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听电影学英语-重返17岁 09






  Don’t hurt yourself, big boy. 别让自己受伤了,大男孩
  Whoa, whoa, hey. Drinking age is still 21, thank you very much. 哇,哇,嗨,喝酒年龄是二十一岁 非常感谢
  Unless your spirit guide gave you a fake ID, this is mine. 除非你的精神引导者给了你一个假的 身份证,不然这些可都是我的
  What are you eating? 你在吃什么?
  I don’t even know. I just know I’m hungry. 我也不知道,我只知道我现在饿坏了
  All the time. 总是如此
  Okay, that’s not safe or sanitary. 好了,那可既不安全也不卫生
  That’s your can now. We’ll label it like that. 那全是你的了 稍后我们给它贴个标签
  So, what did you learn at school today? 那么,你今天在学校学到什么了?
  - That I’m a bad dad. - I thought it was going great. - 我是一个坏爸爸- 我以为一切都很顺利呢
  It was going fantastic for me. 以前我把事情太理想化了
  And then what? 然后呢?
  And then I found out my son spent the last year being the school punching bag... 我发现我儿子在学校的最后一年 都在被别人当做练习拳头的沙包…
  ...and watched my daughter get a tongue bath from a psychopathic jackass. …而且我看到我的女儿 跟一个变态的蠢货忘情舌吻
  High school’s delightful, isn’t it? 高中生活还是令人愉快的,不是吗?
  Yeah. But I think I was wrong about my spirit path. 是的,但是我认为 我似乎对我的心灵旅程有所误解

  NED: And who was right? See? I told you. 那谁是正确的?你看,我告诉过你
  I told you high school was the wrong thing. 我告诉你回到高中生活是一个错误
  High school was right, but it’s not about basketball. 回到高中生活本身是没错的 但不是和我的篮球生涯有关

  It’s about helping Alex and Maggie. 而是要去帮助亚历克斯和玛姬
  Mmm. 嗯…
  All right. I’m getting out of here. 好,我要走了
  - Disgusting. - My kids need their father. - 真恶心- 我的孩子们需要他们的父亲
  - What’s going on? - Oh, hey, Mark. - 怎么了?- 嗨,马克
  What was that? 刚才是什么?
  A three-pointer. 三分球
  Can you do that twice in a row? 你可以连续进两次吗?
  Okay. Let’s see you do it with a little pressure. 好,看看在有点压力的情况下 表现如何
  Wow, you’re great. You should be on the team. 哇,你棒极了 你应该在队里大展身手
  You should be on the team. I’m going to get you on the team. 你应该这样,我会帮你的
  That’s it. That’ll solve everything. 就是这样 这么一切问题都会迎刃而解
  Dude, what are you talking about? 兄弟,你到底在说什么?
  Nothing. 没什么
  Well, that was fun. I haven’t been to happy hour in, like, a week and a half. 好吧,那倒是很有趣 我从未有如此的快乐时光了

  Naomi, thank you so much. That is exactly what I needed. 娜奥米,非常谢谢你 这正是我想要的
  NAOMl: Oh, great. 噢,那就最好了
  SCARLET: Mike who? - Mike who? I’ve never heard of the guy. - 哪个麦克?- 那个麦克?我从没听说有这么个人
  Ow. 噢
  Hey, Mom, this is Mark, Uncle Ned’s bastard. 嗨,妈妈,这是马克 奈德叔叔的私生子
  Wow. 哇
  I know. Someone had a kid with Uncle Ned. Ew. 我明白你的意思 竟然有人和奈德叔叔生了个孩子
  You okay, Mrs. O’Donnell? 你还好吗,奥唐纳太太?
  Yeah, I’m fine. 嗯,我很好
  It’s "Ms.," kid. It’s "Ms.," Scarlet. Don’t forget that. 是“小姐”,孩子,是斯嘉丽小姐 别弄错了
  Oh, right. 噢,对
  Wow. 哇
  You look just like my husband. Doesn’t he? 你看起来就像我的丈夫一样,不是吗?
  - My ex-husband. That is so weird. - Heh, heh. - 应该说我的前夫,感觉怪怪的- 呵,呵
  SCARLET: What is that? 这是怎么回事?
  It is weird. 真是怪极了
  NAOMl: Scarlet, I need you to come. 斯嘉丽,你得跟我走了
  - Do you see that? - I did see it. - 你看见了吗?- 我看见了
  SCARLET: Weird. 真是太怪了
  SCARLET: You see him? - She’s nice. - 你看见了?- 她人不错
  But look at him. 可是你看看他
  You gotta let that guy go, just out of your brain and move on. 你得忘了那个人,从你的脑中抹去 并且迈向新的人生
  I know you need to grieve a relationship. It’s only natural. 我知道你需要一段时间释怀 这很自然
  Okay. 好吧
  You wait here. I’m going to go smell him. 你等我一下,我要去闻闻他的味道
  No, no, no. Sweetie. You’re not allowed to smell teenagers. 不,不,亲爱的 你不可以去闻一个青少年
  Sweetie, you need to hear me on this. Here’s the thing. 亲爱的,你得听我的,事情是这样的
  The other thing, you need to acknowledge... 但是,你得承认…
  ...that he looks exactly like Mike used to look in high school. …他看起来和高中时代的麦克 一摸一样
  Naomi.  I don’t care.  娜奥米  我才不管呢
  I’m just saying. I’m just saying, Naomi. 我只是说说而已,说说而已,拉奥米
  In Afghanistan, she’d be dragged through the streets by goats with her hands cut off. 要是在阿富汗,她可是会被砍下双手 用羊群拖着游街示众的
  ...is planning to run around with every guy she can get. …竟然在计划勾引 任何一个她能钓到的男人
  ...at hearing about how his mother, who is still married, by the way... …在听着还是身为人妻的妈妈…
  I guess I was, uh, kind of distracted, as I imagine Alex was... 我猜我有点心不在焉 因为我想到亚历克斯…

  My bad. Gosh, I’m so sorry. 我的错,天呐,真抱歉
  You little turd. You little snot. 你这臭小子,你这个混球
  Or lunch. But, yes, we’re gonna find you a new playmate. Ow! 或者吃饭,但是,你得找个新玩伴了 噢!
  ...to just get me to go home with him. …他只是想让我跟他回家
  You do.  Even if it is...  当然  即使…
  Yeah, I deserve to have somebody smile at me and tell me I’m pretty. 没错,我还是值得别人对我微笑 并且对我说我很美丽动人的
  You need to hook up with someone new. 你得去寻找一段新感情了


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