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听电影学英语-重返17岁 07






  Hey, look, you always had my back in high school, okay? 你看,高中时你总是在背后支持我不是吗?

  So if your spirit guide wants you to be a fake teenager... 所以如果你的精神引导者想要你假装成青少年…

  ...and me to be your fake dad... …而我要假装是你的爸爸…

  ...the least I can do is make sure that my fake son doesn’t look... …至少我能做到的是确信我的假儿子看起来…

  ...like a total douche. …不像个脑残

  - I don’t look like a douche. BOY: What a douche. - 我看起来才不像脑残- 哪来的脑残

  We’re going shopping. 我们去购物

  - Really? - Yes, your shirt is bedazzled. - 真的?- 是的,你的T恤让人眼花缭乱

  Bedazzled with rhinestones. 那是些人造钻石

  Ooh. 噢

  Let’s go to school. 上课去吧

  BOY: Hey, yo, check it out. 嗨,看那边

  That’s just rude. 这太不讲理了

  What’s up, dude? 怎么了,小白脸?

  What are you looking at, punk? 看什么呢,小阿飞

  BOY 1: Watch it. BOY 2: Wake up, douche. - 看着点- 清醒点,脑残

  Sorry. 对不起

  No phones, no texting. 不准用手机,不准发短信

  Settle, people. Settle down. 安静,大家安静

  Take the roughhousing outside, class. 要打闹出去打闹

  Hello? 你好?

  - Hello? - Where the hell are you? - 你好?- 你到底在哪?

  Oh, cr... 噢,天…


  - The thing. SCARLET: You mean our divorce? - 那件事啊- 你是说你还记得离婚的事吗?

  Do you take any of this seriously? 你有没有认真对待这件事?

  No, no! Yes, I take this seriously. 不,不!我是很认真的

  I had to leave the country very suddenly, uh... 事出突然,我不得不出国一趟…

  ...with the Mayan... Inca, I’m with the Incas in Peru. …和玛雅人…印加人我现在秘鲁,和印加人在一起

  We think we might have found the next... 我们认为,我们可能发现了新的…

  ...Rogaine. …落健(生发液)

  Are you with a girl? 你跟一个女孩在一起吗?

  No, no. It’s, uh, a bunch of cheerleaders. 不,没有,那不过是一群啦啦队

  So would you consider maybe dating a 10th-grader? 有没有考虑过和一个十年级的女生约会?

  I think we could go for full custody. 我认为,我们可以申请完全监护权

  No, you can’t take my kids away from me. 不,你不能带走我的孩子

  Since when do you care? 你什么时候开始在乎孩子了?

  MIKE: Look... 听我说…

  ...l’m a lot closer to them than you think. …我其实比你所能想到的还要接近孩子们

  Let’s reschedule, okay? 让我们再安排个时间,好吗?

  Hey, Maggie. 嗨,玛姬

  Um, why is the new kid waving at me? 为什么那个新来的对我招手?

  SAMANTHA: I don’t know. 我不知道

  But if that boy were an apple... 不过如果那个男孩是一个苹果的话…

  ...he’d be a Delicious. …他一定是很美味的那种

  MIKE: Oh, God. 噢,天呐

  Gosh, we are all in such great shape. 唉!我们一直都是这么健美

  Oh, jeez. 噢,上帝

  Man, you know, I will tell you something. 兄弟,让我告诉你点事情

  In 10 years you’re going to have this thing right here... 十年后你就就会在这里长出些东西来…

  ...that no amount of crunches will get rid of. And spot reduction, total lie. …再多的腹肌练习也无法消除还有祛斑之类的,全都是骗人的

  You know, l... 你知道,我…

  Never mind. Give me the ball. 别放在心上,把球传给我

  Fakes right, goes left. 向右的假动作,攻左路

  And signature move. 招牌动作

  Kid. 孩子

  - I’m Coach Murphy. - Oh, wow. - 我是墨菲教练- 噢,哇

  - You’re still here? - What? - 你还在这里当教练?- 什么?

  Yeah. Well, yeah. Twenty years. 是啊,好吧,二十年了

  You’re a legend. 你是一个传奇

  It’s actually my last one. 其实今年是我最后一届了

  Good hops, kid. Nice handle. 弹跳力不错,孩子,控球也很棒

  We’re looking for a point guard. 我们正想找一个控球后卫

  Oh, yeah? 噢,是吗?

  - Why don’t you come to tryouts? - Okay. - 不妨来试试?- 好的

  - I’m done talking to you. - Yeah, yeah. - 我话已经说完了- 好的,好的

  Hey, how’s it going? 嗨,最近怎么样?

  MIKE Things are looking up. 有进步

  Coach Murphy practically put me on the team. 墨菲教练让我进了球队

  That’s not a coincidence. We’re on the path. 那并不是偶然我们正朝着正确的方向迈进

  That’s great. That’s super you’re finding your destiny and, blah, blah, whatever. 好极了,那正是你要寻找的命运吧你所谓的那些东西

  Here’s something. I need you to do something for me. 对了,有些事要你帮忙

  I need you to get in trouble. 我需要你惹点麻烦出来

  Not, like, big trouble. 也不用特别严重

  Just enough trouble so that the principal needs to meet with your father. 只要严重到校长会要求见家长就好

  Yeah, okay, well, we’ll see. 这样啊,好的,我会搞定的

  - Oh! Boom. BOY Ned! - 噢!嘣!- 奈德!

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