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听电影学英语-重返17岁 06






      - Wouldn’t you, if you had the chance? - No. - 你难道不会吗,如果你有机会的话?- 不会

  I’m rich, and nobody stuck my head in a toilet today. 我现在很有钱,而且也没有人再把我的头塞进马桶里

  Sure. Besides, it’s not just about me. 的确没错,但是,这不仅仅是我的事

  - It’s about you. - No, it’s much bigger than me. - 这就是你的事- 不,这远远不止是我一个人的事

  - It’s about you. - Okay, maybe it’s about me... - 这就是你的事- 好吧,或许这只是我的事…

  ...but what’s wrong with that? …但那又怎么样呢?

  I have not done anything for me since 1989. 自从1989年以后我就没有为自己做过什么

  You do what you have to do. But don’t think about sucking me into this with you. 你去做你该做的但是别妄想把我卷进去

  Hayden was the low point of my existence... 海顿高中是我人生的低潮...

  ...and I vowed I would never go back to that godforsaken place! ...而且我发誓我永远不会再回到那个鬼地方

  Never, ever, ever! 永远永远

  Never! Never, ever, ever! 永远!永远!永远!

  I hate you. 我恨你

  Hello. 你好

  I’m here to enroll my son... 我来这里登记我的儿子…

  ...in school. …入学

  Mark. 马克

  What’s up? 怎么了?

  NED: So... 那么…

  So we’ll just have a seat till you’re ready for us. 我们就先在外面坐一下等你有空再来

  We’ll be right, uh... Okay. 我们就在这儿,嗯

  What’s this you’re wearing? 你穿的是什么?


  This is cool. This is hip. I have a picture of Kevin Federline wearing the same thing. 这很酷,很流行,我有张凯文?费德林的照片,他就是这么穿的

  - I don’t know who that is. - What are you wearing? - 我可不知道那是谁- 你穿的这是什么?

  - I told you, like a dad. - I am. - 我告诉过你,要像个爸爸- 的确像啊

  - You look like Clay Aiken. - Leave him out of this. - 你看起来就像克莱?艾肯- 别把我跟那个扯上

  MIKE: Are you sure these look legit? - Oh, yeah. Look who you’re talking to. - 你确信这是正统的穿着吗?- 当然,看看你说的是谁

  I’m the guy who invented the software that prevents people from stealing music. 我可是那个开发了音乐防盗版软件的人啊

  I also invented the software that helps people steal music... 同时我也是那个开发了帮助人们盗版音乐的软件的人…

  ...but that’s a happy coincidence. ...不过那只能说是个愉快的巧合

  MIKE: What is that? 那是什么?

  - Wrong. These are for me. - You kidding? - 错了,这些是为我准备的- 你开什么玩笑?

  Oh, my G... 哦,我的天…

  - What’s-her-name and Chewie’s for me. - Miss Masterson will see you now. - 这都是我的- 麦斯德森小姐可以见你们了

  Let’s go. 走吧

  Just don’t try to be funny, all right? 尽量别搞笑,可以吗?

  Say as little as possible. 尽可能少说话

  Hey, watch where you’re going, toolbag. 嗨,看着点啊,废物

  - So sorry, sir. Our fault. - Stan. - 真抱歉,先生,是我们的错- 斯坦

  Hello. I’m Jane Masterson, principal here at Hayden High. 你好,我是简?麦斯德森海顿高中的校长

  MIKE: Hi. 嗨

  Hello. 你好

  JANE: Hi. - Hi. - 嗨- 嗨

  Uh, okay. 嗯,行了

  Yeah, I think we’re good here. 是的,我想这样就可以了

  Sorry. 抱歉

  I think our hands just made a baby. 我想我们的双手刚刚制造了一个爱的结晶

  Excuse my dad. He’s not used to talking to attractive women. 请原谅我父亲,他不太习惯和你这么有魅力的女人说话

  Oh, thank you... 谢谢...

  - Mark. JANE: Mark... - 马克- 马克…

  ...for that flattering yet totally inappropriate comment. …你的奉承还不是完全令人反感

  Please sit. 请坐吧

  Before we get started, I think you should know that, uh, Mark’s a bastard. 在我们开始之前,我认为应该先让你知道,马克是个私生子

  Excuse me? 什么?

  I had him out of wedlock, so... 我并不是结婚才有的这个孩子所以…

  ...l’m single. …我还单身

  And I’m very rich. 而且我还非常富有

  Okay. 好的

  - Did you bring your transcripts? - Oh, yeah. - 你带来了你的成绩单吗?- 带来了

  Transcripts. 成绩单

  JANE: Last school you went to was Cutler High in Connecticut. 你的上一个学校是康涅狄格州的卡特勒高中

  Straight-A student. Very impressive. 全优生,非常注目

  Math club... 数学协会…

  ...National Merit finalist... …国家奖学金…

  ...Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Champion. …寇妮岛吃热狗冠军

  Well, I think Hayden would be lucky to have you. 我想海顿高中会很庆幸有你这样优秀的学生

  - Welcome. - Thank you. - 欢迎你- 谢谢

  Uh, yes, Mr. Gold. Do you have a question? 嗯,高德先生,你有什么问题吗?

  Your hair is pretty. 你的头发很漂亮

  Ah. Not a question, but thank you. 啊,不是一个问题,但是谢谢你

  Would the lady mind if I smelled it? 你介意让我闻一下吗?

  Now is probably a good time to tell you that I don’t date students’parents. 不如趁此机会告诉你我不会和学生家长约会的

  Well, maybe I should tell you that I never don’t not date the principal of my child. 好吧,也许我应该告诉你我绝对不会不和我孩子的校长约会的

  Okay, come on, Dad. Come on, Dad. 好了,爸爸,好了,爸爸

  Let’s go. 走吧

  NED: I was about to close! 我正要接近她了

  MIKE: You have to do it right now? Just calm down. You’re a dad. 你非要挑这个时候这样吗?冷静一下,你现在可是我爸爸

  - Hi. Oh, my gosh. We’re in. - You see her undress me with her eyes? - 我的天,我们成功了- 你看到她用眼神让我缴械吗?

  I don’t think that’s what that was. 我不认为那是如你所想的那样

  Hey. Wow. I don’t know how we did it. 我都不知道我们怎么办到的

  It’s Maggie’s friends. Watch this. 是玛姬的朋友们,看着

  - Hey, girls, how’s it going? JAIME: Do I know you? - 嗨,女孩们,你好吗?- 我认识你吗?

  What’d you do, mug K-Fed? 你想怎么样,鬼脸小凯文?

  Welcome to the bottom of the food chain. 欢迎来到食物链的最底层

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