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听电影学英语-重返17岁 10






  - Hey, guys. MAGGIE: Oh. - 让让- 噢
  Okay, settle down. Take your seats. 好了,大家安静,做好
  Thank you, thank you. Thank you, Stan. Thank you. 谢谢,谢谢,斯坦,坐下,谢谢
  Okay, today we will be continuing our discussion on human sexuality. 好,今天我们将继续讨论人类性行为
  And as we discussed, the official school policy is abstinence. 就像先前讨论过的 官方的政策思想是节制
  Now, that is very sensible. 嗯,那是很明智的
  I’m glad that someone here has their head screwed on straight. 真高兴在这里还有人脑袋是清楚的
  I think all of us should make a pact to abstain from sex. 我想我们大家都应该来签署一个协定 拒绝婚前性行为
  Now, who’s with me, you guys? Come on. 现在,谁和我一起,伙计们,快点
  Oh, my God. 噢,我的天
  - Maggie? - Hm? - 玛姬?- 嗯?
  DELL: However, let’s get real. 然而,让我们回到现实来
  I know asking high school seniors to be abstinent... 我明白要高中生禁欲…
  ...is like asking a porcupine to poop goat cheese. Yuck. …就像要猫不偷腥,呸!
  So since the majority of you are or will become sexually active at some point... 既然你们大部分人现在或未来都有可能 在某个时间点上发生性行为
  But that point should be way, way in the future, right? 但这个时间点应该是在 很遥远的未来才对
  Well, the official school position... 好吧,官方的立场是…
  ...is that we prepare you for safe sex now. …我们将会为你们准备 安全性行为的知识
  So please take one and pass it down. 每人拿一个,往后传

  I have needs. 我需求量很大
  - You don’t need these. DELL: Stan, give one to Mark. - 你不需要这些- 斯坦,给马克一个
  No. No, you know what, he’s right. He’s right. I don’t need one. 不,不,他说的没错,我可不需要
  You know why I don’t need one? Because there’s no one I’m in love with. 你们知道我为什么不需要吗? 因为我现在并没有恋爱对象
  It’s called "making love," isn’t it? 它被称为“做爱”,不是吗?
  Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think that means you do it with someone you love. 也许我的思想有点过时,但是我就觉得 性爱是该和你所爱的人做才对
  And preferably when you’re married. 而且最好是在结婚之后
  You know, when you’re ready to take that love and turn it into a baby. 在你决定将你们的爱情 结晶为一个小宝贝的时候
  Because that’s what love is. 因为那才是真正的爱情
  It’s that first moment when you hold your baby girl... 那是你第一次抱起你的宝贝小女儿…
  ...and you didn’t know that anything could be so small or so delicate. …而你从未曾想象到她竟是如此的 精巧与脆弱

  And you feel that tiny heart beat... 而且你能感受到她小小的心脏在跳动…
  ...and you know that you couldn’t love anything more in the whole world. …让你觉得世上再也没有什么东西能 令你如此的爱怜
  And you hope that you can do right by that little girl... 而且你会希望能够常伴这个小女孩…
  ...and always be there to catch her when she falls, and that nothing ever hurts her. …无论何时都陪伴在她身边 当她跌倒或是要受到伤害时呵护着她
  Not a broken arm... 不管是受伤…
  ...or a bad dream... …还是做噩梦…
  ...or a broken heart. 亦或是心碎
  - I don’t want these. Just take them. LAUREN: Me either. - 我不想要这个,拿走它- 我也是
  Are you serious? 你是说真的吗?
  Great, fine, wonderful. 好,很好,棒极了
  Now I got enough for the whole weekend. 现在我有足够用一周的了
  More for me. 全都给我好了
  Oh, my God! 噢,我的天啊!
  - Stan! - Boys, stop it! - 斯坦!- 孩子们,快停下!
  Break it up! Get off him, Stan! 快分开!停下,斯坦!
  Put those phones away! Stop it! 把手机收起来!住手!
  - Stop hitting him! DELL: No fighting! - 别再打他了!- 别打了!
  - You like that? - You’re gonna go to jail again. - 你喜欢这样吗?- 你会再被抓进去的
  BOY: Look at that. He slapped him like a mother. 快看这个,他就像他老妈在打他
  GIRL: That thing sucks. 真是太差劲了
  - Oh! - Oh, that’s wrong. - 噢!- 这可不好
  Yo, check this out. My cousin in New York sent it to me. 快看这个,我纽约的表哥传给我的
  I hope I’m not late for our meeting. 我希望我没来迟了
  Busted for fighting, nice. Who won? 突然大打出手,真不赖,谁赢了?
  You know, it was actually pretty even. 你知道,其实不相伯仲
  Really? 真的吗?
  On YouTube it looked like you got your ass kicked. 从YouTube上看起来好像是你被揍了
  I saw it a couple times. 我看了好几次了
  - What are you wearing? - Hm? - 你穿的是什么东西?- 嗯?
  - Beckham. - No, what? - 贝克汉姆- 什么?
  Oh, the clothes. Oh, right. 噢,你是说这衣服,噢,好吧
  To the untrained eye, I look like a total idiot. 在世俗的眼光下 会认为我的穿着像笨蛋
  Ah. But it’s actually a seduction technique known as "peacocking." 啊,但是它实际上是一种类似于“孔雀开屏”的吸引方式
  My outfit serves the dual function of icebreaker and attention-getter. 我身上的行头有二种功能,一是能够 打破冰冷的气氛,二是能够吸引目光
  You can go in now. 你可以进去了
  Watch. 看着
  Are you peacocking? 你正在表演孔雀开屏吗?

  Really? You think that’s gonna work? 真的吗?你认为这会有用吗?
  I think it just might. 我以为应该有用
  Is that? Mrs. O’Donnell! How you doing? 是你吗?奥唐纳太太,你好吗?
  I’m good. How are you? 我很好,你呢?
  Hello, how are you? 嗨,你好吗?
  Good. 不错
  Wow. This is gonna take some getting used to. 噢,我想我得花点时间才能习惯
  You’re Ned’s son? 你是奈德的儿子?
  Yeah. Yeah. Ned gave birth to me. 嗯,是的,奈德赐予了我生命
  Well, he didn’t give birth... You know what I meant. 好吧,我不是说他生下了我… 你知道我的意思
  You’re doing some gardening. 你打算做一些园艺工作吗?
  - I’m redoing the backyard. - Oh. - 我在整修后院- 噢
  You want to see? 要来看看吗?
  Yeah, sure. I got some time. 好呀,当然,我现在没什么事


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