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听电影学英语:变形金刚 08





  Whoever finds this, my car is alive, okay? You saw that? 如果有人找到这手机 我的车子活过来了!看到吗?
  Since this is my last words on Earth, I just wanna say, Mom, Dad, I love you, 这是我的遗言 我只想说:爸妈,我爱你们
  and if you find Busty Beauties under my bed, it wasn't mine. 还有我的床底的“波霸美女”
  I'm holding it for Miles. No, no, wait that... 那不是我的,是麦斯的,等一下
  Okay, that's not true. It's mine and Uncle Charles gave it to me. 不对,那是查尔斯叔叔给我的
  I'm sorry. Mojo, I love you. 魔汁,我爱你
  No! No! No! No! 不!不!不!不!
  Oh, my God. 哦,上帝
  No, you're a good dog! Good dog! Good dog! 乖狗狗,乖狗狗
  Oh, my God. 天啊
  Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! All right! Oh! No! No! 喔,好吧!好吧!
  Okay. Please, please don't kill me! 不要杀我,对不起
  I'm sorry! Take the keys! I don't want them! Car's yours! 车钥匙拿去,它是你的了
  Listen, listen, listen. 听着,听着,听着
  - Good, you're here. - Let me see your hands! 太好了,你们终于来了 把手举起来
  - No, no, no! It's not me! - Let me see your hands. 坏人不是我
  - The guy's inside. - Shut up! Walk towards the car. 是车上的家伙 闭嘴,走向车子
  Put your head on the hood. 头放在引擎盖上
  Whoever did this finally managed to infiltrate our defense network, 不管对方是谁,它们侵入国防网路
  which is what they tried to do in Qatar, only this time it worked. 它们在卡达试过,而这次成功了

  - What did they get? - We still don't know. 它们拿到什么? 还不知道
  - Talk to me about the virus. - It's a Spider-bot virus. 到底是什么电脑病毒? 蜘蛛机器人病毒
  We're not sure what it's going to do, but it may cripple the system. 不知道它会做什么 不过可能瘫痪电脑系统
  - Can we stop it? - Every time we try an antivirus, 不能阻止它吗? 每次试用防毒软件
  it adapts and speeds up. It's like it's not a virus anymore. 它都能适应,进行破坏
  It's become the system. 就像是进化成为电脑系统
  Obviously the first phase of a major attack against the US. 这可是攻击美国的第一阶段攻势
  The only countries with this kind of capability 拥有这种能力的国家只有
  are Russia, North Korea, maybe China. 俄国、北韩,也许中国
  - I'm sorry, that's not correct. - Excuse me, young lady. 抱歉,那并不正确 小姐
  I didn't see you standing there. You would be who? 我没看到你,你是谁?
  I'm just the analyst who detected the hack. 我只是侦测到病毒的分析师
  Hold on. It was you? You did it? 等一下,是你?你发现的吗?
  - Her team. - Sir, I was just trying to say, 她的小组 长官,我只想说
  they hacked your firewall in 10 seconds. 它在十秒内侵入我们的防火墙
  Okay. Even a supercomputer with a brute force attack 就算用超级电脑强力侵入
  would take 20 years to do that. 也要花20年时间
  Maybe you can explain, then, how our latest satellite imagery 那么为什么卫星影像显示
  shows North Korea doubling its naval activity. 北韩加倍了海军行动?
  Maybe it's a precaution, because isn't that what we're doing? 也许只是防御行动 这不是我们也正在做的吗?
  The signal pattern is learning. It's evolving on its own. 这个讯号有学习能力,它能自我演进
  And you need to move past Fourier transfers 我们必须放弃傅里叶转换法
  and start considering quantum mechanics. 开始考虑量子力学
  There is nothing on Earth that complex. 地球上并没有这么复杂的机器
  Maybe some kind of DNA-based computer? 也许是基因电脑
  - And I know that that sounds crazy... - That's enough. That's enough. 我知道听起来很荒谬 够了
  We have six floors of analysts working on this thing. 我们有一大堆分析师在工作
  Now, if you can find proof to back up your theory, 如果你能找到证据
  I'm gonna be happy to listen to you. But if you don't get a filter 我很乐意听你的理论
  on that brain-mouth thing, you're gonna be off the team. You understand? 不过如果你只爱耍嘴皮 我就会把你开除,懂吗?
  Look, I can't be any clearer than how crystal clear I am being. 我已经说的够清楚了
  - It just stood up. - It just stood up. 它就这样站起来 车子站起来
  Wow. That's really neat. 哇塞,超炫的
  Okay, chiefie. Time to fill her up. And no drippy-drippy. 小子,去验尿吧,不要滴到罐子外面
  What are you rolling? 你嗑了什么药?
  Whippets? Goofballs? A little wowie sauce with the boys? 大麻?摇头丸?K他命?
  - No, I'm not on any drugs. - What's these? 我没有嗑药 这些是什么?
  Found it in your pocket. "Mojo." 你口袋里找到的,“魔汁”
  Is that what the kids are doing now? Little bit of Mojo? 青少年现在都嗑魔汁吗?
  - Those are my dog's pain pills. - You know, a Chihuahua. A little... 这是我小狗的止痛药 一只吉娃娃
  What was that? 你在干嘛?
  You eyeballing my piece, 50 Cent? 你在看我的枪吗,五角?
  You wanna go? Make something happen. Do it. 你想跟我斗?尽管上吧
  'Cause I promise you I will bust you up. 我保证会痛扁你一顿
  Are you on drugs? 你在嗑药吗?
  Let's hope this telephone line works. 希望电话线接得通
  Hey, heads up! 小心!
  Heads up! Hey! Heads up! 小心!
  What the heck was that? 那是什么鬼东西?
  English, dude. English. 说英文,说英文
  Whoa! 喔!
  Watch out! 小心!
  - Open fire! - Contact! Contact! - 开火!- 靠近了!靠近了!
  Everybody, quiet. Settle. 安静!冷静点!
  Whoa, mother... What the hell is... 我靠,什么东东?
  Get up! Get up! Come on! 快跑!快起来!

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