 很好
  Hey, guys, check it out. 大伙儿,你们看
  Oh, hi. Hey, bro. That car. It's nice. Hey. 兄弟,那辆车挺炫的
  So, what are you guys doing here? 你们跑来干嘛?
  We're here to climb this tree. 我们是来爬树的
  I see that. It looks... It looks fun. 我看到了,好像很好玩
  - Yeah. - You know, I thought I recognized you. 是啊 我好像认得你

  You tried out for the football team last year, right? 你去年想加入美式足球队
  Let's go call your mom. 赶快通知你老妈
  Oh, no, no, that... No. That wasn't like a real tryout. 不是啦,我不是真的想加入
  I was researching a book I was writing. 只是为了我写的书做研究
  - Oh, yeah? - Yeah. 真的吗? 真的
  Yeah? What's it about? Sucking at sports? 你在写什么样的书? 关于运动白痴吗?
  No, it's about the link between brain damage and football. 其实是关于美式足球和脑部伤害
  You know, it's got mazes in it and, you know, little coloring areas, 里面有生字练习表 还有着色图和立体图片
  sections, pop-up pictures. It's a lot of fun. 真的很好玩
  That's funny. 你真会搞笑
  Okay, okay. You know what? Stop. 够了,别闹了
  Hey, guys, I know of a party. Let's go, let's head. 我知道有一场派对,走吧
  You got to get out of the tree right now. Get... 你得爬下来
  Just get out of the tree right now, please. 快点,赶快爬下来
  Did you see that dismount? All the chicks were watching. 我着地超帅,女生都在看我
  What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
  You're making me look like an idiot. We both looked like idiots just now. 你害我看起来像个猪头 我们都像猪头
  - Hey, how about you let me drive? - Oh, no. No, no, no. This is not a toy. 让我开车 不行,这不是玩具车
  These 22s, I don't want you grinding them. No. 这是顶级轮胎,你会弄坏
  Why doesn't my little bunny just hop in the back seat? 我的小白兔,你坐后座吧
  God, I can't even tell you how much I'm not your little bunny. 拜托,我才不是你的小白兔
  Okay. 好吧
  You'll call me. 你一定会打给我
  Who's gonna drive you home, tonight? 谁要开车送你回家...
  Hey, man, what's wrong with your radio? 你的收音机有毛病吗?
  - I'm gonna drive her home tonight. - What? 我要开车送她回家 什么?
  She's an evil jock concubine, man. Let her hitchhike. 她是那个狠角色的女友 让她搭顺风车吧
  She lives 10 miles from here, okay? It's my only chance. 她家离这里有十英哩 只有我能送她回家
  All right. We'll put her in the back. I'll be quiet. 那就让她坐后座,我不介意
  You got to be understanding here, all right? 懂吗?
  - Did you say, "Put her in the back"? - I called shotgun. 你说让她坐后座? 我坐在前座啊
  I'm not putting her in the back. You got to get out of my car. 不能让她坐后座,你马上下车
  - That's a party foul. - What rules? 这违反派对规则 什么规则?
  Bros before hos. 你真是重色轻友
  Miles, I'm begging you to get out of my car. Okay? 麦斯,我求求你快下车
  You got to get out of my car right now. 快点下车

  You can't do this to me. 你不能这么对我
  Who's gonna come around when you break? 谁会来救你...
  Mikaela! It's Sam. 蜜琪,我是山姆
  Witwicky. 魏山姆
  I hope I didn't get you stranded or anything. 希望我没害你被困在这里
  You sure? 你确定吗?
  So, listen, I was wondering if I could ride you home. 我在想能不能让我上你...
  I mean, give you a ride home in my car, to your house. 我是说让你上我的车 开车送你回家
  There you go. 上车吧
  So... 所以...
  I can't believe that I'm here right now. 我不敢相信我会在这里
  You can duck down if you want. I mean, it won't hurt my feelings. 你可以低下头 那不会伤了我的自尊心
  Oh, no, no, no. I didn't mean here with you. 我不是说跟你在一起
  I just meant here, like, in this situation, this same situation that I'm always in. 我是说陷入这种状况 每次都是这样
  'Cause, I don't know, I guess I just have a weakness for hot guys, 我猜可能是我特别喜欢猛男...
  for tight abs and really big arms. 有腹肌和臂肌的猛男
  Big arms? 臂肌?
  Well, there's a couple new additions in the car. 我替车子加了一些配备...
  Like, I just put in that light there. 我才刚装了那盏灯...
  And that disco ball. And so the light reflects off the disco ball. 还有迪斯可彩球,彩球可以反射光线
  Yeah. 是啊
  Are you new to school this year? It's your first year here? 你是新生吗?今年才刚入学吗?
  Oh, no, no. 不是
  We've been in the same school since first grade. 我们从小学一年级就同校
  - Really? - Yeah. 真的吗? 真的
  Well, do we have any classes together? 我们是同班同学吗?
  - Yeah, yeah. - Really? Which? 是啊
  History. Language arts. Math. Science. 历史课、英文课、数学课、自然课
  - Sam Wilkicky. - Witwicky. 山姆魏奇奇 魏瓦奇
  - Sam. - Sam. Yeah. 你是山姆 没错
  God, you know what? I'm so sorry. I just... 真是不好意思
  - No, it's cool. - I just didn't recognize you. 没关系 我只是不认得你
  Yeah, well, I mean, that's understandable. 这可以理解
  No, no, no. No. Come on. 不,别给我抛锚
  Sorry, I'm just working out the kinks. You know, it's a new car. 这是新车,我还不太熟
  When I get that feeling I want sexual healing 你对我也有感觉吗...
  This radio is, like, you know... It's an old radio, too, so... 这台收音机太老旧了
  Sexual healing # 性爱疗法
  Look, this isn't something that I, you know... 你不爱听的话...
  I can't get this radio to stop. Look, I wouldn't try this on you. 我关不掉收音机,我不是故意的
  'Cause this is like a romantic thing that I'm not trying to do. 我不是故意要搞浪漫
  Not that you're not worthy of trying something like this on. 我不是说你不值得我搞浪漫
  - No, of course not. - I'm a friend of yours. 当然罗 我只是你朋友
  I'm not a romantic friend. Romantic friends do this. 不是男朋友,男朋友才会搞浪漫

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